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PRs11e2 • Spin Out • 31 January 2013

Last time on Project Runway ...

A duck!  It's the latest!  It's the new dog-as-accessory!

 TEAMS of ducks!  In the history of Project Runway,
this has never happened before!

No, it's just teams.  Last week the inspiration was NYC. 
The contestants were divided into two teams of eight.

Daniel E. was the individual winner,
and his entire team, "Keeping It Real"
won over the "Dream Team."

James & Cindy were in the bottom,

Emily was sent home for her mess fest.

It's morning at the Atlas, and Cindy feels like a truck ran over her.  James thinks he needs to be 'greedy' and listen to himself a bit more.  Matthew Arthur says it was brutal being on the losing team.  Daniel E. states they can all learn from others' mistakes.

Over on the Parsons runway Heidi comes out wearing patterned leggings.  Oy.  I guess I don't take to all forms of fashion.    Dear God, make them go away.  Oh, and open backs, too, okay?

Heidi says the next challenge will be "a ball," and has them meet Tim Gunn and a guest at 23rd & Park.   It turns out to be Susan Sarandon-owned SPiN, a Ping Pong Nightlife destination.  I don't remember them pointing it out when they took the double decker bus tour in the rain for s5.  Each team will be responsible for five outfits, three female and two male.  Each team gets $500 and one day.  The winning look (looks?) will be used at all of the SPiN locations.  Is that all two of them?  NYC and Toronto?  (Sorry, Chronto.)

Oh, and while you're getting rid of leggings and open backs, God, could you get rid of pubic hair beards?  If I need anything else I'll let you know.  (Malan, Jillian and Viktor for the next round of PRAS, s'il vous plaît.)  Oh, if only prayer worked comme ça.

The designers spend some time 'working,' to get a better handle on what they will be designing.

I think they need to avoid anything open-toe at SPiN.
How about some work boots, Tu?

Tim asks how everyone's 'test run' (of working) went, and Patricia chimes, "I got fired."  Henc!  Over at Mood Team KIR seems to be doing alright, but Cindy interviews that Benjamin (Team DR) is micromanaging her, while ignoring James and his poor fabric choices.

Yeah, Swatch, I'm with you.
Although, kudos to B/M for giving us a decent
challenge, solving the particular needs of a client.

On the Tim-thru, Team KIR seems idyllic.  Patricia is having an ego problem, but they are all dealing with it successfully, now that Tim is there to mediate.  It's not a big deal.  Over with Team DT, they say they are doing better, but Tim doesn't see any cohesion at all.  They steer Matthew Arthur away from pants and into a kilt for the ball boy.   Some interview about James being a lone worker, but they don't do TOO much to help him out.  Now that I see what he is making (changed by the team) I prefer his original sketch much more.  The DT seems behind, as compared to KIR.

So, how do they do?  Wait, why did Tu have to mention that Susan Sarandon has a big booty while emphasizing the breasts with his hands?  (It's silly because SS is perfection, there's nothing too big on her.  Even if there was, isn't it gauche to say so?)

I think someone needs more than work boots.



Samantha & Tu


Benjamin & Cindy

Matthew & Benjamin


Layana & Daniel E.


Kate & Patricia


Joseph & Richard

Team Keeping It Real wins again.  The top two looks are Layana & Daniel E.'s female server look, and Richard & Joseph's ball boy.

Layana wins the challenge with an outfit that actually
LOOKS like a work uniform, yet still looks cool.

Team Dream Team loses.  The bottom two looks are the ball boy and the male server.  The judges rip on Benjamin and Matthew just as much as James.  However, when it's time to reveal the bottom two, it's CINDY and James.  So, we know what's going to happen.
James, your portfolio was fine.
It's a shame we couldn't see more while you were on the show.

Oh, who cares, we have a duck in an upcoming episode!  A DUCK!  Bette Midler, too.  What if they were somehow related to the same challenge?   Maybe Bette wants to be a duck for Halloween?   No, that would be on Face Off, not Project Runway.


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