Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Futurama est mort, encore fois.

Well, yes, I did hear the news last week.  It's just been hard what with changing hospitals, redumping the ex, and being strung along with no winner being announced over on RPDR.   Geez, isn't coping with the termination of Futurama stress enough to be late on this post?

Matt Groening has floated the possibility of a theatrical movie in the past, so perhaps there will be one at some point.  Or maybe he'll find ANOTHER network to reresurrect the show?  One can hope and pray.

Pray hard.

RPDR s5e13 • Countdown To The Crown • 29 April 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the final three contestants filmed the video to RuPaul's "The Beginning."  Ru claimed at the end of it that it was just TOO close to call, opening up voting to the public at large.

This episode is the "RuCAP" episode, and, true to form, there wasn't all that much new information.    RuPaul went through the queens as they were eliminated on the season, and she shared some unseen Untucked footage.  At the end of the episode, we saw the actual finished product of the video for "The Beginning."  It was mostly of the three queens in the court room, a little of the lip synching and playing in the car, yet very little of Ru herself.

I do have a question and a comment.  Well, no, I can make them both questions:

When did Toni Collette join the cast of season five's RPDR?

Wouldn't you LOVE to be the Photoshopper for RPDR?  That would be FUN!

We were able to see some old friends, for which I am quite grateful.  This only solidifies my desire to see Latrice, Willam, and Sharon, plus my faves Manila and Chad, on TV regularly.  Wouldn't you love to have a 24/7 drag channel, like CNN is a 24/7 news channel?  Oh, I can dream, right?

If nothing else, can't Latrice get a decent gig over on the weather channel?  And, please, let her be out IN the weather, instead of green screening it.

Extra:  I met someone who knows Roxxxy personally a few days ago.  It was SO HARD to be cordial and polite.  Well, not so hard that I couldn't DO it.   I don't know about you, but I like to LIKE the drag queens.  Hell, I adore Latrice, Willam and Manila.  So, it's rough when someone whines too much, or lies too much, or is in denial too much.  I stop rooting for them.  Roxxxy bullied Jinkx so much on the show that I cannot support a Roxxxy win.  Not that my opinion matters.  Even if I blog about it.  =op

That's my roundabout way of saying I'm on Team Jinkx, but I'm alright if Alaska wins.  Each would do the crown and Ru proud.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

PRs11e14 • Finale Part 2 • 25 April 2013

Last time on Project Runway Heidi & Tim sent four contestants home with $10,000 and at least 4 months to create a 12 look collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion week (early February 2013.)  Upon returning, they had to pick 3 looks to show the judges, to get one of the three spots for competing.  Michelle, Patricia and Stanley advanced to fight for the grand prize package, while Daniel was eliminated, his collection becoming a decoy.

Did you see the decoy collections?  What did you think?  I will put out the caveat that my vision is poor.  True, maybe the shots weren't always clear, but, in general, I was underwhelmed.  Who, of the decoys, was the best?  I would guess Amanda and Layana.  So, this is a long way of saying, I was disappointed that Daniel was eliminated, placing 4th for the season, however, he really earned it.

The episode opens with the 3 designers recapping what the judges thought about their work.  The next morning they meet up with their fellow castmates who are helping them, when Tim walks in.

Your work disgusts me!  We need a Mood excursion, pronto! 

They get an additional $500 in hopes of making their looks more palatable to the judges.  Stanley has to modernize, Patricia has to make cohesive, and Michelle has to show up edit a bit.

In the work room Stanley shares that he farmed out his beading work.

He … he WHAT?  I did all of mine by hand, every day.

During the final model fitting, Michelle meets Billy B in the L'Oreal Paris makeup room!  Now if only we could have Collier Strong back.

Somehow he was involved in the news this past week, but I don't understand why.

Senator Warren: "We are strong.  We are Collier Strong.  We are Boston strong."

Senator Warren: "We are strong.  No one can tell us we're wrong.  Searchin' our hearts for so law-oo-wong."

God, we need Collier, don't ya think?  Especially after Michelle talked so much smack about poor Swatch.

And shame on Michelle for going all Glee Kitty vs. Marley on Swatch.

That was a surprise.  Another is the continued delusion of Layana:  "At the end of the day Patricia does not even have 12 looks.  What if she didn't even have me, I don't know what she would do."  Um, do it herself?

To be fair, Patricia had a lot to change after the judges told her what they thought.  However, she came to Fashion Week with fairly finished garments.  What lies ahead for her is annoying, but reasonably doable.

After the Tim-thru, and the final model fitting, Michelle reads my mind.  She explains during an interview that "Stanley is not just fitting, he's actually, like, constructing the garments, on the girls … Patricia is all over the place.  Stanley is really far behind."

Then, when with Amanda, "You know what's really kind of annoying?  How under-prepared the other two designers in this room are.  They're patterning now.  They're trying to be cohesive now.  It bodes really well for me, but it, I mean, they can still pull rabbits out of their hats."

Soon Stanley thinks he is going to vomit all over his clothes.  He says he is having a meltdown.  He is so overfocused on his work that he can't finish speaking to the others mid-sentence.

Later on that night, Michelle tells Patricia what is probably what Lifetime was referring to as the big shock of the evening:

"I am … really worried for Stanley.  He says he has four garments not made. That doesn't include the eight garments that aren't even close to being finished.  Currently I don't even think he has a look that he can zip on a girl and send down the runway.  I wanted to, like, pull Tim aside and be, like, there's not going to be a runway show.  There's gonna be the two of us and then Stanley."

Tim has to interview the morning of the runway show, backstage, that he is incredulous at the amount of work still to be done.  We're on your page, Tim. 

Enough.  What were your thoughts on the collections?

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Cohesive.  Believable.  Youthful.  Interesting.

Okay, when look #11 came, all I could think of was the s9 cogs,
but after looking it up, it's not a strong resemblance.  Oy, the mind.

Did you think of this when Nina raved about look #7, the heart sweater?

Patricia Michaels

Interesting textiles, yet verging on boring due to it being shapeless.
Hmmm, maybe it's more that the textiles have thought,
but the silhouettes don't. 

Gary Larson Amoeba Couture has more structure.

Stanley Hudson

Old.  Stale.  Boring.
Wait, not boring.  It was so boring that it was alarming.
Michael Kors called out one of the looks as Betty White on Dancing With The Stars.

Don't insult me like that,  I don't dress that old!

Well, I finally caught up to the rest of the planet on Project Runway.  I was bored with the episode.  Usually my lack of fashion knowledge helps to keep things interesting for me.  Not so this time around.  I saw Michelle's winning from a mile away.

Ugh, Heidi.  Two fabrics in the front, and on the other side, an open back?  Oy!

Still, I am grateful to have seen season 11, and I look forward to PR12 in July.

There's a reunion show next week!  Yippee?  Are there any questions you must have answered?  Yeah, me neither.  Okay, why did Stanley come so ill-prepared for Fashion Week when he had so much done for the Tim critique a few weeks earlier?  (He didn't change all that much immediately after the Tim advice.)

I read somewhere of a possible THIRD season of Project Runway All-Stars.  Maybe I'll post a cast wish list.  Any word on PR Australia s5?   Let me go see.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm transferring from one hospital to another today.  I don't know if I will continue to have Internet access.  So, if I don't post anything for a few weeks, you will understand why.

Meanwhile ...

Who will win PR11?

Who will win RPDR5?

Patience is a virtue.  So I hear.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RPDR s5e12 • The Final Three, Hunty • 22 April 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the final four were tasked with candy couture looks for a Sugar Ball themed challenge.  

Alaska won her second weekly challenge.   Roxxxy continued to bully Jinkx.  Jinkx and Detox lip synched, with Detox being let go.

We open up with the final three walking into the work room.  Detox left notes for Roxxxy and Alaska.  Michelle Visage comes in on the heels of the "she-mail" to share the challenge.  Yes, it's a video, bien sur.  However, they will be filming a court room scene, where each plays 3 parts.  They film choreographed scenes for the video.  Then they will have to express to the judges why they should win the grand prize.  Guest mentoring and directing by Candys Cayne, Matthu Anderson and Gloria Allred.

Candys Cayne comes in to teach the hairography and chiffonography.  Alaska seems way behind the other two.  You know how it goes.  They show them doing horribly, and then the final result is something wonderful, so I don't know how much this will really bear on the outcome.

During the filming of the court room scenes Jinkx and Alaska flourish, playing each of the three parts quite differently and vibrantly.  Roxxxy is playing each in a similar manner.  Or, maybe it was just her?

Why the Santa Claus beard?  I don't understand.

As we learn that they will lip synch for the video at not quite double speed (for a 'special' effect when slowed down to match the song) we also see Alaska struggling again.  Are they (over)selling this to set up a win for her?

Gloria Allred guides the three in pleading their case for winning season five.  We see each falling short.

Any surprises?  Well, yes.  Roxxxy is fuming so much over being "unfairly" outpaced by Jinkx that she truly has turned it around in her head to where she should be rewarded with the crown, and Jinkx should be sent home.  Isn't it amazing how she has bullied Jinkx for several episodes?  How did Ru manage to describe Roxxxy as fearless?  Isn't she bullying Jinkx out of great fear?  Jinkx has the epiphany that she always does older characters because she is avoiding her childhood, which was difficult.  (She started drag young, and never did someone her age.)

How does it all play out?

Roxxxy Andrews

Jinkx Monsoon

Alaska Thunderfuck

Can you explain why Alaska wasn't called out for this look?  Why aren't the fake boobs blended in?  How about the hair to the head?  So much for me to learn.

The judges notice that Roxxxy did best in the video lip synching, Jinkx in the acting, and Alaska in defending herself in front of the judges.  Ru declares it a photo finish.  All three lip synch live to the judges with the same song, Ru's "The Beginning."

Did you see it coming?  RuPaul, just like last year, stated that it was too close and that she couldn't come up with a winner yet.  Next week there will be a recapping of the season, and the following week there will be a reunion where they crown the winner.  I hope it will be a live reunion with a studio audience like in season four.  There seemed to be more energy and excitement last year because of it.

If Jinkx Monsoon doesn't win, I'll be upset.  Alaska deserves the crown, too, but Roxxy better place a distant third. 

Last year the world was clamoring for an explanation as to Willam's disqualification.  Is there anything that you are yearning to discover this season?  Yeah, me neither.