Thursday, March 28, 2013

Face Off s4e11 • Living The Dream (Finale) • 26 March 2013

"Look, Ma, it's my 100th post!"

"Oh, did you finally write a good one?"

"Oh, brother."

Last time on Face Off the top 4 makeup artists designed hybrid offspring of various alien offspring from the world of Syfy's new TV show, "Defiance."   Anthony won — his 5th Spotlight Challenge win.  Kris came in 2nd (he's won 4) and Wayne (always the bridesmaid, never the bride) was kept over Eric Fox.

Did you ever notice that each season of Face Off
there is a contestant who injures himself,
and can't compete at the level of the others?
Why is that?  Did they not think to use the Ben-Gay?
Did they forget to protect their fingers, hands and arms?
Were they paid to take a fall?

It's morning in L.A., and Wayne is interviewing how surreal it is, and how quiet it is.  That's because the life of the party, Eric F., was eliminated!  The top 3 each get a Skype call from home.

Okay, how is this playing out, do ya think?  Kris has won 4 weekly challenges, and is always consistent.  Anthony has won 5, but he has been bottom two as well.  I'm saying, Anthony has it in him to win, or to go out badly.  Wayne will make a wonderful sculpt that the judges will all fawn over, and then his painting will be less than stellar, so …. Will Anthony hit it out of the park or swing & miss?  Will Wayne ever allocate enough painting time at the end to be the best he can be? 

The contestants hit the work room and McKenzie Westmore is there along with James Santos to introduce the finale challenge:  Create two creatures for Las Vegas's "Le Reve." 

You know what really grinds my gears?  When they keep saying "Le Reve The Dream" over and over.  Enough with the redundant redundancy!  Le Reve IS The Dream.  There's no need to say The Dream The Dream.

It's really great for me to be here.

Each will create two fantasy creatures, a dream thief and its victim.  They each choose a theme for inspiration:  Anthony grabs Sinister, Wayne picks up Supernatural and Kris gets Ethereal.  McKenzie then stresses that the makeups have to be completely waterproof.

The last 6 eliminated contestants walk in, ready to be picked and put to work.  Wayne chooses Eric F. & Meagan, Kris pics House & Alam, and Anthony gets Eric Z. (yea!) and Autumn (wha, whoa, wait a minute!  Didn't she and Eric Z. fight in a prior challenge?  Not so smart there, Anthony!)

The contestants design their concepts, which all seem pretty straightforward and simple.  When they sculpt, Eric Fox zones on Alam making the female chest piece.  Oh, you.  On day two, Kris starts to stress and second guess his plan of attack. 

It's the Michael-thru!  Anthony is told to include the cowl on his female model.  For Wayne, Michael starts right in on painting questions.  Smart man!    Kris is mostly worried about the waterproof aspect.

On day three, Autumn has trouble with a mold not opening.  Don't worry, it looks more that they edited some drama in, Anthony isn't worrying too much.  Towards the end, surprise!, Wayne is behind on his painting schedule. 

Some things never change.

So, how did they make out?

Kristian Kobzina

Anthony Kosar

Wayne Anderson

After the judges inspect (it's a somewhat mixed bag) they perform their water acrobatics.  Ve tells them that they all look as good after the water as they did before.  Whew, that's a relief!

Glenn hates Kris's gal, but loves the paint on the silver guy.  He DOES look ethereal.  Ve loves Anthony's work, they belong together, while looking different.  Neville likes Wayne's work, that his two look like a set.  Glenn thinks Wayne makes original, great sculpts.  Ha, not paint, gotcha.

It is obvious that Kris is placing third.  His girl looks out of place, in size, color and shine.  The others, well, I'd guess it was going to Anthony, since he had more praise and less problems than Wayne, but Wayne did well, too.

Congratulations, Anthony!

Is that supposed to be confetti, or did
someone backstage start a pillow fight?

Did Eric Z. & Autumn make up?

Don't worry, Wayne, all the straight women and gay men in America are ready with open arms to console you for your loss.

Funny, enough was predictable going into this finale challenge, it sort of felt anti-climactic.  Okay, I'm taking it back, it was a good season, even if not all of the contestants did as well as they seemed to on other seasons.

Did you watch the webisodes?  Do you know who is coming back to compete in season five, which airs in August?  Did you agree with the selection?  My top two faves were in the last challenge, but then it went a different way than I was anticipating.  Tune in Tuesday, August 27th, and we'll see one returning and several new contestants.