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Face Off s4e7 • Howl At The Moon • 26 February 2013

Last time on Face Off for the Foundation Challenge the contestants recreated a classic fairy tale heroine as a bad girl.  Eric Fox won immunity and some make up.  For the Spotlight Challenge they chose macro images which turned out to be bugs.  They were then tasked to create original human/bug characters that featured the look of the macro somehow in their work.  Kris won the challenge, while Alam, Anthony and Meagan were in the bottom.  Alam was sent home for her glitter flip-flops substandard work.

It's morning in L.A. and the guys are all missing Alam.  Meagan is on a mission to redeem herself.  The make up artists are carted over to some farm to meet host McKenzie Westmore and returning guest judge Gale Anne Hurd.

They have two hours to, in teams of two, create cohesive Zombie looks for 20 people.  TWENTY PEOPLE!  The contestants all love the Zombie world, so they seem game for the daunting task.  Results are all over the place, but the nice surprise is ...

Wayne hugs men with dubious hair choices!
There's hope for me yet.  =op 

Meagan wins the Foundation Challenge, earning immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.  She earned it not only for good work, but for organizing and working in a timely manner.

Autumn and Kris were the most disjointed team, and Autumn seems to have only brought her bad attitude, not her sponges. 

The next morning (?) after a PSA for Eric Fox's mohawk, they meet up with McKenzie in some foggy forest clearing.

The main challenge, in teams of two, is to create alien werewolves, and they get to chose which planet they hail from.

House & Meagan • Mars
Eric Z & Autumn • Jupiter
Eric F. & Anthony • Saturn
Wayne & Kris • Neptune

Nobody picked Uranus.  There was no pun of any kind there, honest.

House ends up leading, since Meagan has immunity.  Autumn sculpts a pig head (because nothing reads werewolf like a pig!) and when Eric Z. fixes it, she complains that it looks like Wile E. Coyote.   Wouldn't a coyote pass for a wolf before a pig did?  Autumn is running right over Eric Z., although maybe he is letting her?  I can't quite tell.  The other contestants see it the way Eric Z. sees it, though.

On the Michael The Mentor-thru House & Meagan get painting advice.  Anthony & Eric F. get glossed over too quickly (make sure the model knows what the wings can do.)  Clearly they are going to be in the middle.  The best & the worst always get face time on a reality show.  Wayne & Kris get advice on how to paint & apply hair quickly, together, to streamline the process.  Michael questions Eric Z.'s redoing of Autumn's sculpt, but Eric Z. interviews that she is inspiring him to just shut up and get along.  Something's not right here.  The edit doesn't support what the contestants have been saying about Autumn.

Let's look at the work, shall we?

House & Meagen

Anthony & Eric Fox

Autumn & Eric Zapata

Kris & Wayne

The judges like the story behind House & Meagan's work.  They love that they can see the whole idea, and understand it, immediately upon view.  They say that having the model work backwards for Anthony & Eric F. is a major flaw, although they admit they had a ton of work.  The snout of Autumn & Eric Z is more dog than werewolf.  When Autumn explains the concept, Glenn rolls his eyes.  That can't be good.    Glenn HATES muzzles.  Rut-roh!  Glenn is creaming over Kris & Wayne's work.  They love the work all over, but especially the back work.  Okay, we know which team one.  How will the rest of it shake out?  During the judges' decision making, Glenn states that in a work situation, he'd fire BOTH Autumn & Eric. Z.  Ouch!

The top team is Kris & Wayne.

Kris wins for his work on the back.
He has two wins now!

Wayne, Meagan and House are all safe.

On the bottom are Anthony & Eric F., and Autumn & Eric Z.

Autumn doesn't agree with her elimination.  That's alright, the rest of the planet will back up the judges.

Me thinks the vultures are now circling around Anthony, Eric F. and Eric Z.  I suspect Eric F. can pull out of it (and fall right back into it.)  What about the other two?

I'm now thinking that the final 4 will be House, Eric F., Wayne and Kris.  However, I **just** learned that next week it will be a double elimination.  Will it be a team, or the bottom two individuals?  Hmmmm ...


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