Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RPDR s5e12 • The Final Three, Hunty • 22 April 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the final four were tasked with candy couture looks for a Sugar Ball themed challenge.  

Alaska won her second weekly challenge.   Roxxxy continued to bully Jinkx.  Jinkx and Detox lip synched, with Detox being let go.

We open up with the final three walking into the work room.  Detox left notes for Roxxxy and Alaska.  Michelle Visage comes in on the heels of the "she-mail" to share the challenge.  Yes, it's a video, bien sur.  However, they will be filming a court room scene, where each plays 3 parts.  They film choreographed scenes for the video.  Then they will have to express to the judges why they should win the grand prize.  Guest mentoring and directing by Candys Cayne, Matthu Anderson and Gloria Allred.

Candys Cayne comes in to teach the hairography and chiffonography.  Alaska seems way behind the other two.  You know how it goes.  They show them doing horribly, and then the final result is something wonderful, so I don't know how much this will really bear on the outcome.

During the filming of the court room scenes Jinkx and Alaska flourish, playing each of the three parts quite differently and vibrantly.  Roxxxy is playing each in a similar manner.  Or, maybe it was just her?

Why the Santa Claus beard?  I don't understand.

As we learn that they will lip synch for the video at not quite double speed (for a 'special' effect when slowed down to match the song) we also see Alaska struggling again.  Are they (over)selling this to set up a win for her?

Gloria Allred guides the three in pleading their case for winning season five.  We see each falling short.

Any surprises?  Well, yes.  Roxxxy is fuming so much over being "unfairly" outpaced by Jinkx that she truly has turned it around in her head to where she should be rewarded with the crown, and Jinkx should be sent home.  Isn't it amazing how she has bullied Jinkx for several episodes?  How did Ru manage to describe Roxxxy as fearless?  Isn't she bullying Jinkx out of great fear?  Jinkx has the epiphany that she always does older characters because she is avoiding her childhood, which was difficult.  (She started drag young, and never did someone her age.)

How does it all play out?

Roxxxy Andrews

Jinkx Monsoon

Alaska Thunderfuck

Can you explain why Alaska wasn't called out for this look?  Why aren't the fake boobs blended in?  How about the hair to the head?  So much for me to learn.

The judges notice that Roxxxy did best in the video lip synching, Jinkx in the acting, and Alaska in defending herself in front of the judges.  Ru declares it a photo finish.  All three lip synch live to the judges with the same song, Ru's "The Beginning."

Did you see it coming?  RuPaul, just like last year, stated that it was too close and that she couldn't come up with a winner yet.  Next week there will be a recapping of the season, and the following week there will be a reunion where they crown the winner.  I hope it will be a live reunion with a studio audience like in season four.  There seemed to be more energy and excitement last year because of it.

If Jinkx Monsoon doesn't win, I'll be upset.  Alaska deserves the crown, too, but Roxxy better place a distant third. 

Last year the world was clamoring for an explanation as to Willam's disqualification.  Is there anything that you are yearning to discover this season?  Yeah, me neither.


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