Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RPDR s5e13 • Countdown To The Crown • 29 April 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the final three contestants filmed the video to RuPaul's "The Beginning."  Ru claimed at the end of it that it was just TOO close to call, opening up voting to the public at large.

This episode is the "RuCAP" episode, and, true to form, there wasn't all that much new information.    RuPaul went through the queens as they were eliminated on the season, and she shared some unseen Untucked footage.  At the end of the episode, we saw the actual finished product of the video for "The Beginning."  It was mostly of the three queens in the court room, a little of the lip synching and playing in the car, yet very little of Ru herself.

I do have a question and a comment.  Well, no, I can make them both questions:

When did Toni Collette join the cast of season five's RPDR?

Wouldn't you LOVE to be the Photoshopper for RPDR?  That would be FUN!

We were able to see some old friends, for which I am quite grateful.  This only solidifies my desire to see Latrice, Willam, and Sharon, plus my faves Manila and Chad, on TV regularly.  Wouldn't you love to have a 24/7 drag channel, like CNN is a 24/7 news channel?  Oh, I can dream, right?

If nothing else, can't Latrice get a decent gig over on the weather channel?  And, please, let her be out IN the weather, instead of green screening it.

Extra:  I met someone who knows Roxxxy personally a few days ago.  It was SO HARD to be cordial and polite.  Well, not so hard that I couldn't DO it.   I don't know about you, but I like to LIKE the drag queens.  Hell, I adore Latrice, Willam and Manila.  So, it's rough when someone whines too much, or lies too much, or is in denial too much.  I stop rooting for them.  Roxxxy bullied Jinkx so much on the show that I cannot support a Roxxxy win.  Not that my opinion matters.  Even if I blog about it.  =op

That's my roundabout way of saying I'm on Team Jinkx, but I'm alright if Alaska wins.  Each would do the crown and Ru proud.


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