Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just a short note:  I'm in the hospital, and one of my nurses is a dead ringer for Starr Ilzhoefer!

She hasn't started to cry yet, but I'm watching her to see if she does.

My posts will probably be 1-2 days late for a while.

Echa Pa'lante

RPDR s5e5 • Snatch Game • 25 February 2013

Last week on RPDR the drag queens interpreted RuPaul's life through ballet.  Jinkx Monsoon and Coco Montrese won the Soul Train inspired dance off mini-challenge, so they became captains of the two teams for the main challenge.  Alyssa Edwards won the main challenge, while Vivienne Pinay and Honey Mahogany were in the bottom.  Why?  Vivienne was lackluster, and Honey kept repeating her caftan runway look.  Surprisingly, each merely lip synched to pass the time, instead of actually fighting to stay on the show, and BOTH were eliminated.

Okay, before we actually get into the show, let me gush a little bit.  I ADORE the Snatch Game episodes.   They didn't have one in the first season, but on s2, Pandora Boxx's Carol Channing and Tatianna's Britney Spears were genuine hits.  S3's Stacey Layne Mathews won the hearts of the judges.  At the last minute she switched from Anna Nicole Smith to Mo'Nique's portrayal of Mary Lee Johnston, the mother of Precious.  In s4 we were blessed with Chad Michaels' Cher, but there was a lot of fun going on in the top row with Willam's Jessica Simpson and Sharon Needles's Michelle Visage, too.  

It's morning in L.A., and RuPaul is stealing from Us Weekly for the mini challenge.   It is to take a Cuddler?  (Snuggie?) and make something red carpet-worthy.  Ian Drew from Us Weekly magazine states that Detox, Roxxy Andrews and Alyssa Edwards are the winners.

Jinkx Monsoon as one of the Olsen Twins did crack me up, though.  

Wait ... the winners aren't team captains, or get extra anything for the main challenge?  Huh?  They just won a little gift?

... and they get to participate on the season five Snatch Game!
That is prize enough, oui?

The girls start putting their Snatch Game looks together, and picking on each other's choices.  On the Ru-Thru, Ivy Winters can't convince Ru that she can make her Marilyn Monroe funny.   Ru wants Alaksa to be funnier than Lady Bunny is.  Coco's Janet Jackson has Ru begging for her to be funny.  Is there a pattern her?  Does she inherently KNOW they are all going to be UNfunny?  Detox is doing Ke$ha, but that seems easy, right?  Act drunk.  Celebrate booze.  How hard can THAT be?  Ru doesn't think that Jinkx's  Little Edie (Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis's down & out cousin) will resonate with the audience, although he is laughing along with Jinkx at the choice of character.  (Everyone else was told to be funny, and Jinkx is NOT being told that.  Hmmm...)    Lineysha wants to do Michelle Obama.  Ru acts like it can't be done.  She sets up Lineysha with a straight line, and Lineysha can't find the punch line.  How sad.

Look!  We have the Julie Browns as guest judges!

Wubba Wubba Wubba!

On the main challenge, I can't believe how many missed opportunities there were, especially from those that DO THIS SORT OF THING FOR A LIVING.

Jinkx as Little Edie never missed a beat.  
She took a lesser known character and hit a home run!

Jade seems to be hiding behind her Taylor Swift attire.
She's trying, I can see that.   I say she is swinging
and missing, as opposed to some who aren't
even bothering to swing.

Alaska is shining as Lady Bunny.
I agree with Santino & Michelle that the voice is wrong,
but she is so funny, and looking right, that I don't care.

Detox's Ke$ha seems a bit phoned in,
but this seems to be the easiest to do,
so I'm not too worried.

Coco Montrese as Janet Jackson misses a slow ball
from RuPaul right off the bat.  There's so MUCH she
could have said when RuPaul asked,
"What Have You Done For Me Lately?"
Coco/Janet could have just gone with
"Come Back To Me, you Nasty boy!"
To be fair, the voice was right on point.

Alyssa as Katy Perry also missed out!
When Ru asked if she had ever kissed a girl,
Alyssa/Katy replied, "No."
Did the summer of 2008 not even happen?

Ivy Winter's Marilyn Monroe I WILL take issue
with, for her not getting the whispery voice right.
She dropped the ball on this one, too, at times.

Lineysha ditched Michelle Obama and
went with Celia Cruz.   Wrong!  Her look was
more put together, like better drag,
than what Lineysha Sparkx wore.
She was a big deal in Latin music,
at least THAT could have been parlayed
into how she responded to Ru.
 What a let down!

Roxxy Andrews as Tamar Broxton jumped
right in and showcased her personality.
GOOD on you!  She's playing it right.

As far as the runway ...

Ivy Winters

Detox Icunt

Jade Jolie

Roxxy Andrews

Jinkx Monsoon

Coco Andrews

Alyssa Edwards

Lineysha Sparkx

Alaska Thunderfuck

It's pretty obvious before the judges say anything that this will be the top 3, middle 3 and the bottom 3:

1-3 • Jinkx Monson, Roxxy Andrews & Alaska Thunderfuck

4-6 • Coco Montrese, Alyssa Edwards & Jade Jolie

7-9 • Lineysha Sparks,  Detox Icunt & Ivy Winters

... and when they send the middle 3 off to the back room, you KNOW something's gong to happen over on Untucked.  I know that reading and throwing shade are considered skills to showcase in the world of drug, but at some point I would think it would be best to concentrate on one's own work.  Eye on the prize, not the competitor.

Jinkx wins the challenge!

Ivy is declared safe, and that means Detox and Lineysha are in the bottom.

Detox makes fun of Cher's machine gun vibrato, and that put her well ahead of poor Lineysha.

She was gorgeous and talented, but she earned her #9 placement.

I'll say!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

PRs11e5 • A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock N Roll • 21 February 2013

Last week on Project Runway, the designers played with hard & soft as they used materials from both a flower shop and a hardware store.  Yes, it was a revisit of s2e9 (or 8 if you think that the 1st episode of s2 was e0,) and s7e7.  The judges were rather pleased with the results.  Or, at least Heidi was.

The Dream Team finally won a challenge,
and Samantha was the individual winner.

Keeping It Real was the "2nd Best Team," if not the losing team.  The team members all suggested Amanda be eliminated, but Nina Garcia wasn't having any of it.  Amanda wasn't thinking that she acted as poorly as her teammates stated, either.

Joseph Aaron Segal got the auf, instead.
(Now stop staring at her lady bits, Joe.)
Tim tried to address the design and fit issues, but
Joseph loved his concept way too much to change. 

Tim stated that they had unfinished business,
and they walked back to the runway.

Right after the elimination Tim states there is unfinished business and they all reconvene on the runway.   Heidi just wants to change the teams, oh, what a shameful tease that was last week!  They are in teams of two, and here's how it goes:

Samantha Black chooses Daniel Esquivel.  Richard Hallmarq snatches Stanley Hudson.  Patricia Fields nabs Layana Aguilar, who interviews that they don't really get along that well.  Huh?  Layana, it's all one-sided, I bet.  Matthew Arthur grabs Michelle Lesniak Franklin.  Kate Pankoke picks Tu Suthiwat Nakchat, which leaves Benjamin Mach with Amanda Valentine.  He interviews concern, each was in the bottom, but Amanda was 2nd worst last week.  Perhaps he is nervous that the other team knows something about her that he doesn't?

The next morning they head on over to Johnny Utah's, which seems odd, as it's too early to drink, right?  Well, that's what I am assuming, but s1's Vanessa Riley and s2's Guadelupe Vidal can correct me on that, n'est-ce pas?  Maybe they are going to ride the mechanical bull?  Maybe they have to DRESS the mechanical bull, eh?  Or, maybe they can ONLY use leather?  No, they are creating looks for Miranda Lambert, both a performance outfit and an appropriate red carpet look.  Each team has one of each, so each person creates one garment.

Now here is when we (re)learn that Amanda Valentine hails from Nashville, TN, and suddenly Ben is all kinds of happy.  Having Amanda as a teammate is a BLESSING, Ben, not a curse!

Over at Mood, there's no Swatch sighting.  I'm in prayer vigil mode already.  The only big surprise is that Ben expects them to be over budget, and they are quite UNDER budget.   They have $400 per team, and they don't even spend $300.  Don't they generally shortchange them, so that they have to think even harder when fabric shopping?

Can this possibly turn out alright?

During the Tim-thru, Samantha gets a pass, but Daniel's skirt seam is questioned.  Layana's seems to be approved, and Patricia's is surprisingly (to Tim) alright.  Kate's needs some Tim-love, but Tu's whole approach is called into question.  Tu seems to be hell-bent on making her look BIGGER than she is.

Hey!  Tim didn't finish, why did they go to commercial?

I don't want to inspire litter to follow me.
Well, maybe money.   That would be acceptable.

Now, you stop that, Lea Michelle.  
 There wasn't a new episode of Glee this week,
so I'm not cheating on you.
Or, more appropriately, Darren Criss.

Oh, good, Tim is back.  He is incredulous that Tu must make Miranda Lambert look BIGGER than she is.  Tim believes in Stanley's vision, and questions the showing of skin in Richard's look.   Amanda gets FULL approval from Tim, how did that happen?  Amanda interviews that she ALWAYS gets a good review from Tim, whether she does well or poorly with the judges.  Ha!  Ben thinks that he has struck gold with his blue.  Michelle is working with wrinkled leather, but the real trouble is Matthew.   He s working with matte black, which does NOT show up well on the runway.  Tim sounds worried.   Michelle interviews that Matthew is lacking confidence.  Absolutely!

 It's weird to be my age and still struggle with insecurity.
Maybe for Madonna, but not for most people.

So, how did they do?

Amanda Valentine
Performance Look

Benjamin Mach
Red Carpet Look

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat
Performance Look

Kate Pankoke
Red Carpet Look

Samantha Black
Performance Look

Daniel Esquivel
Red Carpet Look

Matthew Arthur
Performance Look

Michelle Lesniak Franklin
Red Carpet Look

Patricia Fields
Performance Look

Layana Aguilar
Red Carpet Look

Richard Hallmarq
Performance Look

Stanley Hudson
Red Carpet Look

Heidi calls out safe Patricia, Layana, Kate and Tu.  That leaves the top & bottom on stage.

 The top teams.

 The bottom teams.

The judges are not so nice to the bottom dwellers this week, and rightly so.  The nice surprise is that both Ben and Amanda do WELL this week (after last week's difficulties.)

Miranda Lambert proclaims Richard the winner.

Heidi calls Matthew out for using matte black,
and Miranda urges him to scrape up some confidence.
You did make it to the top 16, so there is always that, M.A.

All I can say for sure is someone seems to be making Amanda cry next week.   I.  Will.  Not.  Have.  It.

Leave the poor girl alone!
No, wait a minute,
knowing how they edit promo shots,
she probably wins, wanna bet?