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RPDR s5e10 • Super Troopers •  8 April 2013

Okay, how many thought of these before the RPDR episode?

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants acted in Telenovelas.  Jinkx won the challenge easily while Alyssa and Coco fell into the bottom two.  Alyssa was let go while Coco remained to complain another day.

Back in the work room, while Coco is wiping off the lipstick message from Alyssa, Jinkx makes an interesting statement.  "… the hope now is that she doesn't take all of that Alyssa aggression and put it on one of us."

The next day, RuPaul  declares it is time for drag booty camp.  The racers are provided boobs & shoes, and Ru brings in a personal trainer named "Storm."  Really? 

There is NOTHING wrong with that name!

I still say I'd take him home after we legally changed his name.
Not before.

Alaska lasts the longest and wins the exercising mini challenge.  Ru then ushers in five gay men who served in the military.  Alaska gets to assign each to a contestant.  It's the old make up a civilian as a drag contestant's family member, so to speak.  Okay, it's been done, but it's not old.

Alaska does allocate them in the order that they showed up, so there might not be any calculating going on in her mind.  She does get the best one, though, someone young, tall and skinny.

Jinkx is working with the oldest and perhaps the sickest (not in a good way) but she immediately puts her military man at ease, giving him input into the entire theme or look.  Kudos to you, Jinkx, for looking beyond your own nose to minister to the needs of others.  That's it, if Jinkx doesn't win the entire things, I'll be mad.  This is exactly the kind of thing I expect from Ru herself, or maybe Princess Di.

Alaska's guy had a rough life,  and Coco's man seems to have gone into the military to get 'straight.'  (No, I don't mean off of drugs.)   Wow, these are special guys, and I'm glad they were on the show.

The main thing we learn on the Ru-thru, besides that Jinkx's man may have introduced the idea of a particular drug to Judy Garland in the 1960s, is that Clinton Kelly and George Kotsiopoulos are guest judging!  Woo-hoo!  Now that we've had Clinton can we have Stacey London?  Wow, already I am missing Nick Orrojo.

The challenge!  Oh, in addition to looking like a drag sister (or family member) they all have to do some sort of color guard routine.  During their practicing, it seems like all are struggling in some manner.  We'll see, I've been fooled with the Ru-edits before, where they all do poorly in practice, and then do fine when it matters.

Except, they edited the routines so far down (to two 5 second bits, I counted!) that we can't tell how they all did.  Yes, we see that Detox dropped her flag as soon as she got out, and Jinkx seems to have miss-thrown her flag, although they cover up with attitude.

How do they look on this week?

Jinkx Monsoon &
Fortuna Monsoon

Roxxxy Andrews &
Isabella Andrews

Alaska Thunderfuck &
Nebraska Thunderfuck

Detox Icunt &
Beth Adone

Coco Montrese &
Horchata Montrese

Did you notice the canned ham hips before Santino mentioned it?  Did you pick up that the two best had the least likely to drag up well, while the bottom three had the most conventionally beautiful and transformable guys?

Jinkx & Roxxxy get high praise all around — earned!  Alaska is called out for getting the best looking guy but not doing the best because of it.  Detox is accused of not smiling enough, and for doing poorly on the challenge.  Coco is told she aimed too high on the color guard aspect. The judges pick on her for Horchata's busted face.  During the critique Coco even starts crying, and Ru speaks to her about that.

MV: Coco would never let herself go out busted like that.  SR: No?  Oh, puh-leeze!

It's clear that Coco & Detox are going to be the bottom two.  My only complaint is that because of the editing, we can't see that for ourselves enough to agree or disagree.  Same for the win, will it be Roxxxy or Jinkx? 

Roxxxy wins a 2nd weekly challenge!
She and Jinkx have each won twice, all of the others only once.

Coco is told she is bottom two.  Alaska is read, but pronounced safe.  Detox joins Coco in the LSFYL. 

It's about time, they used the Seduction song from winter 1990, the #2 pop hit "Two To Make It Right."

Don't forget who kept it out of number one!

We're over you, but you're not forgotten, dearie.

During the lip synch Coco seems a little too animated, and Detox a bit too underwhelming, but then Detox and Michelle connect while Detox air sings the lead towards the end.  Michelle is lip synching right along with Detox, and it's then that we realize this is a done deal.  Coco is gone.

Wasn't that adorable?
Ru: "You never let me down."
CM: "You never felt me up neither." 

So, the top four are Alaska, Detox, Jinkx and Roxxy.  I have NOT peaked to see what the challenge is, but, who do you want to see graduate to the final three? I am having trouble being fair, since I have seen quite of bit of Alaska and Detox online, and Jinkx has won me over on the show.  That leaves Roxxxy to place fourth, to my way of thinking.  I don't hate her like I did PhiPhi O'Hara last year.   

I guess what it comes down to is that I do think of it as part beauty pageant, where the winner does reach down and bless the community at large.  I do think that the others have the ability to empathize and give to others, and I don't see it in Roxxxy.  I don't see substance.  That could all be because I haven't seen much of her like I have of Detox and Alaska all over the internet.  Still, I have only seen Jinkx on the show and she has won me over. 

We'll see how it goes.  As long as the don't get rid of Alaska merely for not using an "x" in her name, I am probably good with the end result.


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