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PRs11e8 • Take It All Off! • 14 March 2013

Last time on Project Runway, the designers went back to high school.  In teams of two, they created fashion-forward, avant garde, original, creative prom looks, which were shown to some local high school students.  

Michelle & Amanda had the winning look, earning Michelle her first win.  The students voted Patricia and Samantha's look the best.   I'm leaving that line all alone.  It's just TOO easy.

Kate & Tu's look was deemed the worst, and in a surprise double elimination both are gone.

The show starts back at the runway, and they change teams again! The judges decided that they will work in two teams of four.  Zac wants Patricia's techniques balanced with Daniel's construction, so they are put together. Nina questions Richard's taste, so he is getting an injection of hip & cool from Layana.  Heidi states that Michelle has the cool vibe, too, so she should go with Patricia & Daniel.  Zac says pretty much the same thing for Samantha going to Richard and Layana.  Zac wants Stanley with 'creative forces' - sorry, what is he trying to say? Is he saying he is boring?  It sounded like he had a reason, I'm just not grasping it.  Heidi says Amanda is not consistent so she is placed with Richard, Layana and Samantha.  So,

Patricia & Daniel are paired together.  Michelle and Stanley are then put with them.

Richard and Layana are paired together, and Samantha and Amanda are placed with them.

The designers all interview about the selections, but Layana takes it as an opportunity to smack talk the other three she is paired with.  Curious. 

Heidi exclaims that it's time for some fun, and gives a hint and they all think underwear.  Whatever it is, Tim says she isn't allowed to go with them on the field trip tomorrow.  Ha! "Not allowed."

The next morning the designers walk over to the Arena Event Space in Manhattan.   Out comes what seems like a boy band, but maybe one is doing parkour?  Then they strip, and we know its something akin to the Chippendales.  Oy.  One of them needs to be rescued from a serious mullet.  Please, dear God, let him get a complete makeover, too!

"I'm happy with any one of them," gleams Richard.  "That was a lot to handle for 10 a.m."

Tim Gunn introduces Alex of Thunder from Down Under.  They recently won the best male review title on the Las Vegas strip.  From whom, pray tell?

They need new opening costumes (for what they just did.)  They have to be 'tear-away.'  Masculine, flexible and sexy.  New & hip and tear-away.  Michelle is visibly upset.  She interviews that she has never made menswear or anything tear away.  Back to the point, one of the three outfits must be a suit, and they need to be suave sophisticated and masculine, flexible and sturdy.   Tim says FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON that they have to be cohesive.

It about f***in' time!

Each team gets one day and $750 (for 3 outfits.)

Stanley interviews that he just did sort of thing for a client a few months prior, so it's all fresh in his head.  Ah, good, he's on the same team Michelle is on, he can share his knowledge and skill.

While the teams are talking with the clients, and sketching and lobbing ideas, I see that they named themselves.  Patricia, Daniel, Michelle and Stanley are Team Shades of Grey.  We're not in (the wonderful) UK, dearies, it's okay to spell it with an A.  G-r-a-y.  I get that Americans can wish they were British, but, assimilate already.

It's not *just* for the UK.

Oh be quiet.

Over on Team Slick & Hip which, forgive my poor vision, always looks like SUCK not SLICK, Richard has difficulty getting any of his ideas heard.  Are we seeing a set up for Richard vs. Layana conflict?  Of Gretchen and Michael and Ivy proportions?

One can only hope.

It continues in Mood where Tim exclaims "I smell chaos and bedlam!" in regards to Richard's Suck team.  Still no Swatch sighting, it has been several weeks, eh?

To be fair, Stanley and Michelle seem to be on opposing sides of the strategies of going too safe, or going to wacky.  So both teams need a little refresher course in communicating successfully.

Tim sternly implores that they do good work, that the menswear challenges are usually where all of the contestants flounder.  Tim, you really think that that will do the trick?  Delusion, sir.  One day?  Didn't they have 2 or 3 days back in season four?  How about 2 for season 9?  Looks to me like you just do not WANT any of these people to finish, or finish well.

Soon they are working back in 1407, and, what happens?  Richard calls home!  Uh-oh, Richard runs right into the winner/loser edit!  Richard, it's too dangerous to do that!  It's more likely that it's the loser edit, not the winner edit!  If you want to stay the course, do NOT share any pictures of your family, especially if you lost them (to death, not in the mall) too early, and do NOT Skype home!  Don't these people know these things?

Tim-thru time!  In general he likes Team Suck & Slip, but he thinks the mid-century thinness of the lapel and ties feminize it, which is quite contrary to the needs of the clients.  Layana interviews that Richard led her astray on the flap in the back of a jacket, but we haven't seen enough to know exactly what happened, other than that there is not good and successful communication occurring.  Now Tim is worried, they aren't working well together.

Over with Team Shades of Grey, Tim loves Michelle's vest, minus the buttons.   Tim asks if they are all comfortable with what Stanley has done.  They don't respond like they understand where Tim was leading with the question.  Patricia scares Tim with how she is spending her time.  POORLY.  Tim is alright with their trajectory, but he wants them to ramp it up.

Layana goes to OTHER TEAM Stanley for more jacket advice, and HE HELPS HER.  Okay, this is just SO very strange!  Amanda interviews that Richard isn't paying attention.  He's focused on his work, eh?  Okay, maybe not.

Did you like how Scott Patric introduced all of the single L'oreal girls to the male revue participants?  Adorable!

I see that they let mullet man through without a cut, or a painful fine.  NOT RIGHT.

Next they'll be dancing to Cheap Trick.

How do they do on the runway?  I mean, besides the judges vomiting.

Team Slick & Hip

Richard & Samantha

Richard & Amanda

Layana, Richard & Amanda

Samantha's work looks good.  ONLY hers. All the clothes really tear-away, which is indeed part of the challenge.

The judges forgot to vote?  Or they don't know how to use negative numbers?

Team Shades Of Gray Grey

Daniel & Patricia

Stanley Hudson

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Stanley has the best workmanship, but the least vision.  Michelle's has the most vision, but it isn't a home run.  Zac calls out NICE JACKET to Daniel's work, but his pants are a strange length.  Patricia's work is NOT shown, as the model keeps the jacket closed.

Stanley & Daniel fail the 'tear-away' aspect of the challenge, which makes Nina crack up worse than Michael Kors during the women wrestler challenge of season 4.  (The pope in a sex club, eh?)

Heidi shakes her finger and says, "Bad designers!"

I am SO SICK of the Royal Carribbean Cruise commercial overusing the Flo Rida "Good Feeling" hit from a year ago.  Oy and Vey.

Amen to that! 

Team Shades Of Grey is the least worst.  Each person on Team Shades Of Grey gets a stern what for, there's nothing to celebrate.  Oh, and Heidi still can't say "similar."  Heh!

Zac thinks Samantha is going to beat him up?  Cute.  Nina loses it complete when the model's pants keep falling apart on the side.  Heidi likes Samantha's work the best, so she will be safe, whew!  When the have to identify who should go home we get two votes for Amanda and two for Richard.   Amanda at least feels bad in the back room.  Layana really enjoyed ripping unnecessarily on Richard.  Wow, I guess Kate was right, huh?  She warned us last episode that Layana and Amanda were actually real bitches.

No, not REAL real bitches.

It's a Project Runway FIRST.  NEVER in the HISTORY of Project Runway has there not been a winner.   No one gets his or her work showcased in real life as a prize.  Lucky for the Thunder from Down Under!  The bottom three are Layana, Richard and Amanada.  Ah, look, Layana gets a real pass, and they only give a hard time to Richard and Amanda.  Richard is kept on.

Amanda is auf'd.

Tune in next week for the Lord & Taylor ready to wear challenge.  There's bound to be much more sniping and fighting!   I'm so numb from the whining, just show some creativity and talent, s'il vous plaît.


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  1. I've noticed that most of the recappers have simply ignored Samantha on this challenge, even though she was the only one who could have taken the win had there been a winner.