Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RPDR s5e7 • RuPaul Roast • 11 March 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants sang on a "We Are The World" inspired charity recording.  Ivy Winters showed off her vocal talents and her wacky but tasteful dress made of photos of herself.  Michelle Visage called out Alaska for relying on "Rolaskatox."  Detox and Jade were in the bottom two.  On the LSFYL Coco fully immersed herself into the Pointer Sisters classic, "I'm So Excited."  Jade was let go for her underwhelming performance on the main challenge song, and the unflattering runway look.  Over on Untucked, Alyssa received a Skype message from her father, which brought about many tears and heartfelt sharing from the queens.

It's a new day in the work room according to Alaska, and she has broken up Rolaskatox.  Roxxxy thinks it's just Rotox now.  Oy.  For the mini-challenge the queens read each other.  Standard fare, but Alaska won.  The main challenge is to roast RuPaul herself.  They will write and deliver their own jokes, plus they can rank on not only Ru, but the judges and their fellow contestants.  Nadya Ginsburg, Deven Green and Bruce Vilanch will coach the queens.  You know how it goes, they show them all doing horribly, but when the actual event takes place, they all do great.  Well, not ALL. 

On the Michelle-thru (yes, you read that right) Alaska impresses, Roxxxy isn't afraid, but she isn't funny.  Ivy's notebook page is EMPTY.  Coco is taking a different approach and will play a character.  Is that definitely a hindrance or a help?  Alyssa calls Michelle the First Lady.  Ha!  Alyssa seems to be only reading, not telling a Dean Martin Roast type of joke.  Geez, most of these drag racers seem to be doing poorly at this moment.  All of them get advice during the coaching, but, for the most part, they sure look like they are gonna BOMB.   Roxxxy is accused of flatlining.  He isn't funny at all, just insulting.

There's no runway, so let's look at their roast outfits:

Alaska Thunderfuck

Roxxxy Andrews

Coco Montrese

Jinkx Monsoon

Ivy Winters

Alyssa Edwards

Detox Icunt

At the actual roast Alaska, Coco and Jinkx shine brightly.  The audience, and, more importantly, the judges are in hysterics, especially Michelle.   Detox and Ivy have rather funny moments, but also have trouble in spots.  Roxxy and Alyssa seriously flounder, and are completely unfunny.

Roxxxy and Alyssa lip synch to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair."  Both give it a real strong effort and Ru decides to keep them both.   Wait, what?

Do you think Roxxxy was genuinely overwhelmed by all the talk backstage of family members not supporting them?  Or, do you think Roxxxy was merely trying to save herself any way she could? Does this mean in addition to a solid lip synch, and appropriate energy, that they will all have to cry just how grateful and desperate they are to stay?  Will be a double elimination down the road?  We'll see.

On Untucked, the Alyssa vs. Coco fued is put to rest.   How long you think THAT will last?

So, we're at the same place we were last week.  The next challenge is reminiscent of the book tour challenge from s2e7, Once Upon A Queen.  They will showcase a new fragrance, instead of a book.  Not sure who will sink in this area, but I'm expecting Ivy Winters to excel on this one, she seems to have design and vision and creativity down pat.


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