Friday, March 8, 2013

Face Off s4e8 • It's Better In The Dark • 5 March 2013

Last time on Face Off the contestants, in teams of two, created alien werewolves.

Kris won the challenge (working with Wayne.)

Autumn was eliminated (working with Eric Zapata.) 

Autumn disagreed with the decision, mais oui.

It's morning in L.A. and the remaining 7 make up artists meet McKenzie Westmore at Malibu's Leo Carrillo State Park.  She states that undiscovered species are the basis for this Spotlight Challenge:  Create a new species that might live in any earth ecosystem.  There's more, though.  They must incorporate bioluminescence, the ability to emit light.  So, they must have two looks, so to speak, one under normal light, and one under ultraviolet.  Ms. Westmore shares that she left a surprise back at the lab, and exists stage left.  The artists start to sketch, and, they all use the ocean as inspiration.  Well, they ARE at the beach, I guess it couldn't be avoided.  Wayne interviews that he is going to design a crab humanoid.  All I can see is:

Dr. Zoidberg

When they get to the work room, they learn that it will be a double elimination.


In the work room, the make up artists explain their concepts, and, for the most part, they do NOT look all that original.  "I want to make a sort of human, fish combination."  Um, mermaid?

Meagan starts to feel sick, with what turns out to be food poisoning.  She even has to go to the hospital.  Well, we know who will be too sick to perform.  Who else is going to go home this week?

Michael Westmore comes over for the mentor-thru.  He tells House the paint job needs to have direction.  You mean purpose, not placement, yes?  Eric Z. doesn't know what he is doing yet.  Mr. W. tells him to keep it simple.  He tells Anthony that the paintings will be very important.   Ya think? 

What I love about the Tim Gunn walk throughs on Project Runway is that he gives insightful critiques that surprise and unnerve the contestants.    Here on Face Off, Mr. Westmore is being edited to sound superfluous and boring.  Now, I don't for a minute believe he reached this stage in the business and in life by telling people that the paint job needs to be good.  He may as well be telling the contestants that it's good to breathe and to eliminate over the toilet.  Argh!

Let's see how they made out with their original, undiscovered earth creatures.


Eric Z.





Eric F.

The judges find fault with most of the looks.  The exceptions are Wayne, who didn't think he would fare well, since he didn't finish, and Anthony, whose painting is intricate and high caliber.  They really hate Eric Z.'s paint job.   Meagan & Eric F. get mixed reviews.  Kris's idea is fine, but they hate what he did to the mouth.  

Anthony wins again!  This is his 4th Spotlight, and 5th win overall.

House, Meagan and Eric Z. are in the bottom.

House is declared safe, and the other two are sent home.

Is Face Off faring the way you anticipated?  Who will be eliminated next?  Kris actually has the best track record, I bet he will be kept on.  Anthony has the most wins and the most bottom placements.  Wayne, Eric F. and House each have only one low placement.  Wayne and House have yet to win a challenge, but Wayne has been #2 for nearly all of them.

Do you think the vultures are circling Eric F. for his inability to time manage his outlandishly wonderful ideas?


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