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PRs11e4 • The Ultimate Hard & Soft • 14 February 2013

Last week on Project Glee, Kate was feeling spurned and under-appreciated, but worked hard to overcome her naysayers and win the weekly assignment.  She still has unresolved feelings for snazzy dressing Daniel E.   Heidi called back season 9 winner Anya-Ayoung Chee to tell her she would be the heir to hosting PR, should something happen to the Kluminator.  Michael Kors was too busy in D.C. to direct this school year, so recent McKinley HS graduate Zac Posen is filling in for him.   Benjamin and Patricia had a sewing-off, and, much to her surprise and dismay, Benjamin edged her out.  It was a big come back from the last time they went head to head and he 'threw' the competition.  Yeah, "threw."   Uh-huh.  Whatever gets you through the day, honey.  Why wasn't rich Cindy around anymore?  Tim Gunn must've gotten so sick of her that he just kicked her off the show completely.   Anya was grateful for Heidi's vote of confidence, but felt she had to go to NYC and move in with Benjamin and Patricia.   The 3 then sang, "This Boy Is A Bottom," in day-glo wigs.  Because, that's what one does in NYC.

See it once.  Hear it forever.
That means it is a success, yes?

Yeah, I've been ill the last few days.  Better days are coming.  For whom, though, right?

It's morning in the Atlas, and SEVERAL contestants get a Winner/Loser Edit.   So many people are identified (except for Tu, who lives in Ben Chmura purgatory) that, well, geez, do I dare think it?  Could they  be refraining from identifying the winner and loser in the first five minutes of the episode?   What catastrophic event would cause Bunim/Murray to stop that insanity?

Thank you, whomever, whatever it was.

Tim has laid out candles in the work room.  Is he going to pray or take a bath?  Did they lose power?  Mr. G. reminisces about the flower challenge, when he was dating Daniel V.  Ah, young, unrequited love.

Then Heidi barges in and exclaims how much she loved the hardware challenge.   Sponsored by 1997's Spice Girls, it's a 2 Become 1 challenge:  Use items from both a flower shop and a hardware store to create six cohesive looks.  Each line has to feature flower and hardware items, but not every single item has to feature both.  They will have $2,500 per team.  Get this — they have TWO DAYS for this challenge.

The clouds parted.   The bells rang and the angels sang. 
The Democrats and Republicans kissed and made up.

Stanley and Layana leave Team Keeping It Real for the Dream Team, and Michelle goes from DT over to KIR.  Michelle dreaded working with Patricia, and now her nightmare has come true.  Patricia is happy to have her on board.   Maybe Michelle just doesn't like anybody over 40.  Old people are gross and creepy, after all.

That's right.

What did I just hear?

Well, it had to have happened at SOME point.  After a few seasons of Tim wearing gingham dress shirts, he's got on a gingham jacket.  I'm sorry, Mr. G., I've too many memories of the redwood table out on the deck with a plastic gingham tablecloth.  I'm expecting you to have mustard in one hand and ketchup in the next.   Or maybe I just need to grill tonight.

Tim is blown away by Richard & Michelle's look.  Patricia's mother nature inspired cape has 'the voodoo' factor to it.  Are they required to use a Korsism every single episode, even if he isn't there?  Tim thinks Joe's hydrangea is gonna be HUGE.  He's okay with that?  Huh?  "You just don't want it to look like it is consuming her."  "YOU don't …"  Ha!  We don't know who is leaving just yet, but, Joe, you've earned the next auf.  Joe is worried that Tim doesn't understand.  Yes, Joe, you know and Tim doesn't.  What do they call that?

Delusion.  It's sure hard to avoid when one is a contest on PR, eh?

Amanda is hearing from Tim that her moss background of a dress is pretty.  Don't tell her THAT, Tim!  That's how we lost Andrae the first time!   Daniel has an architectural dress, I cough for a moment, and suddenly he's sharing that he felt up a lamb once.  I just. do. not. want. to. know.  Tim thinks Kate is veering into craft project territory.  Uh-oh!  Good thing she has immunity.

Tim thinks they won't have enough time to finish, and that they aren't cohesive.  Danger, Will Robinson!  They settle on a progression of looks through the years / decades.  "Carry on like a hurricane-speed wind."  Heh!

Over on Keeping It Real, the theme is Stanley's take on Dior's New Look.   How about a New OUTlook for the perennially losing Dream Team?  Layana's construction materials are a secret.  Tim says she did a good job.  Tu has invented the sleeveless jacket.  Tim chides that it's really just a vest.  Stanley has a basic princess cut dress.  He will somehow add leaves to it.  (Think Chloe's garden party challenge dress.)   Tim is worried that there isn't enough time.  Benjamin constructed his own loom and made his own fabric.  DAMN!  Isn't that cool?  Samantha (who is getting airtime this episode, finally) is cutting shapes out of white contact paper.  I'm dubious, but I see she already used it successfully on the bodice.  Nice.  However, Tim is freaking out that she is only 1/4th done with it, even though they are 3/4ths through the work time.

Later on, Amanda is stressing over her garment.  Joe comes along and in five seconds gives her a way out, to finish.  That was nice, Joe, especially since your teammates aren't always talking about you in a flattering way.  Or maybe it's just me calling you Stephen Bishop the cat lady all the time.

Guest judges are fashion blogger Leandra Medine, and Bette Midler.

Team Keeping It Real

Daniel Esquivel

Joseph Aaron Segal

Richard Hallmarq &
Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Patricia Michaels

Amanda Valentine

Kate Pankoke

The Dream Team

Matthew Arthur

Stanley Hudson

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat

Benjamin Mach

Samantha Black

Layana Aquilar

Heidi tells them that this is one of her favorite challenges (because they all did so well.)   Are the judges on something?  Or is it better than it appears to me.   The Dream Team is declared the winner (finally) and the reason is that theirs was more cohesive.  Nina says Bravo to all of them.  What?  Who is that impostor?  When asked, each team member suggests a different person for the win.

With Keeping It Real, Heidi is still fawning over them, but the judges do say that the lack of cohesion put them all in the bottom.  Joe is picked on the most, that he hid the model's silhouette.  When asked, each contestant picks Michael Costello Amanda as the one who should go home.   Nina is not having any of it. 

Samantha wins with a dress that is fashion forward and gorgeous, per Heidi.  She then calls everyone else in except for Joe and Amanda.  Heidi gently lets Joe know he's out.

Set your spirit free.  It's the only way to be.

When Tim Gunn sends Joe to clean up his space in the work room, it doesn't end there!  "Alright, designers, there is still some business to be taken care of tonight, so, I want you to meet Heidi and me on the runway in 10 minutes."   Patricia gets a reaction shot.  Why her?

Oh, I know.  It relates back to Glee.  She's pregnant with Zac's baby, even though she wants to date Michael Kors.


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