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PRs11e6 • Senior Fling • 28 February 2013

Last week on Project Runway the contestants were reconfigured into duos, making a red carpet look and a performance outfit for Miranda Lambert.  Perennial bottom dwellers Amanda Valentine and Benjamin Mach were in the top 3.   Behold the transformative power of Country!  Richard Hallmarq won the challenge with his performance outfit.  Daniel Esquivel and Michelle Lesniak Franklin were *trying* to get auf'd, but insecure Matthew Arthur beat them to it.

It's morning in NYC and the Atlas boys are admiring the top of the line flooring.  No, they are saying it's much more quiet without Matthew.   Benjamin is glad he is back in the game.  Michelle interviews that she must have kicked a bunny as a kid.
She gripes about Patricia, because she doesn't think she should be doing as well as she is.

Wait a minute.  They can't afford BED FRAMES?  Not even those from Walmart?

At the runway HK shows up with the button bag, but it's not as bad as they think.

Michelle is put along with Layana and Patricia.  Note to self: Crossing fingers does not work in NYC.  The rest of the teams stay the same.

They meet Tim at some dance hall where some mature ladies are dancing.  No, that isn't Mr. Gunn leading the pack.  Why no love for him from the Chyron or a mentor mention?  Is THIS the man who broke Tim's heart so very long ago?  Ooh, look!  Tu got a whole sentence!  Well, sort of.  We'll take what we can get with him.   I hate how Tu is getting the Ben Chmura edit this season (meaning he be invisible.)  Tim says the ladies have dancing PRO-ehss, not PROW-ehss.  Listen, Mr. D'oh! C A for dossier, I'm not buying it.  I still love you oodles & bunches.  Wait, was that Burt Lancaster?

Tim lets everyone know who works with whom.  Each contestant is to create a garment for whatever the client states, evidently.  So many of these ladies have personality, and this is really just a 'real woman' challenge.  Their bodies are fine, no one is goofy looking.  Stanley Hudson has the most model like client.  Ask Vincent Libretti and Christian Siriano if that has any bearing on who wins a PR real woman challenge.  Kate's client tells her to be a slut while she's young.

Um, what?   Is it because you can't be one when you're old?  Oh, I get it, they won't LIVE that long.

The contestants get $200 and are once again told that there is no need for cohesion amongst their teams.  THEN WHY BOTHER HAVING TEAMS AT ALL?  Another week without a Swatch sighting.  Thank God that in real life I saw Starr Ilzhoefer and Julie Tierney at the 'spa' this week.  Starr is an RN, and Julie is an MRI Tech.  Neither has changed a bit, except environment, bien sur.

As soon as they get back to the work room, Amanda interviews that she got the wrong fabric for her design.  Okay, then, use the fabric for something appropriate.  Don't give up just yet.  Switch it up with someone when they go to the bathroom.  There's still time left to think and execute.

On the Tim-thru, the mentor loves Richard's wide trim.  Stanley tells a dubious Mr. Gunn that he will be okay.  Tu & Kate don't fare well with Tim.  Kate's top and bottom don't make sense together.  Tu is making a coat dress.  Uh-oh, do you really want to put that in front of Nina?  She might remember s9 Julie's 'droat.'   Daniel wants to make a sexy black suit.  Tim worries it is too plain and already in stores.  Tim likes the idea of black and leopard that Samantha has going.  Tim calls the trio "Team Threesome" and they lose it.  Ha!  Tim LIKES Michelle's work.  She's relieved.  Layana's work is praised.  Patricia and Tim fight over the words shawl and poncho.  Tim accuses her of thinking he is crazy.  Mr. G. thinks there is too much volume.  That's only because THERE IS TOO MUCH VOLUME.  Oy!  Tim is concerned that Benjamin's outfit will look matronly and old.   Amanda thinks her fabric is vintage-y, but too old.  Tim agrees.

Thank you season 11 contestants for treating your clients with respect.  S9's Olivier G. and s10's Ven B. alarmed me with how they viewed their clients.  Everyone has a Mac Davis "It's Hard To Be Humble" gene in them, but, the other people on the planet get to be treated with respect.  So, good on you, s11 people!

On to the runway, with The Kluminator, Rachel Roy in for Zac Posen in for Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and 'mean' Jocelyn Wildenstein Joan Rivers and her nice daughter, the fair Melitha:

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Layana Aguilar

Patricia Fields

Stanley Hudson

Richard Hallmarq

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat

Kate Pankoke

Samantha Black

Daniel Esquivel

Amanda Valentine

Benjamin Mach

Before I get into this, you need to know two things:  1.  The contestants applauded Joan Rivers greatly, and Melissa barely when they were introduced.  Awkward!   2.  The contestants all clapped loudly for Kate's look (or model?, hmmm ….) when it came down the runway.

Team Threesome were dead center, and safe.  However, Layana and Michelle had the highest scores, and yet Patricia one of the lowest, so they averaged to safe.

Wow.  Patricia kept one of them from winning.

Richard & Stanley, and Samantha & Daniel are on the top.  Daniel's black suit for a cruise is praised for neckline, and for representing BOTH the client and the designer.  Joan & Melissa think it's too old lady.  Huh?  Samantha's outfit skews the other way, the Rivers girls love it and the others don't.  Heidi wishes Stanley's pants were longer.  Joan thinks she looks age-appropriate sexy.  Perfect!  The judges are gushing all over Richard's creation.    Nina is the only one to notice it overwhelms her.  Go Nina!

Kate & Tu, and Amanda & Benjamin are on the bottom.  Rachel Roy sees several mistakes on Amanda's dress.  The fit on Benjamin's model is a mess, way too tight across the upper frontals.  Nina points out other construction issues.  Heidi then asks how they worked together.  Interesting.  Yeah!  Tu gets another minute of camera time.  He exists!  Oh, no, his model doesn't like the outfit.  Nina likes the dark green color.  Joan sees a dress for a funeral.  (Can't you hear Michael Kors from season 4, episode 5?)  The judges LOVE Kate's look.  Wow Tu's must be REALLY bad to pull her's down to the bottom like that.

Stanley is the winner!

Benjamin earns the auf.

Next week it's THE DUCK.  Oh, dang, they spoiled the challenge, it's about Duck brand duct tape, and the ubiquitous duct tape (prom?) dress.  This would be a nice unconventional material challenge except that it is part of the American experience already, most artistic people that go to public school have seen or have made their own duct tape outfit at one point or another.  I knew about it in the 1970s.  Wait a minute, I time traveled BACK to the 1970s.  No, wait, that was a dream.  Yes, that's it, and I was born yesterday.  (Squints eyes shut and covers ears.) I'm not old, I'm not old, I'm not old!


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