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PRs11e11 • Finally On My Own • 4 April 2013

Last week on Project Runway the designers visited the Guggenheim and created, in three teams of 2, an avant garde and a commercial companion piece.  Never was the phrase avant garde mentioned by a judge or mentor, though, so maybe I should say "inspired by art" for the exuberant outfit.

Stanley won for an extreme baby doll commercial dress.

Richard was auf'd for his commercial companion piece.
He was able to hug nearly everyone goodbye.

That is, except for Layana.  She was too busy mourning that Daniel would not jump under any metaphorical buses so that she might look better than she actually was.

I feel your pain.

Life is SO hard when people get in the way of one's delusions of grandeur & importance.

Mentor Tim Gunn calls the remaining five contestants back to the runway.  Once there host Heidi Klum and Mr. G. explain that they will be designing on their own.  Uli's finale collection music in A plays, and Stanley Hudson proclaims, "Happy Days Are Here Again!"  Ms. K. states that they will all be getting helpers.  Mr. G. tells them a field trip awaits them in the morning.

The next day they are riding the escalators at the Hearst Tower.  All I can hear is ex-Marie Clairist Joanna Coles from s7e5 saying she was feeling nauseous from seeing Anna Lynett's 3 piece look.

I'm nauseous.  (Not nauseated, evidently.)

Don't you miss the days when models had names and were actual people?

Tim and the 5 contestants meet Nina at the top of the escalators.  Ms. Garcia shares that this challenge is to create a fashion forward, editorial look for a celebrity fashion story that will run in Marie Claire's May 2013 issue.

The actress who will wear the winning outfit is Jordana Brewster, of Fast & Furious fame.

Don't tell me they didn't cross your mind.

Then Nina breaks down the rules.

  1. No red carpet looks
  2. No gowns
  3. No t-shirt & pants
  4. Must be editorial
  5. Must be bold with color
  6. Must be bold with shape
  7. Must be bold with print
  8. Must be bold with silhouette
     b.  Must be bold with SOMEthing
     c.  Per Tim, "You will be designing what's NEXT, not what is now"
     d.  Do your BEST work
     e.  "You can!," encourages Tim
  9. Do not disappoint Nina
10. Do not embarrass Nina

May I ask a couple of questions?  How many of you needed to be told ANY of that?  How many of the 5 designers do you think had to be told any of that?

The contestants sketch and explain in interviews what they are thinking.  Layana is inspired by the Hearst building itself.  Her idea is reminding more of Patricia than herself.   Stanley is relieved he no longer has to carry a teammate.  (Just watch what this means to him!)  He is designing a tight structured jacket, and a very big, bulky pant.

Daniel is excited about his jacked up jacket and plain shorts.  It doesn't matter what Patricia thinks because she will change her vision at least three times before the finished garment hits the runway.  Well, I am sure it matters to her, but you & I don't have to memorize her initial thoughts.  They are gonna change, change and change again.

Although, the more I think about it, her explanation of her first idea, with the bulbs kind of reminds me of onions, which reminds me of PR Australia s2e7 when Lauren Vieyra made the onion dress.

That was a great season!  I miss Anthony Capon!

Michelle decides to make a shirt and pants.  That's almost verbatim what Nina said in point #3 what NOT to do.  All you are missing is a "T."

Well, here you go, honey.

So, that's your strategy, Michelle, to piss off Nina?

Let me tell you how NOT listening to Nina (& Michael) worked for me in 2010.

They get one day and $250 to create their Jordana Brewster for May 2013 Marie Claire looks.

After they get back to 1407, Tim Gunn brings in the helpers, the last five eliminated contestants (#10-#6.)  (Or, if you prefer, #8, #7, #9, #6 & #10.)

Immediately 4 of the 5 remaining contestants bolt over to the mannequins, the interview area I mean, to proclaim their repulsion towards working with Richard (#6.)

It's at this point that I fear I owe Layana an apology.  Well, maybe not, but, just to be safe, I'm so sorry.  B/M isn't editing her to look all whiny this week.  In fact, she seems like she is getting the Ben Chmura edit (no camera time.)  That can be dangerous, but I suspect she is going to be in the middle / safe this week.   Maybe it is just that the camera people are afraid to get too close?

Since Stanley won last week's challenge, he can pick from the five most recently eliminated contestants first.  He picks Tu?  Why?  Tu's looks haven't always been perfect.  Stanley interviews that Tu is the best and likes making jackets, and since Stanley has a leather jacket to be made, it's a no brainer.

Michelle picks Amanda, Daniel calls Samantha, Layana grabs Kate and Patricia is blessed with Richard again.

Patricia is already freaking out.  She interviews that she doesn't even know how to pray anymore.

Tim states that the remaining contestants are in charge of both the design and the assistant.    Stanley brings out the whip and Tu is worked to the bone.

On the Tim-thru, Michelle and Tim talk about the model's undergarment, and pant piping, but ignore the elephant in the room.  She is doing pants and a shirt, something Nina said NOT to do.   Is she in denial?  Or does she think that she will bring Nina around on the matter?

Daniel is all kinds of excited about his sculptured jacket.  The shorts are short, but plain.  Tim is worried about wrinkles.  Really, that's it?

The Easter Peep yellow is not an issue?

Tim is "marveling" at the amount of work that Stanley and assistant Tu have done.   Hey, Stanley knows how to pick and push a helper.

Tim is on board with Layana's work.  He tells her to keep on the trajectory.

Patricia confesses to Tim that she has simplified her design.  She tries to sell a cape as fashion forward to Mr. Gunn.  Tim saves the day when Patricia can't find an opaque color right on her table, in front of herself.

Tim states that he is happy with how ambitious everyone is.  Soon after he leaves ...

Close enough to praying, huh?
Or was she just playing peek-a-boo with Richard?

No Swatch sighting this week, but at least we got a teeny bit of Scott & Johnny.

Host supermodel Heidi Klum, acclaimed American designer Zac Posen, Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia and actress Jordana Brewster are the judges this week.

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Daniel Esquivel

Stanley Hudson

Patricia Michaels

Layana Aguilar

The judges don't like Patricia's design (a tent for a lady with a killer body.)  Nina states that she usually likes her point of view.  A few of them state that it is unfinished.  Heidi thinks it could be salvaged for a photo shoot with various accessories.  Huh?  They are soft selling the complaints.  Wait, Patricia isn't a lost cause, she might stay?  Heidi asks how it was to work with Richard, and, while Patricia doesn't bad mouth Richard too much, the end result is that the judges do feel sorry for her.  Or maybe they all hate him, too?

Nina raves over Stanley's work.  Zac likes the lining in the jacket, and he likes how the jacket is soft and structured at the same time.  Heidi likes how he managed Tu.  (Huh?  Tu probably does not agree.)

The judges note that Daniel answered the brief, however his look is too costumey.  Zac does not like the skin triangle at the bottom front of the jacket.  The judges think it would have worked better with a skirt, possibly with proportions to match the jacket shoulders.  Nina does like that jacket's potential, but hates the Easter inspiration.  Zac sees Star Trek.

Layana has wowed the judges with her leather top, inspired by the Hearst Tower.  They all agree it would be editorial for the photoshoot.

Heidi compliments Michelle's construction skills, and then they all jump on her, rightly so, for making a shirt & pants.  Jordana states she would love to wear the look for day to day, but it isn't editorial.  Zac mistakenly states that that is the issue, that Michelle would have it in her wardrobe (when it was Jordana who stated it.)  The judges all agree that she just did not answer the challenge.

In the back room Patricia is certain  she will be the one to go, and Layana calls her on it (probably in a supportive manner.)  Michelle interviews that she is trying to be quiet, not be overly emotional in front of everybody.

Stanley wins!  It's his 3rd weekly challenge win.

Layana is safe, as is Daniel.

Bottom two are Patricia and Michelle.  In a surprise move Patricia is IN.

They keep Michelle hanging, and the melancholic auffing music in c minor plays.  Finally, Heidi says that Michelle will have 'a do or die moment' to determine whether she will continue or not.  They were about to send her home, but they will give her one last shot, which they will explain in a little bit (next episode.)  What, she isn't auf'd right now?

We then get a "to be continued" placard.  We do not know what hoops Michelle must jump through in order to stay in the competition.  A couple of thoughts:  I wonder if she will have to win the next challenge in order to stay?  Yes, I am remembering s3e11.  On the other hand, is Michelle the ultimate chosen one of the season (I'm not buying that, though) and maybe the answer is for them to bend the rules to keep her in?  You know, like keeping the top four when the chosen one placed fourth in the last weekly challenge, or by throwing money at the chosen one when she lost or misspent her money.  Nina and Zac complain that they were given a throw-away look from Michelle.  Heidi states that her taste has grown throughout the season.

I don't know.  We'll see next week when we learn exactly what has to transpire in order for Michelle to stay.  A sincere apology for not listening to Nina?  A win in the next challenge?  Removing Richard from the planet?  What do you think?  As long as she doesn't have to KILL anybody, I guess I am alright with Michelle staying on.  I mean, I do anticipate a decent collection from her, although, I will admit, I have NOT looked at the finale collections yet, not even the decoys.

As far as the episode's title, they WEREN'T on their own, they had HELP.


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