Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RPDR s5e2 • Lip Synch Eleganza Extravaganza • 4 February 2013

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race we met 14 new gorgeous and talented contestants.  Mike Ruiz shot them in a water tank (with a camera, this isn't Animal Planet.)  Detox won the mini-challenge.   For the main challenge they were sent out to the 'Slums of Beverly Hills" to dumpster dive, and then to create Hollywood, sorry, RuPaullywood red carpet realness.  Roxxxy was declared the overall winner, with Lineysha coming in 2nd.    Serena ChaCha's ''photoshopped'' head was a mess, but Penny Tration (the internet fan favorite) didn't know the lyrics to "Party In The U.S.A." (by Miley Cyrus) and was rightly eliminated.  Before the lip synch, I didn't think she was gonna go.


Immediately after the Penny Tration elimination, the remaining 13 contestants enter the work room and see her "You Are All Stars" message.  Monica B. Hillz thinks it could have been her.  Alaska thought Penny was going to rule in the lip synch (where she clearly didn't, and no matter what you think of Serena, she knew her lyrics.)  The other contestants were not rooting for Serena, but for Penny to stay.

Oh, and we have some "Heathers," too.

Next morning, in the work room, Ru has The Pit Crew bring in a RuPaul board for them to lip synch through.  Serena ChaCha, Detox and Ivy Winters each win the mini challenge lip synch, to learn they are team leaders for the main challenge of lip synching of classic Untucked moments of prior seasons.  Think Mystique's "I. Am. From. CHICAGO!,"  Shangela throwing a drink at Mimi Imfurst, and LaShauwn Beyond's adorable, "This isn't RuPaul's Best Friend's Race!" and you know exactly what scenes they are doing.  Plus they will do the standard runway looks.

Latrice, it's well past time
 for you to have your own show. 
Hour length.  
Every single day.  

No one seems ready for the Ru-Thru, not sure if that means anything.  When they practice later on, it's still a work in progress.  There's the typical shade throwing, but nothing above and beyond the norm.

Monica still has a big secret.
What, she's having conjugal visits?

Let's take a look at the runway, shall we?

Lineysha Sparx

Honey Mahogany

Ivy Winters

Vivienne Pinay

Alyssa Edwards

Serena ChaCha

Jade Jolie

Roxxy Andrews

Jinkx Monsoon

Monica Beverly Hillz

Alaska Thunderfuck

Coco Montrese

Detox Icunt

As for the viral lip synchs, there was talent in each, but there wasn't an obvious weak link in Team Ivy Winters, so they win, with Lineysha being the individual winner.

Early into the critique of the bottom nine, Monica spills that she is a transgendered woman.  RuPaul scolds her for lack of confidence, but nothing else.  I'll assume that means she is more man than woman at the moment, so that any feminine realness isn't from an unfair advantage.  Or, maybe that isn't enough for Ru to kick her off.  Time will tell.

Monica and Serena are chosen as the bottom two, and lip synch to Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World.)"  Serena is really enunciating, and then it hits me, she is way over the top.  Monica is doing it just right.  Monica stays, Serena gets the boot.

Over on Untucked, the girls circled around Monica (in a good way) but they were rude to Serena, who clearly wasn't on the same level as the rest.

That's what I've been sayin'!


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