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PRs11e12 • Europe, Here We Come • 11 April 2013

Last time on Project Runway the designers created looks for Jordana Brewster to wear in Marie Claire.  Stanley won for his jacket and flanged pocket white pants.   Nina had ten commandments but Michelle was just too enamored with t-shirt and pants to listen to her and placed last.  Normally that means they are auf'd, but Michelle was kept on in an unclear manner.  She will have to do something extra to remain in the competition, but we don't know exactly what, yet.

Just a reminder,  Heidi told Michelle on the runway that, "you are getting a do or die moment.  We're about to send you home, but we're gonna give you one last shot."

How do you interpret that?  Michelle was wise enough to not put too much meaning into, waiting for them to clarify.  In the meantime, she is waiting with those that are in, up in the back room.

Don't you think she has to redesign and create a look to appease Nina?  You know, fix the prior look, in some manner.  Or maybe it is something else all together?  Altogether?  Entirely, there, that's better.  In the meantime, Michelle doesn't want to be touched by anyone.  Touchy, eh?

Then our beloved mentor comes in and lets Michelle know exactly what is going on.  "No one is going home."  Do or die moment?  No, they just decided to keep her, there's no need for her to do anything above & beyond to progress to the last regular challenge.  How misleading was THAT?  On the other hand, wouldn't you love for Tim Gunn to come into your life at certain points and correct the understanding of events at hand?  Think about it:

Donna Summer didn't die last year, she merely had a cough.  She will be a guest judge on next season's Project Runway, and they will create an outfit for her to wear to her latest music project release.

Whitney Houston didn't die last year either.  She went into rehab and refused to come out until she was completely sober, fully changed and permanently healed.  She & Bobby Brown are together, remarkably clearheaded, and making a comeback.

Tim Gun is powerful!   He can just override whatever Heidi and Nina put into action with just a few words from his lips.    Damn, I could use some Tim in my life.   Yeah, I know, I say that every day.  This time it's in a different context.  =op

The five remaining designers meet up with Heidi and Tim.  Heidi hands out plane tickets to various European fashion capitals to four of the five designers.

Layana y Sam viajará a Bacelona, España.
Patricia et Kate vont à Paris, France.
Daniel und Amanda in Berlin, Deutschland zu gehen.
Stanley brings along Richard to London, England.

Michelle doesn't go anywhere, she stays right in NYC, and gets to shop at mood. She takes a double decker bus ride with Tu.   Are they TRYING to get their heads cut off by traffic lights?

Okay, here's the deal:  The teams fly right away to their destinations, they galavant about town for inspiration, sketch, and then spend $1,000 USD at a fabric store.   (Then they fly back to NYC.)  Now, do you think that maybe she is getting MORE money, because of exchange rates?  Definitely something to ponder.

I can't, my shoes are still squeaking.

Layana is captivated by architecture, Patricia by graffiti, Stanley by architecture, Daniel by architecture, and Michelle by old … architecture, juxtaposed with new.  

There is nothing wrong with architecture.

They never think about incorporating the vibe or look of the town, what it is known for that might not be common in the rest of the world?  What about the personality of the town?  They way they all say architecture I imagine the models will come out in rectangles with swatches for windows in a different color, something as graceful as Scout in a ham costume in the early 1960s.

Inspired by architecture.  C'est ça, oui?

Stanley is not fighting with Richard at ALL (did Tim say something about that, and make everyone suddenly love him?  Does he sew French seams now?)     Amanda is taking her place (working with Daniel) quite seriously, making sure his old aesthetic is youthened up.  Daniel, kiss her butt and tell her it smells like roses. Well, he probably already did that, don't ya think?

Michelle cries in interview that she is in a dark place.   Oh, c'mon, you're the teflon girl!  Austin and Uncle Nick did not get such treatment!

Okay, now I want Tim to tell me that Maya Luz never withdrew, and that she put out a highly respected but never referential collection during season 7, and then came back for All-Stars 2 and WON.


Sorry, I like you, too, Anthony.  But, I  …  I MISS Maya.  Besides, Isaac loves you enough for the two of us.

Never think otherwise, darling!

Layana almost takes out a fabric store worker.  Patricia and her worker are butting heads, but this worker definitely seems to know what needs to take place.  Or, she gives every customer a full 2 minutes, whether they need it or not.  Don't you get the idea that if Patricia was allowed to take 8 hours in the store, that she would?

The next day they are all back in the 1407 work room.   Soon our history changing mentor is in for advice.   Daniel shows Tim a photo of a building.  Of course.  Mostly all Tim says is that they have a lot of work ahead of them.  Stanley tells Mr. G. that his look is modest (with an open back and a long zipper in the back of the dress.)   Mr. Gunn helps Patricia edit greatly.    He doesn't get one piece, and she can't defend it either.  Again, she is a deer in headlights.

Well, it is Patricia.

Tim gets to look at a dirty building when he visits Michelle.  Tim affirms the soot inspired gradient for the wool dress.  Tim doesn't think that Layana can finish her design.   He doesn't mention whether it is good or not, right?  All along Layana has been celebrating that it is inspired by age.  Did she and Daniel switch bodies?

That never happens.


Aaaaah, let's see how they did on the runway.






Before we get to the judging, please note:

Do you think that that was done on purpose, that it was a part of the original design?  It doesn't look like the hem of the sleeves.  It looks like she forgot to finish it, or ran out of time.  This is NEVER addressed.

On the runway they all love Stanley's, of course, and Daniel's, rightly so.  Michelle's hem seemed a bit thick on the runway, but she isn't called on it.  She is "welcomed back" and is bound to be safe.  Only Patricia and Layana get any negative comments.  We get a lot of stink face shots of Nina (aimed at Layana.)   Then it occurs to me, this is NOT normally how episode 12 goes.  Usually the week of the last regular challenge finds the contestants tired and floundering.  So, I guess there is that to be grateful for, 3 out of 5 did well on the challenge.

I am still not amused by Layana.

As is to be expected, Stanley, Daniel and Michelle are in, although we don't know from the show who actually "won" the challenge, they all advanced and proceeded to making collections for and competing in Fashion Week.  Patricia and Layana are left on the runway, and - surprise - Layana is told she is out.  It's a top 4 yet again, with Patricia competing.

Should they have had a top 4?  What about Michelle and Patricia's hems?  Wasn't John Legend a sweetie?  (Where did we see him be a control freak?  Was that on Mad Fashion?  Something else?)  Who are you rooting for to win PR11?  I haven't peeked at the collections yet, but I might over the next few days.  Is Heidi going to ram a Patricia win through everyone's face?

No worries, whatever happens, Tim Gunn can change it.


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