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RPDR s5e4 • Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black? • 18 February 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race, the drag queens were on children's shows.  Detox was proclaimed the winner, while Monica B. Hillz lost to Coco Montrese in the LSFYL.

Detox, Coco & Monica.

For her goodbye, I swear Monica wrote:

Love all of u guys 
Remember don't be a victim
-♡- Monica Beverly

... but I can't really make out her lipstick on the mirror.

We open with the girls coming back into the work room, and Coco cleaning up the mirror.  Jade shares that she does NOT want Coco to be leaving.   Coco says she has not been focused enough (by putting all of her emotions towards Alyssa/Coco drama) and that she will focus on her 'job' now (to do well on RPDR.)  We'll see.  Vivienne tells that she almost 'pulled a Willam' (puked) as she thought she might be in the bottom.  The judges told her she was fading, that she wasn't as energized and engaging as the others.  Vivienne interviews that her challenge cohort Roxxxy was the scene stealer.  Um, you're supposed to steal it right back, Ms. Pinay.  If Roxxxy overshadows you, you ALLOW her to overshadow you.   Didn't we just see "don't be a victim" on the mirror, somehow? 

It's a new day, and RuPaul comes in thinking he is Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train.  Dang, I miss Jody Watley (of solo and Shalamar fame, who got started as a dancer on DC's ST.)  At any rate, the contestants have a dance off, with 1970s-inspired 'fros, and corresponding retro outfits.  If I tell you that the pit crew and Ru were among the better dancers, does that speak on the contestants, or on me?

RuPaul Cornelius, winner Coco, winner Jinkx, and
Pit Crew members Shawn Morales & Jason Carter.

For the main challenge they divide into two teams, with dance off winners Coco and Jinkx being the team leaders.  The challenge:  To interpret with ballet Ru's life.  They have two dance instructors to help them choreograph and practice.  Alyssa has a strong dance background, so she should do alright.  What about everyone else though?

On the Ru-thru, Lineysha shares that she knows little about Diana Ross (one of Ru's heroes.)   The rest of the time with Team Jinkx is just making jokes.  Over on Team Coco, Ru states she was surprised Coco would choose Alyssa for her team.  Nonsense, the best should be on your team, and Coco thinks Alyssa will do the best, since she has danced for years.  Vivienne is asked how she will address the judges' complaints.  She says she just has to be herself.  No, they wanted you to be more animated and energized.  This can't be good.

The RuPaul Ballet segment was a nice surprise, but it went pretty fast.  Most end up doing well.  There are no pics because it was darker than normal.  Again, how short was it, huh?  That was NOTHING compared to the runway portion, with not even 2 seconds for each contestant.  Oy!

Team Jinkx

Team Coco

RuPaul calls out Jinkx Monsoon, Ivy Winters, Alyssa Edwards, Vivienne Pinay, Roxxxy Andrews and Honey Mahogany.  These must be the top & bottom.  Hey, I'm right, Ru labels the rest as safe, and sends them off stage.

Jinkx Monsoon is called out for not being glamorous enough.  Huh, I love how she looks usually.  Ivy Winters knocks it out of the park with her look, which she made herself.  Santino says that she made Lady Bunny too pretty.  Ha!   Roxxxy is chided for not making her body look as good as it usually does.  Vivienne is told she was boring, but beautiful.   The judges rip on Honey Mahogany for her caftans, and her lackluster performance.  Alyssa is praised, Michelle Visage says, "Ridonculous!"

Alyssa wins!  This was between Ivy Winters and Alyssa Edwards.  I would have been happy either way.

Mahogany, Roxxxy and Vivienne are called out as the bottom three, but Roxxxy is declared safe.  We saw that coming.  Mahogany and Vivenne lip synch to Britney Spears' "Oops! ... I Did It Again."  Strangely, each is rather subdued.  That's not how Ms. White Trash Hooker performs her song, her desperation to have sex is palpable.   Funny, Mahogany and Vivienne can't find a way to portray that, but the are serving blending-into-the-background realness.

Then the big surprise, although it shouldn't have been.  Ru lets them BOTH go.  Rightly so, I say.   It's a shame, in that Vivienne is GORGEOUS, but one can't win RPDR by merely being stunningly beautiful.  Even s3 Carmen Carrera, who was told she was riding on beauty, was much more well rounded and talented than Vivienne.

Where are you with all of this?  I'm starting to love Ivy Winters and Alyssa much more than Roxxy and Alaska, who I was rooting for at the beginning.  Jade and Jinkx are funny, to me, and they might go far.  Snatch Game is next week, let's see if Coco can deliver the Janet Jackson we have been seeing clips of for weeks.


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