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PRs11e01 • There's No "I" In Team • 24 January 2013

Last time on PRs10 Dmitry won over Fabio, Melissa and The Chosen One.  I guess even the judges & producers get it wrong when they anoint someone early on in the season.

Oh, it's not good when a judge fawns over a pet designer.

Oh, and last time over on PRASs2 Anthony Ryan beat out Emilio and Uli for the grand prize.

I don't understand why there was a final three.
I mean, I was only trying to date two of them.
The blonde was superfluous.

This season, instead of scouring the internet to find all possible information on the new contestants, I decided to just wing it and watch with untainted eyes.   No sense in picking a favorite too early, just to have my hopes and dreams dashed before my eyes.

Let alone my hopes & dreams.

For example, in s9 Joshua Christensen had what I considered a strong portfolio.  Sadly, he struggled and floundered in the competition.

But, I'm still FABULOUSLY straight!

Um, that's  ...  great?

Oh, and, hey!  I have a question.  What is it with the two contestants (that I know of) that were ASKED to be on the show (they didn't audition per se,) getting kicked off quite early in the competition, whether rightly or wrongly?


Heidi Samuels Klum and Tim Gunn return with a twist, and it's never been done before (say it with me with the right amount of disdain) In The History Of Project Runway:  TEAMS !!!

Eh-cuse Me?

Yes, teams have never existed before.

You mean that that was all just a bad dream?
Andy, Ivy & Gretchen love & respect me?

The next wave of contestants meet up at the runway.  Poor James Martinez drops his hat, trips, and pees on the runway.  Ce n'est pas bon!   Heidi has given up the velvet bag of doom and just has a postcard of doom with names on it.  She calls out Daniel E., Amanda, Layana, Richard, Patricia, Joe, Stanley & Kate.  They name themselves "Keepin' It Real."

Keepin' It Real

Yes, about as real as House Hunters.

The other eight designers call themselves "The Dream Team."  Think less this:

And more of this:

I can't tell if they will keep the same teams running throughout the season, from episode to episode, like Bravo's The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection: Season Two: The One With Iman.  I guess if they change the team configurations around each time, that could be interesting.

Just don't get stuck with Bert is all I'm saying.

For inspiration Team KIR takes a boat trip around Manhattan.  Team DT meets atop the Atlas Apartment building.  The challenge for each person is to showcase his/her own point of view, with the input of their team to guide them.  They will be inspired by NYC.    Now I'm confused.  They don't have to be cohesive?

Damn!, I went on the wrong show.

Tim states that they have one day and $1,200 per team, theoretically $150 per person, unless they want to split it any other way.  Yes, because some people won't want to spend their fair share of money?  Oh, puh-leeze.

No, YOU take it.

Thank God Swatch is still with us.

Surprisingly, the team members all seem to get along.  There is smack talk in the interviews.  Yes, quite a bit.  How else could you respond to a producer prodding with, "So, tell me how's it going?"

Daniel E. is really rocking the Savva vibe, eh?  (PR Aus s4 2012.)  He's got the villain mustache, and he's helping the other contestants.  Be careful, Daniel.  It didn't work too well for Savva.

Amanda is rocking the roots-grown-out look like Leah did from PRA s4.
Can this go away, please?  Oh, and the open backs on everything, that can go away, too.  Be a love and make that happen, 'kay, thanks.

Did Patrick Galang from 2009's PR Phiippines s2 make it on the show?  Oh, no, it's someone named …. Tu?   Now I'm remembering Russell Villafuerte.

Mmmmmm, nice.

Benjamin Mach is vaguely reminding me of Emmet McCarthy, and Sean Ross, too. 

She looks more like her sister than Laurie Metcalf does.

... and don't tell me you didn't think of this.

Something's telling me it might be you ...  you or Steve Jobs.

Michelle Lesniak Franklin looks & sounds a bit like Robin Bartlett,
you know, Suzanne's rehab roommate Aretha in Postcards From The Edge.

Okay, wait just a MINUTE.   Our clock in the bathroom died recently.  To replace it, we purchased THIS SAME CLOCK I SWEAR TO GOD at Walmart for $3.97.  Is that how cheap things are with Bunim/Murray?  Oh, and don't get me started on the parquet floor at The Atlas.

After they leave the work room, they show "Last Looks" … is this a copy of The Fashion Show, or of Face Off?  Oh, wait a minute … Wayne on Face Off …

Mmmmm, VERY nice.

Sorry, where was I?  Oh, yes, on to the runway, sure.

Stanley Hudson

Kate Pankoke

Richard Hallmarq

Patricia Michaels

Amanda Valentine

Layana Aguilar

Joseph Aaron Segal

Daniel Esquivel

Matthew Arthur

Samantha Black

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat

James Martinez

Emily Pollard

Benjamin Mach

Cindy Marlatt

Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Personally, the two that stand out for me are Cindy's and Emily's.  When Emily's look came out, I immediately thought of Ivy's top on s8e1.

Now, Cindy's .... 

Maybe it's an homage to OS 10.6, too?   No, that can't be, as long as they are sponsored by HP.

Heidi declares Keeping It Real the winning team!  Daniel, Richard and Patricia are the top three.  Heidi thinks Daniel's is super chic, and looks super expensive,  Zac sees the NYC inspiration (all black.)  Nina loves the length of the sleeves and pants.  Richard's is very urban and sporty, and all of the judges love the asymmetry.  Patricia's stamped pattern is a hit with the judges.

The bottom three from The Dream Team are James, Emily and Cindy.  James' work is not inspiring, and doesn't share the designer's point of view according to Nina.  Christian suggests that James' work won't sell.    Nina states that she has never seen such an unfinished look walk the runway in all 11 seasons.   They aren't that mean, but they really let Emily have it.  Cindy's doesn't show amazing construction or ideas.  She says it doesn't show her point of view, and, well, wasn't that the point of this challenge?

So, how did they place?

Daniel E. wins!

As it should be.

Richard placed 2nd, and Patricia 3rd.  James is 3rd to last, and Cindy is 2nd to last, which means Emily is gone.

You **just** noticed?

A sweet, talented girl, yes, but she earned her auf.

Even though I saw the work room footage from the show, I just don't know what she did with her time.  I mean, on season 3 we saw Stacey Estrella unsuccessfully sewing on the machine, and then later hand sewing.  Was Emily playing with her fabric way beyond her allotted time?  Was she just not willing to commit to an idea?

Now all I can see is Lisa Stempel.

Hey, the judges got it right, don't you think?  Well, I'm not sure about Richard's work, but maybe I'm biased because of all of the commercials showing him to be a poor team player in a future episode.  Alright, I'm in.  Surely one of the remaining 15 will capture my interest.  With losing his hat, tripping and peeing on the runway, I can honestly say I do want to see more from James Martinez, in a Chevy Chase/Gerald Ford kind of way.


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