Friday, February 22, 2013

Face Off s4e6 • Bugging Out • 19 February 2013

Last week on Face Off the contestants were teamed in twos to create giants with at least two heads.

Eric Fox was the clear winner for aiming high and achieving with this challenge.

Jenna's hand may have been hindering her, but it wasn't the only reason she was eliminated.
No more unnaturally red heads for this season, eh?  =o(

It's morning in L.A., and Alam, Anthony and Meagan are missing eliminated Jenna.  Meagan thought she would be going, so she is trying to focus, get back in the game, etc.

It's morning in L.A., and LOOK, there's a spotlight challenge!  It's Lijha Stewart joining McKenzie Westmore for the task:  Put a "bad girl" spin on an iconic fairy tale female protagonist.  The winner not only gets immunity, but over $1,000 in make up.   Eric F. seems a little TOO excited.  I do like his exuberance over the course of the season, and I'm even thinking maybe I WANT him to win the entire thing, but, geez, calm down, mister!

The bottom dwellers aren't identified, but the top two are:

Eric F. for his Little Red Riding Hood ...

and Wayne for his Little Miss Muffet.

Eric wins the make up and immunity!

The Spotlight Challenge is introduced the next day.  They sure get more sleep here than over on Project Runway.

The next morning, via chosen macro shots of various bugs, they are to create an original human/bug hybrid that incorporates the look of the macro shot in it somehow.   The bugs and contestants are teamed as follows:

Meagan • Sunset Moth
Alam  • Grasshopper
Anthony • Ant
Kris • Blue Morpho Butterfly
House • Honeybee
Wayne • Firefly
Autumn • Beetle
Eric Z. • Mosquito
Eric F. • Desert Wolf Spider

On the Michael Westmore mentor-thru, Meagan gets painting advice, and Alam is told to edit her colors.  Wayne seems rather calm with his.  Anthony is very nervous.  Mr. W. tells him to make his head bigger ... and that's it?  Wow.  They only showed four contestants?  What's up with that?  Did Mr. W. get the hook?

Oh, let's just take a look at their finished product, shall we?




Eric Zapata




Eric Fox


McKenzie Westmore calls out the following as best & worst:





and Anthony.

That means that the Erics, House and Autumn are safe, and they are sent back stage.  The judges loathe the paint job on Meagan's moth, especially the wings.  Kris shares that he had to make up the center chest region, that there were no resources available to know what to do.  The judges fawn over his work.  What?  The judges hate Alam's design, her poorly adhered wings, and there's a portion on the back that wasn't even painted.  They are not happy with the glitter flip-flops.  Glenn Hetrick tells Wayne that he knocked it out of the park.  That he hid the eyes in plain sight is pure genius.  Ve Neill doesn't think Anthony's ant looks like an ant.  It's clear that they have a top two and a bottom three.

The judges think Wayne did the best work, but he didn't reflect the original macro shot in his work, so Kris wins by default, and Wayne is safe.

 It's alright to smile, Kris.  You won!

Thanks to glitter flip-flops, Alam is sent home.

Meagan was sure she was going.
Don't worry, you can go next week.
Trust me, they'll let you.
Who do you think will be the eventual winner?  It's sure looking like Eric Fox to me, with House and Kris in the top 3.  I'm calling Wayne and Anthony for the top 5.  We'll see how close I am to the truth.


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