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Face Off s4e10 • Alien Apocalypse • 19 March 2013

Last time on Face Off the makeup artists were challenged to create an Egyptian god mummy inspired by the movie Evil Dead.   Kris & Wayne were the top 2, and Kris won.  Eric F. placed 3rd.  Anthony and House were in the bottom two, and House was eliminated.

It's a new day and the designers head over to the work room where they see McKenzie Westmore and four huge monitors.  The next challenge?  Use the new SyFy series "Defiance," created & produced by Kevin Murphy, which is about aliens coming to live on Earth 35 years in the future.   The contestants must pick two different aliens (from amongst a set various Votan species offered to them) and create what their offspring might look like.  So, they need imagination and some sort of biology background, huh?  Or will just arguing any point of view be enough?  Suddenly Gregor Mendel, cats and peas come into my head.  And, that there is no Foundation Challenge, just the Spotlight main challenge.

At any rate, they choose from Liberata, 99er, Bioman, Volge, Sensoth, and Mutant.  There were supposed to be seven alien races, plus humans, in the show.  Either the other is too difficult, or too easy, right?  Eric Fox wants the Mutant guy.  We'll soon see.

Anthony is up first and picks Mutant & Liberata
Kris chooses Bioman and Mutant
(No Mutant for Eric F. now)
Wayne grabs Liberata and Bioman
Eric F. is left with Sensoth and 99er.

Kevin Murphy invites the four to Toronto to see the set of Defiane.  Eric Fox, so McKenzie states, has some family business to take care of, and won't be able to join them.  Hmmm … issues with crossing the border?   Surely it can't just be that he doesn't have a passport?  At any rate, the other three get to see the set first hand, and spend what looks like one day there.

Upon return, the four design the concepts and explain them.  Most seem fairly straightforward.  Well, except for Eric F.  He states that he cannot stand his concept.  He says he'll just make a Sensoth, put some 99er mechanical parts on it and call it a day.  That's how one wins these competitive reality shows?

Wayne says they are all going big, No one wants to go home for playing it safe.  Anthony interviews that this is the first time they've seen Eric F. upset with his ideas.

It's Westmore-thru time!  Michael tells Anthony to just use some foam around the legs and cover it up with an oversized pant.  Wait a minute, is he telling him how to FUDGE his work?   He tells Wayne to make sure the muscles are big enough.  Um, I don't think that's an issue with Wayne.  That would be an issue with Eric or Alam.  =op    Kris likes that by using the Mutant as one of his two aliens he can pretty much do anything, even asymmetrical, and it will be fine, make sense.  Mr. W. tells him where to cut on the neck piece so that it will move with the model.   Michael questions where Eric Fox is using hair, implying that it won't be enough.  Finally Eric figures out that this is actually a blessing in disguise, because he will have to utilize a cleaner point of view.  That is something that the judges have been asking of him.  Well, good!

At the end of day two, all are way behind except for Anthony.  Good thing they aren't immediately disqualified if they don't finish!  The other three lament that they didn't finish their molds before day 3.  On the presentation day, they all scramble.  Wayne waits as long as he ever did before starting to paint.  Wayne, you're gonna give me a heart attack!

Let's see how they did:

Wayne Anderson

Anthony Kosar

Kris Kobzina

Eric Fox

The judges have good and bad things to say about all of them, but it's obvious that they will pick Anthony as the winner:  He finished!  Still they go over all the successes and failures in everything they did on this challenge.

The winner is Anthony!  He makes it to the finale.  Kris is in as well.  Now it's down to the bottom two.  They've gone on and one for weeks now about Wayne's wonderful sculpting and bad paint jobs (because he waits until the last minute.)  Ve stated she hated this week's work by Eric.

Wayne is in!  Poor Eric is sent to compete against other eliminated teammates on Face Off Redemption, which was shown online.  I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but there were four short webisodes to watch, to see who will come back in season 5.

So, part 1 of the finale is next week.  I've been afraid of spoilers so I haven't researched much about it.  I assume Anthony and Wayne will make mistakes and that Kris will win.   We will see.


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