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Face Off s4e3 • When Hell Freezes Over • 29 January 2013

Last week on Face Off, the make up artists were challenged to create an original DC Comics character.  Anthony won (naturally) while Michael was let go.

Judge Glenn Hetrick was uber impressed with the face paint.
The Internal Core will be featured in The Justice League Dark #16.

Elijah: Bringer of the Plagues was poorly designed & painted.
Glenn tore Michael apart, kicked him off, and then
told him he was eager to see what he'd do next.


It's morning in Los Angeles, and Autumn is dreaming of beating Anthony in a challenge.  Or maybe just beating him?

 That's the spirit, Eric Fox!  Or, did he mean 'bad' in a good way?

The contestants meet up with McKenzie Westmore who chimes, "Welcome To Hell!"

Isn't Hell in Michigan, and aren't they in the Mojave Desert?
Or something closer than Hell?  I'm so confused.
Hell looks SO verdant, eh?

McKenzie states that in random teams of two, they will each choose a particular demon to bring to life.

Kris & Eric Zapata choose Abraxus
Alam & Anthony get Pazuzu
House & Meagan take Azi Dahaka
Alex & Autumn nab Demus
Katie & Jenna have Eurynome (was Dave Stewart really that short?)
Eric Fox & Wayne are left with Chort

They get to work and Jenna starts complaining about a tumor in her hand.  What ???  Wouldn't ya take care of that BEFORE flying to California to compete?  Or, come with a bunch of special drugs?  Something's afoot here.  Then I remember Rod from season three with his pre-existing wrist condition, and he competed alright, so maybe working through the pain is no big deal?  I don't know, but I am suspect.

Soon thereafter McKenzie comes in alone and throws them all a curve ball.    Hell has frozen over.

Oh, you be quiet.

So, they will have to make sure their work reflects a frozen over world.  Most of them just tweak a little here and there.   Some curve ball, eh?

The Michael Westmore drive by mentoring is a bit better this challenge.  Not only does he advise everyone to do a good paint job, but he tells team red hair to rethink the mouth area.  Then he tells Alum & Anthony to .. rethink the mouth area.  Oh, he does have Kris & Eric Zapata incorporate the lion back arch into their look.  Okay, that's fresh information, I'll give him that.

So, how do they do?

Alex & Autumn

House & Meagan
Azi Dahaka

Eric Fox & Wayne

Jenna & Katie

 Eric Zapata & Kris

Alam & Anthony

House, Meagan, Kris and Eric Zapata are all proclaimed safe.

 The judges rave over Alam & Anthony's work.
They are pleased with what Eric Fox and Wayne did,
but the do pick on the lack of time spent on quality painting.

 The judges really pick at Autumn for her sculpting,
which she thought was stellar.
Team Red Hair is ripped on for the paint job,
which is more Katie's area, not physically challenged Jenna.

You saw it coming, Anthony wins AGAIN.
That's all three Spotlight (main) challenges so far.
He's earned them, so I'm not complaining.

I just hope Eric Fox can pull out a win some time soon.  Or, House.  Those are my bets for the most likely to win if Anthony doesn't.

Yeah, we knew someone from Team Red Hair was leaving,
but it was able-bodied Katie who was sent home.
Jenna gets to stay for more hand pain.
When did you pick up that the judges want you to skimp on sculpting and do a perfect paint job, as opposed to doing a stellar sculpting and a poor paint job?  I mean, they want EVERYTHING to be done well, but people leave this show when they fail to pain well, or, at the end, to conceptualize well.

So many this season are leaving paint to the last minute.  Isn't that like shooting yourself in the foot?


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