Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RPDR s5e6 • Can I Get An Amen? • 4 March 2013
(Still in the hospital.  Access to decent pictures is limited, to say the least.  On the plus side, I had a Starr Ilzhoefer sighting, a Julie Tierney sighting, and also a guy who could pass for Bert Keeter's brother.  No, a skinny Bert Keeter.  Either way.)

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race it was Snatch Game!  Jinkx overshadowed everyone with her introduction of "Little Edie," while Lineysha bombed with her poor salute to Celia Cruz.  Detox was in the bottom along with Lineysha, but she wasn't going anywhere.

In the work room, there are 8 contestants left.  Ru has them put their make up on in the dark.  Okay, did they lose creative steam or what?  Ru watches with night vision goggles, but really, he's just looking at The Pit Crew.  Wouldn't you?

Detox is proclaimed the winner.  The prize?  She gets to choose the order that the queens sing on a 1985 "We Are The World" inspired charity pop tune.  Detox divides the eight into three groups:  Jade, Ivy & Jinkx, Coco & Alyssa (ha!) and Roxxxy, Detox and Alaska.  Each group takes a verse or bridge of the song, and they can further divide it however they want.

Did you agree with Coco?  She really took to heart that Detox put her first, like that would *ruin* how she came off.  Oh, please, Detox might not have even strategized anything like that.  Wasn't that funny when Detox shared all of her plastic surgeries?  Now I see it.  She is rocking the Jocelyn Wildenstein cat woman look, ain't she?

On the Ru-thru, Jinkx is called out for not bringing real glamor (per Michelle Visage.)    Coco is bugging over being put with Alyssa, but she isn't that difficult to work with, regardless of their past.  Jade is the latest accused of fading into the background.  Alyssa is trying to overcompensate for not having a good voice, but the truth is Ru grades on effort, not ability.  She should know that at this point.  Didn't they use Autotune on season three?  Ru wants more fun out of Coco & Alyssa, and less raunch out of Rolaskatox.

The guest judges are LaToya Jackson (3rd time judging) and Anita & Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters.

First the judges see the video of the recording of "Can I Get An Amen?"  Coco seems annoyed, Jade seems invisible, but the rest do well enough, whether they can sing, like Ivy Winters, or can't at all, like Alyssa.

Let's see how they did on the runway:

Coco Montrese

 Alyssa Edwards

Jade Jolie   

Ivy Winters

Jinkx Monsoon

Roxxxy Andrews

Alaska Thunderfuck

Detox Icunt

So many others are saying it.  Finally, I'm on board.  Don't you wish ivy was on Project Runway?  She made her outfit out of photos of herself!  The judges enjoy the work of Ivy and Roxxy.   Many others are ripped, if not for being lackluster, then for not showing their inner selves.

Ivy Winters wins the challenge!

Jinkx and Roxxy are safe.  Detox and Alaska are safe with severe warnings.  Coco, Alyssa and Jade are in the bottom three.  Geez, that isn't fair, Alyssa should just be safe.  Ah, and so it is.  Coco and Jade are in the bottom two.  They lip synch to The Pointer Sisters re-recorded  "I'm So Excited."

It was no surprise that Jade was eliminated.

Are you expecting Coco to go next week?  Or, will there by some sort of upset?  Will Rolaskatox finally crack?


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