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Face Off s4e5 • Two Heads Are Better Than One • 12 February 2013

Previously on Face Off they created bearded lady looks for the ever rare Foundation Challenge.  Eric Zapata beat the others to win immunity.  Alex came in 2nd place.   For the Spotlight Challenge they were inspired by candy.  They had to create someone or something with candy embedded in the make up.   Kris won, while Alex was eliminated.

Kris thinks he stopped the Anthony juggernaut, 
but it really was Eric Z. in the Foundation Challenge.

Alex didn't incorporate much candy into her look,
and what was there was poorly applied.

It's morning in L.A. and the contestants are whisked off to Six Flags Magic Mountain where they run around like kids for a bit.  It really looks vacant, just how early did they shoot that?

They find McKenzie Westmore near a large redwood tree.  (It looks fake or at least dead to me.)  This week's challenge is GIANTS.  They are cross promoting the new film Jack, The Giant Slayer.

In theatres now!

The challenge:  They must create a character that Jack might have slain in his adventures.  This creation must have at least 2 heads.  Bryan Singer comes out (producer for said movie and others,) and he shares that he expects the model's personality into the look, that it will be more believable.

It's a Team Challenge,

Hey!  They can't do that can they?

Oh, please, it's not copywrited.

The random teams are:

Alam & Eric Z.
Kris & Eric F.
Meagan & Jenna
Wayne & House
Autumn & Anthony

Autumn interviews that she feels like she is on vacation, being with 4-time winner Anthony.  I guess anyone would, but, is she being inspired to take it easy, or is it more just that she finally WILL have an easy time of it?  The contestants sketch and converse, and then head back to the work station.  They'll have three days to work on their multi-headed giants.

Meagan seems to be dumbing down any ideas they come up with, to make things more manageable.  Way to aim high.  Eric F. wants to aim high and please Bryan Singer.    Anthony is trying to work well with Autumn, because, even though they are both head strong leaders, he respects her.  Really?  She's on vacation, dude, it's all YOU.  Wayne loves the idea that House came up with.

I'm just glad Wayne is around to drool over.


Priorities II.

Wayne & House are doing everything together, instead of divvying up the tasks.  Hmmm ..... 
 Anthony is stressing that he gave up the head to Autumn, while he works on the chest. 
 Eric F grabs some chalk and starts planning his GIANT giant.

He must have played with chalk on 
the sidewalk quite a bit as a child, eh?

Hopscotch, anyone?

Mentor Michael Westmore comes through on day 2.   He heads right for Wayne.  SEE, I'm not the only one.  =op

House & Wayne are commended for the deep grooves in the trunk / foot area.  The are encouraged to keep the browns & greens from mixing, which would make it too muddy.

Jenna explains that they had to simplify, what with her tumored hand and all.  Mr. W. points out some poorly executed edges that they have to address.

The mentor loves the cleft lip that Anthony & Autumn are rocking.

Eric Z. explains that they will use blue washes on the head / feet, which meets with approval.

Mr. Westmore is concerned about the time management for Eric F., since he struggled with finished last time around.  Eric F. is unfazed.   Well, I love his enthusiasm at least.

On the final morning, everyone is stressing and scrambling more than usual.  Meagan and Jenna have trouble with their face mold, since it didn't close all the way, not all of it is sturdy enough.  Wayne interviews that he is stressed for them, in his typical monotone.  Ha!

So, how did they do?

Eric Z. & Alam

Kris & Eric F.

Meagan & Jenna

House & Wayne

Autumn & Anthony

What you need to know is that while the creatures are on the stage, the judges burst out laughing (in praise) to Eric F. & House's work. They rarely break character like that.  They do so again when they take a closer look.  Meagan can tell that they hate hers the most.  She thinks it is her or it is Jenna getting kicked off.

Everyone is interviewed, but we can see the writing on the wall.  Eric Z. & Alam, and Meagan & Jenna are in the bottom.  Everyone else is in the top. 

Clearly the top team.

Definitely the bottom team.

Congratulations, Eric F!
After so many times placing 2nd,
Eric finally nabs a win! 

Jenna just couldn't work around her tumor / injury in her hand.
Will she show up in season four?

It's nice to see judging that is consistent and believable.  Un-oh, I hope I didn't jinx it for future judging!


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