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PRs11e3 • Surprise Me • 7 February 2013

Last week on PR the contestants created work uniforms for Susan Sarandon's "Spin."

Layana won the design challenge with her female server uniform.

James was auf'd for his 2nd attempt at a male server uniform.

It's morning at the Atlas, and Cindy thinks her team is in a world of hurt.    Michelle interviews that if The Dream Team tanks again, she's gonna needs drugs.   In another room Stanley is saying there are weak links in team Keeping It Real.  Daniel starts running through several names.  ¿Por qué?  They've been winning so far.  I thought they were getting along.  Okay, there have only been two challenges, but they are indeed 2 & 0.  In yet another room, Kate is telling Samantha that people may THINK she is weak, but that she is a fighter.  Can she hear them in the other room, or did a producer just run up to here and tattle?  Oh, Daniel just said that Kate is weak, and Stanley lists the 37 reasons why.   Remember that.  No, wait, forget that!  Let me just ask it right now:  Did they film this opening montage of waking up in NYC AFTER the challenge's winner was announced?  Remember THAT.  Yeah, I'm slow on the uptake, but I'm calling on B&M, that perhaps they are writing scripts for everyone, or, manipulating things, to justify the outcome.   As if the judging alone isn't enough.

God, I feel like I'm back in junior high after watching all that peer-trashing.  It's Project Runway TEAMS, not Project Runway JUNIORS, right?

At any rate, the designers walk into the work room while the s7e1 introduction to Janeane Ceccanti (using the revolving doors incorrectly) music plays.  Tim and presents await the contestants.   It's better than Christmas!  Ben interviews … wait just a minute, look at that, you can see Ben's eyes moving as if he's reading a cue card, in monotone "I  … wonder,  … what …  could …  it …  be."  Well, maybe it's just 'morning' voice.   Ya know, I'm starting to appreciate s8 more and more.  At least all that horrible drama and hatred for Mr. Costello seemed to be genuine, or contestant originated, if unreasonable or unnecessary.

Enough ranting.  Tim introduces mystery client Heidi Klum.  She has a new perfume to promote.  Heidi is looking for outfits to wear while out on promotion, and in the advertising (TV, print.)   Each team makes 4 looks for the ad campaign, and 2 for the press events.  Ms. K. says to stay with the color story (faded pink, gold & black, which she describes as sexy, but hard.)  (Wait, does she mean hard & soft, or masculine & feminine?)  She then shows a look book by the one who will shoot her (with a camera, not a gun.)  Each team gets $1,200 and one day to make it happen.  They head off to Mood ...

I don't know if I like Lea Michele in a L'Oreal commercial.  I mean, I feel like I'm cheating on Glee, watching PR first.  Well, I kind of am.

Over in the work room, Cindy is not understanding her fabrics.   All I can think of is s7 Anthony getting eliminated for a polyester condom, and then s8 Michael Costello using some fabric beautifully, without knowing what to call it.

Joseph and Amanda  are collaborating on a press look, and they are finding it hard to deal with their radically different design aesthetics.

When Joe states that he loves a "What Not To Wear" look (is that before or after Stacey & Clinton do their magic?) (I fear the former) and Amanda recoils in fear, she deliberately shields her apple away from Joe.  It's adorable!  She's shielding it away from Joe, like his ideas will ruin and over-ripen it?

What, is Joe gonna turn it into a cat?

On the Tim-thru, Ben isn't ready, and Cindy is concerned.   A rose petal is inspiring Tu.  Please, no more Ven.  Tim advises Matthew to go for an "all out fashion S&M."  What?  I know HK is a model, so she can make anything look good, but that doesn't sound right.  Is this an alternative niche market that Ms. Klum is selling to?  I guess whores need perfume, too.    Tim helps Cindy choose which fabric to go with.  Michelle interviews that it's bad.   They must have BOTH been bad, Tim would never make a mistake.

When Tim goes over to the other team, he gently admonishes Patricia, "In 100 words or less …"  Ha!    Layana has a color crisis regarding her & Kate's work.  It's not nearly the travesty that she would have us believe.  Geez, it might even be GOOD.  Hey, don't you have immunity, Layana?  Otherwise, the mentor moment seems to go well.

Let's see how they did.


Daniel Esquivel

Patricia Michaels

Joseph Aaron Segal
Amanda Valentine

Richard Hallmarq

Layana Aguilar
Kate Pankoke

Stanley Hudson


Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Matthew Arthur

Cindy Marlatt

Samantha Black

Benjamin Mach

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat

For a third time in a row, Team Keeping It Real wins!   They get to wait in the back room while the judges rip on the bottom team.

So, The Dream Team is the losing team.   Matthew, Benjamin and Cindy are in the bottom.  Heidi wonders where her whip is for Matthew's too sexual look.  Cindy says she sexed up her look.  You sure about that?  Zac is disappointed with the fabric choice.   Ben delivers sad, droopy, mushy boobs.  Zac has to ask what Ben's strengths as a designer are.  Wow.  Zac tells him to stop giving them excuses.  Wow again, that was harsh.  Maybe I'm just tuning it out and giving Ben a pass 'cause he's reminding me of s2's Emmett?

The judges love Patricia's fabric manipulation, Heidi thinks it is fresh and unique.  Zac thinks that it is too young for Heidi.  Ha!  Heidi loves the hard & soft of Layana's & Kate's look.  The judges really enjoy this one.  Daniel was inspired by Bond girls.    Nina doesn't like the fabric for an evening dress.  Would the advertisement be only evening?  Hmmm ....

Congratulations, Kate!
Heidi will wear your design in one of the advertisements.

 Also, congratulations to Daniel for his SECOND win.
Heidi will wear his design when she is out promoting her "Surprise."

 Cindy is out for her poor fabric choice & vision.

Alright, we can get excited, Bette Midler is next week.  Are they just repeating two challenges at once, the flower store challenge and the hardware store challenge?  I **loved** the British and the Australian hardware store challenges, and I liked some of the U.S. works, too.  I guess there goes my answer for the next unconventional materials challenge:  No, no new ideas this time.

Some questions ....

Does Swatch anoint the winner at Mood every week?
Maybe it isn't B/M after all?

Why was Stanley so emotional during BEN's runway?
Was it that bad?
Was he crying over his own look, which Heidi called out
(along with Richard's) for being pretty bad.

Is Tim reading her palms?

Now to go look at the spoilers for the top 8 who all showed at Fashion Week! 


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  1. "Ya know, I'm starting to appreciate s8 more and more. At least all that horrible drama and hatred for Mr. Costello seemed to be genuine, or contestant originated, if unreasonable or unnecessary."

    I've been thinking the same thing lately! At least people still cared enough to react.