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PRs11e7 • A Sticky Situation • 7 March 2013

Last week on Project Runway the designers created outfits for mature ladies.   Stanley won the challenge.  Amanda & Benjamin were in the bottom, with Benjamin being eliminated.

It's morning in the Atlas and we see the remaining guys consolidating into one room.  Four men and six ladies remain. 

Over on the runway they see a duck (a duck?) behind the runway screen.   Heidi the supermodel and Fred the duck introduce the challenge, albiet barely.   

Over in the work room Tim Gunn and Shurtech's Executive VP Bill Kahl introduce the challenge:  Create a fashion forward prom look made out of duct tape.   Tim stresses that the judges want to see "fresh and innovative thinking" from them.   Since (I would assume) most prom ideals center around Old Hollywood glamor and long skirt lengths ...  how will that transpire?  Do you remember 2007?  On PRs4e7 most of the outfits were long, with the bottom two and the top 2 being relatively short.   So, I don't know what I'm saying here, other than with Tim selling the fashion forward, fresh and innovative to them, a standard, simple Old Hollywood glamor look might not cut it.

They change around the teams!  Stanley switches to Layana, Kate keeps Tu, Michelle snatches up Amanda, Richard grabs Daniel, which leaves Samantha with Patricia.    Except for Patricia & Samantha, everyone is rather pleased with their pairing.

I never noticed how big his
eyes were before this episode.
Where've I been?
 Oh, yeah, but I finally got out
in time to see PR, so all is well. 

Richard steals all of the gold, which seems odd.  How much could they need?  Also, it's not like the rest can't do well without gold.  For the most part, each teams fights a little over colors to pick.

On the Tim-thru, Stanley & Layana get a complete thumbs up, he's not concerned.  Tim asks if Patricia & Samantha are working smart.  He's calls their look "Bride Of The Tin Woodman."  Ha!  Richard & Daniel's outfit looks like a "Wow!"  Mr. G. means it as a good thing, but I am just not so sure.  Over in the punk rock corner of Michelle & Amanda, Tim implies he is worried that they won't finish.   Tim questions Kate & Tu's concept, that by ignoring the fact that it is duct tape, they are failing to acknowledge its properties and possibilities  That came as a surprise to them.

When Tim calls Patricia out for having the deer in headlights look, all I could think of was:

You know you did, too.

Tim brings the contestants to a high school setting, where the attending students vote on the looks.  Things are edited so that we believe that Michelle & Amanda do poorly, while the rest are a hit.

Did you notice how they never mention the name of the high school, or exactly which students are there?  Just like last week, when they failed to mention the dance instructor's name or place.  Something's up there, although I'm not sure what. 

Could you believe that Michelle WANTED a hair bow?

Did they even watch season 3?  At ALL? 

Joining Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia is Katy Perry designer Chris Benz.  Ah, she had to get the colored hair from SOMEwhere, eh?

Michelle & Amanda

Stanley & Layana

Richard & Daniel

Kate & Tu

Patricia & Samantha

Heidi shares that Patricia & Samantha won the H.S. vote.   That counts as the weight of another judge.  Patricia & Samantha have a mostly positive critique.  They LOVE the work of Stanley & Layana and Michelle & Amanda.    The don't like Kate & Tu's, it's too plain and old.  Heidi doesn't know whether to eliminate Kate since it was her idea, or Tu because he didn't step up and join the creative process.  Richard & Daniel's look is way too 80's referential.   Nina calls them zeroes.

Michelle is proclaimed the winner!  Alright, I guess if the goal was to create a prom dress that was so forward thinking that it no longer resembled a prom dress, then that might be a good choice.  Don't get me wrong, it was probably the best dress of the five, but not the best PROM dress.  It was an interesting COCKTAIL dress, which is not the same.  But I'm not a judge on the show, so what do I know?

That's right, and you're not even a GUEST judge
... and your hair is sadly lacking!

Kate & Tu are the bottom two.  Since everything was all Kate and Tu was just along for the ride, they got rid of them BOTH.  Wow, I didn't see that one coming.  Now there is no threat of a double elimination for the rest of the show (like they normally do on episode 12, going from 5 to 3.)  Oh, wait a minute, the last few years they haven't been ABLE to go from 5 to 3.   Maybe they can finally go from 4 to 3 like they did in seasons 1 and 2.  Wow, the last time they really did that was season 2?  Amazing.

Maybe not as amazing as next week's challenge, but amazing nevertheless


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