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RPDR s5e3 • Draggle Rock • 11 February 2013

Last week on RuPaul's Drag Race it was a Lip Synch Eleganza Extravaganza! There was a lip synch for the mini-challenge, another for the main challenge, and a third for the LSFYL with the bottom two.  For the mini-challenge, they lip synched through RuPaul cut outs, and Detox, Ivy Winters & Serena ChaCha all won.  Each then chose teammates for a 3-way group effort, lip synching to classic prior season Untucked moments.  Team Ivy Winters won, with Lineysha getting the individual win.  During the judges critique, Monica broke down and shared her secret:  She's transgendered.  In seasons past, it's been against the contract to take hormones.  Ru had her stay, so she must be alright.  Well, sort of.  She had to lip synch against Serena ChaCha.  Each knew their words, but Monica's performance matched the song, while Serena was all over the place.  Monica was kept, and Serena was eliminated.

The winner, the transgendered, and the eliminated.

Wait a minute, now all I can see is The Three Degrees.

"Ooooh, Haahhh .... Haahhh, Ooooh, Precious Moments ...." 

Meanwhile, back at the point:

(This is not a NAMBLA moment, don't worry!)
It's morning in the workroom, and RuPaul announces the mini-challenge:  A Junior Drag Superstar Pageant.  Alaska is beaming, this is her gig.  However, they have to remake boy mannequins, in teams of two.

Roxxy Andrews & Detox Icunt
Vaxeline Androxxx Zoe

Jade Jolie & Jinkx Monsoon
Tina Lou Devereaux

Ivy Winters & Vivienne Pinay
Watermelon Sunshine

Honey Mahogany & Alyssa Edwards
Savannah Lee

Lineysha Sparkx & Alaska Thunderfuck
Lil Pound Cake

Monica B. Hillz & Coco Montrese
Patty Park Place
Yeah, that's right, they didn't bother making a composed
shot of these 'three.'  Sort of an omen, n'est-ce pas?

… and the winner is …
Lil Pound Cake  •  Lineysha & Alaska

Lineysha & Alaska are now team captains for the main challenge, which is to star in a children's show in the spirit of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.   That means it will be innocuous for the kids, but with hidden double entendres for the adults.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

Lineysha chooses Honey Mahogany, Coco Montrese, Jinks, Ivy and Jade while Alaska grabs Detox, Roxanne (not Roxxxy?,) Vivienne, Montica (not Monica?) and Alyssa.  Lineysha has Honey as a ventriloquist, with Coco as the 'dummy.'  They seem to not like the idea.  Alaska wants Alyssa to be a rather butch Uncle Dick.   We learn on the Ru-thru that Alaska will indeed do her teams hosting, but Lineysha will have Jinkx host, instead of herself.  During the practice with Michelle Visage & RuPaul, we see good & bad in both teams, but the surprise is that Alaska is NOT in drag, per se, but is doing a male host, not a female, or drag host.  Aren't they on RuPaul's DRAG Race?  Also, Monica has a prop in order to have all her lines in front of her, and yet she still isn't saying them correctly.  What?

Ah, finalement:  Coco and Alyssa step aside on the runway/elimination day, presumably to address the tension between the two.  Alyssa was dethroned from the Miss Gay America title, and Coco was the first runner up, who went on to take the title when Alyssa was replaced.  Online the most I can find is that Alyssa was too BUSY to attend events as Miss Gay America, and wasn't able to fulfill her duties as queen.  They don't say this on the show, but each is way more upset, taking things WAY more personally than one might think.   If I were in their shoes, I like to think I'd be more mad at the company that runs Miss Gay America, or, at myself, than at the other contestant.  Oh well, I guess the two of them will bring the drama this season.  They need something for Untucked, yes?

Let's see how they do on the runway!  Their theme was "think pink."

Alaska Thunderfuck

Monica Beverly Hillz

Alyssa Edwards

Vivienne Pinay

Detox Icunt

Roxxxy Andrews

Lineysha Sparkx

Jinkx Monsoon

Coco Montrese

Ivy Winters

Honey Mahogany

Jade Jolie

Buffalo Bill's Barnyard Buddies is a hit!   However, Vivienne Pinay isn't as memorable as the others.  Monica B. Hillz comes off flat and annoyed.   At least Vivienne was smiling and knew her lines.

The Magic Bush is a dud, except for the wonderful work of the host, Jinkx Monsoon.  Most of the contestants seem to be trying, but their energy is lower, for sure.  Again, Jinkx is the stand out, in a good way.

Ru states that while they worked as teams, they will be judged as individuals.  Oh, good, that way Jinkx can be considered for the top, and Monica can be considered for the bottom.   Ru calls out Honey, Ivy, Jade, Alyssa (in BOY drag for the main challenge) and Lineysha as safe.  Lineysha gets a stern talking to, she would have been eliminated if she had not had immunity (from the prior 'lip synch' episode.) 

The judges LOVED Alaska's runway pink look, but hate that he ignored the drag look in the children's show.  Monica is read for not projecting, and Vivienne for being boring.  Detox and Roxxxy are praised up & down.   Jinkx is called out for being the lone star on her team.  Coco is told that she wasn't up to par, and she breaks down, alluding to the stress of being near Alyssa.

 Detox is awarded the win!

Monica and Coco are the bottom two.  They lip sync to "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls.

Coco is clearly matching the high energy of the song, but Monica is a bit subdued.  Well, besides keeping Coco around for the Alyssa conflict, she earns her stay by outperforming Monica.  Ru gives her compliments and sends her on her way.

Well, we've had three episodes.  Who is your favorite?  If different, who is going to win season five?  Ivy, Jinkx, Roxxy and Detox have my attention.  I keep thinking Jade might have the ability to step it up and be a contender.  I fully expect Detox to win, but I'm not quite sure who I would like to have win.


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