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Face Off s4e9 • Mummy Mayhem • 12 March 2013

Last week on Face Off the make up artists created original creatures that glowed in the dark.  Anthony won his fourth Spotlight Challenge, with Wayne being near the top for the 5th time.  Ah, always a bridesmaid.  House, Eric Zapata and Meagan were in the bottom, with both Eric Z. & Meagan being eliminated.  House, Anthony, Wayne, Eric Fox and Kris remain.   House & Wayne have yet to win a challenge, Eric F. has won once.  Kris has one three times, and Anthony has won four. 

It's a new day in L.A., and Meagan has left notes on the mirrors of Anthony and Eric F.  See, RuPaul's Drag Race is inspiring contestants on other programs!  As long as Wayne doesn't have to lip synch for his life against s2's Rayce, we should be alright.  I don't think my brain is ready for that.

The five remaining contestants are brought to McKenzie Westmore at Hollywood's American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre, where they are to choose an Egyptian god and then, inspired by the movie "Evil Dead," they are to create an Egyptian god mummy, rising after thousands of years of decay.  Kris and Eric Fox are gushing, they are so happy for the task.

Kris chooses Khnum, Anthony grabs Anubis, Eric Fox nabs Ra, Wayne picks Sobek, and House snatches up Thoth.  I can't see what isn't chosen.  Rats.  No, I don't mean a Rat god.

Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell shares via screen that the newest film has a more serious tone than the original and their work should reflect that.  He wants haunting, creepy and scary.

In the work room the contestants share their strategies and get to work.  Eric Fox is going literal with the 1980's version of Evil Dead.  Is that shooting yourself in the foot, per Bruce Campbell's message?

Later on the first day we get the Michael-thru.  He tells all of them that it will all come down to time management.  Clairvoyant are we?  House is told to make sure his paint work pops.  Anthony is requested to leave some rotting flesh visible.  Yum.  Speaking of yum, Wayne is reminded of his inability to spend enough time on his paint jobs at the end of each challenge.  As Eric Fox shows off his painting technique, Mr. Westmore tells him "the rougher the better."  Hmmm?   Kris is warned to blend right to the eyelids, since his model's eyes will indeed be showing.  Before you know it, they are commiserating at the house, that they are all equally behind on their work.

Wayne starts a 'love you like a brother' fist bump.   He says this time around the person leaving will have done a good job on the challenge.  (Don't tell Troy, Michael, Katie, Alex, Jenna, Alam, Autumn, Meagan or Eric Z. that!  Or, maybe some of them would agree?)

Day three and everyone is still working on their molds, instead of just painting and fitting the models.  Anthony seems to be starting the painting first, not sure if that edit is to be believed.  Well, except that Wayne interviews that he is the last one to start painting.  Of course.

There is no special guess judge joining Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page this week.

Let's see how they made out:




Eric Fox


The judges absolutely adore Kris's work this week, from concept to completion.  They gush over the entire paint job.

Wayne has only a couple of minor issues, the missing eyes (on purpose) and the drastic change from green to blue at the neck (again, on purpose.)

Eric Fox's RA is respected, but Glenn demands his next work be less cartoony and more realistic.  He also hates how "red" it is.  Ve says it isn't a problem.  Go Ve!

Anthony's work is not in proper proportions, and the shape of the guy's face is all wrong, per Glenn.  Ve states the paint job ruins all his other work.

Ve hates the main concept of House's work, that there is a mask that comes off, and he writes on himself with his finger/pen.  The judges hate the paint job, which muddles the sculpting on the chest.

Well, it's pretty obvious, huh?
Kris wins his fourth Spotlight challenge. 

Poor Wayne, always the bridesmaid.
Eric F. is declared safe, with Anthony & House in the bottom two.

House is eliminated, placing fifth in the competition.

Who's going home next week?  Anthony has spent the most time in the bottom, but Wayne could trip over time management, or, rather, choosing to sculpt when he should be painting.  Eric F. could displeae Glenn with something unrealistic, and be gone.  I think it is fairly obvious that Kris will make it through to the final 3.


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