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PRs11e9 • He Said, She Said • 21 March 2013

Last week on Project Runway the male revue team Thunder From Down Under were the clients and models.  Sadly, the straight girls and gay men couldn't get inspired enough to create decent looks.  Construction is always an issue with the menswear challenges, right?  It has nothing to do with the challenge being only one day, of course?  They all did so badly that no winner was selected.  Richard and Amanda were the bottom two, with Amanda being eliminated and placing 8th for the season.  Layana still can't get along with Richard.  We don't know for sure who is or isn't to blame, but, enough already, Layana.  There's interviewing that someone's work is poor, but you're going way beyond that.  It's at times like this that I wish Miss Manners blogged on Project Runway.  Or Tonya Reiman, maybe?  No, I've got it:  Miss Manners should be in the work room at all times.  Whenever someone acts inappropriately, she can hit them upside the head and force them to play nice.  Or maybe just vaporize them.

Because that's what Miss Manners does, right?

The seven remaining contests meet up with mentor Tim Gunn at the Lord & Taylor flagship store in NYC.  Before they introduce the challenge, Tim delineates the new team break down.   I have a question.  The judges have determined the teams for the last challenge and for this one, now.  Do the contestants know why they are doing what they are doing?  It seems from the edits that the judges are trying to better the contestants.  Don't you think that maybe the designers wonder if it is to sabotage them?  Ponderous.

This is Ponderous.   Ah, the joys of 1991.

Let me take a moment here to share the challenge parameters before I get back to the real point of this episode, which was clearly the fighting.  Each person gets $75 and one day to create a ready-to-wear look that would sell at Lord & Taylor.  They are told it is for Spring 2013.  It will retail for under $250 per look, per Suzanne Timmins, Sr. VP L&T Fashion Director.  They should use as inspiration The L&T Rose.
(Hey! Not that Rose!) 

Ms. Timmins  tells them to use their imagination, to incorporate the L&T rose in whatever manner they would like.  The winner will have their look put into production and sold in stores and online.


Geez, Ven, this WAS your challenge, huh?

Stanley and Patricia are combating already.  Richard won't speak to Layana, who complains about it in interview, then states it is better that way.  (Then why complain about it being better?)  (Oh, I know why, so one can have it BOTH ways.  Gotcha.)  Daniel and Michelle aren't fighting, technically.  Yet. Daniel later gets melodramatic over Michelle's words, which weren't intended to wound.  Daniel is not going to pass up a chance to win an Emmy for best irrational overacting by a male, right?

Okay, all y'all can breathe again and put a smile on your face.
Swatch lives!  After all, it is the resurrection season, no?

Ah, Layana interviews the 'real' story about the antagonism.  Per Layana, Richard hasn't been able to handle or accept her Ping-Pong Server uniform challenge win.  Um, yeah, that's it.  Enjoy your stay in Egypt.

For the most part the entire episode is about the conflict within each team.  It's like they all are reflecting the challenge of Spring flowers by acting like Mr. Ven Budhu himself (s10#7) upon meeting someone over 90 lbs.

Because that is behavior we all wish to emulate.

Alright, I guess it can be argued that Daniel is channeling another Rose.

Maybe Samantha is being inspired by Really Rosie?
Nah, Really Rosie isn't THAT junior.
She's more Olsen Twins dressing like a 90 year old, eh?
Nobody used this Rose, though.

Or these.

And, yes, Ven, I do know, it's hibiscus, not
rose, that you were inspired by on your season.

I do believe you could have made the leap,
and rocked this challenge.

Unless Rosie, The Jetson's maid, was the client and model.

Don't you want such a challenge now?
We want robots!

They should have to outfit those on the LEFT, though, huh?

Sorry, I'm back.
On the Tim-thru, Samantha hears she should maker her outfit into separates.  She interviews that it is the first good critique she has gotten from Tim.  Samantha likes Layana's look, but Richard questions the use of leather.  Layana thinks Richard's look is too simple.  Tim says he is repeating himself (he is!)

Tim steers Patricia towards something simple (for her.)  Tim questions what is new about Stanley's look.  Stanley tells Tim he will 'percolate' but he interviews he won't change a thing.

Tim gushes over Michelle's dress, but thinks her vest doesn't go, it's too severe.  Daniel's look is inferred to be old.  It's bubblegum Barbie pink, oy!  Daniel cries through his interview that he is destroying his jacket in order to make a dress.  Tim (reluctantly as always) leaves and Daniel starts picking a fight with Michelle.  It is silly, he usually sells to an older crowd.  Who cares?  The challenge is for Lord & Taylor, not your typical clients.  Argh!
Argh indeed!

Runway day Daniel apologizes to Michelle.  No other team seems to make up. 

Ten minutes to go and most of them are still in the sewing room.  What?  Oh, yeah, it's another one day challenge, that's right. 

The judges this week are Heidi Klum, Rachel Roy in for Zac Posen in for Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Bonnie Brooks, who according to HK, is president of Lort & Taylor.  She did it twice.  At least she didn't say simular this week.

Patricia Michaels

Stanley Hudson

Richard Hallmarq

Samantha Black

Layana Aguilar

Daniel Esquivel

 Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Patricia & Stanley are called out as safe and leave the runway.  Michelle and Daniel are told they are the winning team.  We all know this is Michelle's, then.  Never mind spoilers on the web all this week, how she is visiting Lord & Taylor in NYC.   Layana, Richard & Samantha are the bottom team, and one of them will be out.  Alright, we know Michelle wins and the bottom two will be Richard and Samantha.

Normally the PR way is to reward bad ideas over no ideas.  However, this is a ready to wear selling from an actual store challenge.  For this challenge, safe and boring MIGHT sell, but uber-junior in cheap fabric won't. 

Michelle wins!

Poor Samantha is out.

Richard and Layana get to fight another day.  Project Pummel continues.

I said PUMMEL, not Hummel.


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  1. Sometimes i don't get this show. I don't know how could Richard get that far. Most of the people on this season are not likeable.