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PRs11e13 • Finale Part 1 • 18 April 2013

Two times ago on Project Runway Michelle was told she had a 'do or die' moment.  Last week we learned that that translated into a big fat nothing.

You rang?

She wasn't auf'd, and she didn't have to do anything special to remain in the competition.  The other four contestants went to Europe for inspiration and fabric shopping, while Michelle stayed in NYC, presumably getting more for the money.    

Stanley placed 1st, winning this challenge.

Daniel placed 2nd.

Michelle placed 3rd.

Patricia and Layana were in the bottom two.
Patricia placed 4th.

Layana's silly sleeves sealed the deal, and she was let go, placing fifth in the season.  Those that placed at least eighth this season all showed at NY Fashion Week, so she did have a decoy.

We open with the top 4 on the runway.  We learn they get $10,000 to create their finale collections of 12 looks.  The verbiage is loose, so we don't know if there will be a top 4 or a top 3.  Hey, it's been crystal clear before, and then changed at the last minute, so, who knows. 

Heidi Klum asks, "How does it feel?" (to be going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.)  The journalist wanna-be in me is cringing.  What do you think, a timid, "It's alright?"  Are they going to feign boredom?  Say that modesty prevents them from explaining how they truly feel?  Ah, I know what they will say:  It's better than working with Richard.

I know what you are thinking.  The answer is, I don't know.  All I know for sure is that Fashion Week took place in early February 2013, and that they filmed at some point before it was TOO cold in 2012.  So, maybe they had 3-4 months?  It wasn't horrifically short like seasons 8 and 10.   Oh, wait, Michael Kors couldn't be on this season, presumably because it was during Fashion Week early Sept. 2012, and the days leading up to it.  So, they probable filmed then and I guess they had four months.  Reasonable, eh?

Patricia interviews that there will only be 3 competing for the prize.  At least the contestants think that, eh?  The designers interview what they think the others will do, which is silly.

It's Tim-Thru Time!  Woo-hoo!  Four months later Tim is visiting Patricia in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.  Maybe they have 4½ to 5 months for creating their collections?  Tim still is showing up at the last minute, don't ya think?  What if he trashes the work the designer has done so far? There's no time to start over, like Seth Aaron from s7.  At any rate, Patricia explains her vision (movement, trees) and shows the collection to Tim.  She hears what is good about her, but then the dreaded "student work" label is pinned on much of her work.  Tim is affirming while he trashes her work, and Patricia seems up to the challenge of reinventing or revamping her collection.

There's danger in Portland becoming normal & common? 

Now, why didn't that sign say something along the lines of,
"Keep Portland Gray?"

Portland, Oregon:  Let's go visit Michelle!  Her vision is female, hunting, and lone wolf.  Tim gushes over most of her work.  Well, of what little bit she has done.  Why has most of the time gone and yet there is very little work done?  Je ne comprends pas.

Tim meets Daniel in Austin at a friend's house.   Yeah.  Sometimes they show their home, and sometimes they don't.  I don't know.  A sorry living situation would trump the cancer stories or family member's early death stories we have had for so many years, don't ya think?  Some years it has felt like he who had the most loss in his life wins.   Back to the point.  Daniel needs some hair help.  His mop is keeping him from seeing his collection.  Daniel interviews about having to overcome growing up Hispanic, being gay … and that starts me thinking.  Do most Hispanics feel like their ethnicity is something they have to overcome?  Wait, he grew up in Puerto Rico, si?  Do you really think they are all morose and moping around because they are Hispanic over there?    And the French are depressed in France because they are French.  Right.  Look, if you have to be all emo, why can't you be depressed about your hair?  Sorry, I'm back.  Daniel was inspired by Salvador Dali (surrealism) (or the mustache,) by nebulas, the Berlin architecture, and sting rays.  What, no kitchen sink?  At first Tim picks on one piece as being discordant, but, before ya know it, Daniel is getting the "monkey house" speech.  Ruh-roh!   It's not edited so we can see his train of thought, but, honest, we can figure it all out.  I still think Tim should have taken a pair of scissors and cut Daniel's hair so he could see his collection.  Tim complained that there was no 'va-va-va-voom.'  Don't get technical with him, Tim.  You know, the strange thing is that Daniel interviews that his critique went well.

It now occurs to me, Daniel has Game Show Contestant Syndrome.  (Daniel, I love you, don't be too mad at me.)  GSCS is when the person has to blurt

Daniel Esquivel:  EVERYTHING OUT !!!

… before the other person gets to

Daniel Esquivel:  FINISH HIS THOUGHT !!!

… like if they don't, the buzzer will sound and

Daniel Esquivel:  THEY WON'T WIN THE PRIZE !!!

Now, cut that out!

In my personal opinion, people that have to interrupt with the answer aren't really processing the information, they are just volleying back without internalization.  That could be dangerous when it comes to golden nuggets of truth from Tim, right?  One wants to mull over and hang on tight to everything he says, n'est-ce pas?

Now let's head further West and see Stanley in Los Angeles, California.   Stanley states he worked the entire time.  Good man.   His inspiration was the 1960s, Spanish Renaissance and clean lady looks.  Everything looks gold & black to me.  Well, guest judge Michael Kors will love it (the gold) come judging time, that's for sure.  Tim calls out one piece that isn't gold or black, and states that he will have to edit down.  Stanley isn't phased.  He does seem to be listening and taking everything on board.  Good man II.    Aw, his sister passed away.  Tim then shares a secret, "You just got the Winner's Edit.  You can't not win this now."

Oh yes he can not win this now!

No, Tim tells Stanley that the others think he is the one to beat.  Is this news?

Is this news?

Is this?

Suddenly (probably not that far from the truth) they are back at 1407.  Daniel is still hanging on to that one day when Michelle wanted him to skew younger, and Daniel got all emotional, thinking he had to forget his older clientel and only design for 21 year olds.  See what I mean?  He won't take on new information, he just wants to spew out the answers.  Game Show Contestant Syndrome.  They're usually very nice people who are just so stressed that they cannot partake in a regular conversation.  Poor guy.  Time for a telethon, si?

Ah, Tim spells it out, the next day is a runway show.  They have to present 3 looks to the judges.  Tim says to be strategic.  In the past the judges have (rightly) complained that the three chosen did not represent the full collections.  We've had designers present 3 looks that suggested there was no range when there actually was, and we had some that implied there was cohesion when there wasn't.  I wonder how they will pick and choose.

The contestants interview their likes and dislikes about the others.  Tim comes in and lets them know that they will have helpers.  Huh?  No extra challenge, just extra help?  Wow.  Michelle works with Amanda, Daniel has Samantha, Stanley gets Richard and Patricia pairs with Layana.

They all get a mini-Tim-thru.  Mostly they are mixed.  Patricia has a lumberjack outfit?  Daniel is told that his is lacking excitement.

But, first, let me quote Michelle: "Stanley, you showed up with bags of pattern pieces that weren't even cut."  Isn't this in opposition with how he seemed on the Tim-thru in Los Angeles?  Why is that?  And how can this be, seeing how he had worked the entire four month period?  Is he THAT meticulous with his pattern making?

How do they make out on the runway?  Heidi states that one of the four will be cut at this point.  Uh-huh.  Wolf.

Stanley Hudson

Patricia Michaels

Daniel Esquivel

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Lots of black, eh?  Someone saw seasons four and six, don't ya think?  Alright, I don't necessarily want to see something like Suede's s5 decoy collection, but, geez, there are other colors.  Or is that a thing now, people will only buy black these days?

Michelle seems to do alright with the critiques, although her hair, makeup and accessories are called into question.  Daniel's construction is praised, but his ideas are stale.  Nina recalls weekly challenge looks that were exciting, but the current three he is showing are underwhelming, per Heidi channeling Michael Kors.  (Heidi said "Similah" correctly, not her normal simulerrr!  You go, girl!)  Patricia gets a mixed review, but is told that she has gone overboard with ideas and styling.  Zac states that even though it is too much, she will be able to edit it down.  Heidi doubts she can even do that!  Stanley is told his is too safe and simple.  His gold skirt is way too full, it has too many panels.  Modernity is a concern, although Nina thinks the styling, hair and makeup could fix that.  Heidi thinks none of them are young or current.

In the back room Michelle thinks that all four will be showing and competing.  Patricia yet again is sure that she is the one being let go.

The judges are mostly impressed with Michelle, and the others get rather mixed reviews.  Well, even Michelle is told the makeup and hair are wrong.  The rip on Patricia's work.  Then HK says she would rather see Patricia's collection, than the work of The Snooze Boys.  Ha! 

Michelle is in!  She's told to cut down on the gimmicks and to redo the hair and makeup.

Patricia is in!  She's told to make her collection cohesive, and to not go TOO over the top.  She is told that if she gets it right she could win this thing.  What?  Favoritism?  PR?

I know, right?

Daniel & Stanley are the bottom two.  They are both told that they didn't have a strong point of view, and that their styling was dated.

Stanley is in.  He's reminded to think about all of his shortcomings.

Daniel is out.  Aw.  I was sure they would keep all four, too.  I do prefer it to be three, though.  It's the job of the judges to narrow it down to three. 

Poor Daniel is sent to the workroom to clean up.  He interviews that he is a better person for making it this far.  We're better for seeing you and your work, too.

... or was that YOU?

... or YOU? 


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