Thursday, February 7, 2013

Face Off s4e4 • Eye Candy • 5 February 2013

Last time on Face Off, the artists, in teams of two, created demons with a 'hell froze over" look.

Anthony won.  He's won a Foundation & 3 Spotlight Challenges now.

Katie may have been paired with a physically impaired contestant, but
she is the one who failed to paint the sculpting of the sores that Jenna did.
Katie was released from the competition.

It's morning in L.A., and the 11 remaining make up artists head on over to The Federal Bar.  It's a 1926-built landmark that hosted the first Beard & Mustache competition.   I looked it up, they've only had TWO, how misleading!  They made it seem like it had been taking place all these years, like since the 1920s.  National winner John Myatt is on board to judge the Foundation Challenge (2nd of this season):  Create a beard look for their female model.  The infamous circus 'bearded lady' is the look they are going for.  Eric Fox interviews that he can't even handle his own hair.   How adorable (and appropriate.)    Most of the contestants go a little wild, crazy even, and it worries Eric Zapata that he might be playing it too safe.  They don't mention the lower ranked people, but they do mention the top two.

 John Myatt praised the accurate realness of Eric Z.'s work.

He admired the curls that Alex did.

Eric Zapata wins the Foundation Challenge and immunity in the Spotlight Challenge.  They head on over to the work room and McKenzie Westmore hits them with the main challenge: 
Create an original candy creature or character, incorporating the candy into their make up, as if they have fused with their treats, perhaps from overindulgence?  Maybe not, we will see.. 

On the Michael Westmore-thru, Autumn learns the difference between bears and cats.  Alex has to be reminded that she should indeed add more candy, that's the point of the challenge.    He's impressed with the amount of work House has already done.  Jenna's nose is too normal, it should be unique, exaggerated.  Eric F.'s s impressing Mr W.  He's been in the top nearly every challenge, right?

How do they make out?






Eric Z.





Eric F.

I don't know, for me I saw 4 top looks, 3 bottom looks, and that leaves four for the safe middle.  Since that's not how it goes, I'm on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out which of my top 4 is NOT in the top 3. 

Meanwhile, as the judges go up to get a closer look, judge Neville Page asks the questions on MY mind:

Do you belly dance?

 I eat bald men.

Well, no, she just affirmed that she could in fact belly dance.
So, THAT'S why she made the belly mouth come alive?  NICE.

But, then he states, "Now, this is a curiosity," and touches Jenna's make up work.  Isn't he RUINING it?  SHENANIGANS !!!  That's just NOT right, mister!

The judges call out Eric Z., Meagan, Anthony, and Wayne out as safe (just as I was thinking.)  Then they call out Eric Fox safe, too.  Okay, I know one of my top 4 wouldn't make their top three, but, still, Eric, I thought you were robbed, even if no one was unjustifiably in the top

The judges like Alam, Kris and House.  Alam's anime inspiration is obvious and admired.  Kris put in a lot of work, and they all enjoy it.  House explains his idea, and the judges swoon.  They do notice that the body paint is missing on part of the arm, but is that what it is, or did they clothing just move on him?  Jenn, Alex & Autumn are in the bottom three.  Ve thinks Jenna didn't accomplish the challenge (no candy in the make up.)   The judges are surprised at how bad Alex's work is, and that there is so little candy.  They seem to like her concept, though.   The judges say that Autumn had good ideas, but every part she touched FAILED.  Youch!

 Kris wins!  The reign of Anthony is over.

 Alex is let go for the lack of candy and idea.
They don't think she did anything.

 Finally, I broke Anthony's winning streak.

You mean my Spotlight Challenge win doesn't count?
The beard has no power?

Wait a minute, the guy with the most beard won the beard challenge?  Okay, I guess that makes sense.  Now to figure out why Autumn is surprised every time the judges let loose on her.


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