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PRAS s2e12 • Finale: Go Big Or Go Home • 17 January 2013

Précédemment sur la programme Project Runway All-Stars: The four remaining contestants were flown to Paris, France to witness a Valentino show, shop for fabric and sketch their couture designs.  Anthony Ryan won, mais oui.  Emilio was praised for his work, which left Uli and Joshua in the bottom.  They re-tasked the two to make a new outfit to judge, for the same couture challenge, repurposing what they had just created, and also using any discarded scraps.  Joshua tweaked his look, while Uli came up with something completely different.  Uli was kept for the finale, while Joshua was let go.

Why are you watching this anymore?  The show's over!  I left! 

Host Carolyn Murphy enters from behind the screen, and before she reaches her mark in front of the three remaining designers, we get a Winner's & Loser's Edit with interviews from Uli and Anthony Ryan.   Well, this goes along with my theory that Anthony Ryan is The Chosen One and that winning PRAS2 is his destiny.  Sorry, Emilio, no edit means you are going to place second.  Which places will Uli and Anthony Ryan take?

Ms. Murphy states that they have four days and $3,000, and creative freedom.   Then they are told they can decide just how many looks they will send down the runway.  Okay, that is a twist of sorts.   Hey, now you've got my attention.   We get a strange quip from Anthony Ryan, that it's the last time they'll ever see the host walk away.  I know that he means from a challenge delivery, but it sounds odd.  Maybe it means that we will have yet ANOTHER host for season 3 of PRAS, or, that there won't ever be another season of PRAS.   The designers go back to the Night Hotel to sketch.  Uli's theme will be Vinter Wonderland, using lots of white and ivory.  Is she playing it safe, doing what she has done all along this season?  And why is it Vinter Wonderland?  Why not Vinter Vonderland?  Emilio's theme is Urban Plantation, paying homage to his mother, and to women working in the 1940's.  Anthony Ryan's theme is The Thin Line. "It's really that fine line between that dark and that light place, that you balance yourself between."  What?   I see the same stuff you've done all season, sir.

When they head off to Mood, I get a jolt of adrenaline.

Hang on, Swatch, we're gonna get a bit of excitement.

Do you recognize that fabric as Austin's Grammy Challenge fabric?
How about Santino's Inspiration Challenge fabric?
Or is it just some random gradient?

Shortly after returning from Mood, Carolyn Murphy enters, along with all of the eliminated contestants.  Yeah, yeah, they get to pick one of them to help them construct the line, je comprends.

Anthony Ryan tries to pick Joshua, but he will not have it.  Kayne gets to help The Chosen One.  Uli picks Casanova, and Emilio chooses Althea.  Each is happy with his selection.   Anthony Ryan even interviews a spoiler that it was for the best.  What do you mean, because you've already won the whole thing?

On the Joanna-thru, she wears a necklace of shower curtain rod hooks.  I can't take what she is saying seriously anymore.  I guess I'm grateful it wasn't made out of the plastic holding a six pack together, huh?  At any rate, Joanna thinks Uli's line is very cohesive, but she doesn't like that there isn't a showstopper at the end.  She wants one of Uli's pieces, a vest, for herself, so that's good.

Anthony Ryan shares that his inspiration is chaos out of innocence.    Wait, South Park inspired you?

That's me!  I'm Chaos out of Innocence!

Joanna likes Emilio's ... organizational skills?  She states that the inspiration is original.  She quietly says she is excited. Yeah, that monotone really sells it.  Then she tells all three of the designers that she was so inspired to mentor them.  Wait, I get it, that is until she actually walked into the room, right?

I'm with you, Casanova, I'm bored, too.  Joanna's Bed Bath & Behind alternative materials challenge jewelry can't save me, nor can Butters.

Maybe I'm being too harsh.  Let's see how they did:



Anthony Ryan

The regular judges love how focused Emilio's collection was.   There's talk of how junior some pieces are.  Isaac thought Anthony Ryan's was the most 'fashion' of the three.  Ms. Chapman hated the last look of the set.  The judges pretty much nonsensically praise Uli's collection.  It's magical, it's psychological (what?) and it's dreamy, but it's something they have seen before.

Well, of course, you already know, without seeing the episode that Anthony Ryan won, Emilo placed second, and Uli third.   I tried not to be bored, but, really, knowing who is going to win the entire thing early on kind of ruins it for the viewer, don't ya think?    It doesn't help that Uli and Anthony Ryan did looks based on what they did all this season, and that Emilio went back to his 1940s aesthetic, as he did in season 7's finale, plus Mondo's season eight head scarves, eh?  Since we already know these people from before, it comes off very flat and dull.  On the other hand, I haven't had to break open the Tylenol PM as much as I have had to in years past.  Thank you, Project Runway!  You're a life saver.  Now I can skip that sleep study!

Maybe I soured on PRAS2 because so many of the returning designers had NOT grown or changed any, even those I hadn't seen or heard from in a number of years.    At least I can look at Uli's work and see that she has evolved from her original season's work.

Okay, I'm grateful that Emilio didn't resist and disrespect Joanna Coles like he seemed to do with Tim Gunn in his original season.    I did enjoy Joanna Coles serving as mentor for the bunch, and wonder who could fill her shoes, should there be yet another PRAS.

In an attempt to freshen up the PR11 experience, I have decided to stop trolling the internet for spoilers this time around.  This is the first season I haven't memorized the contestants' names and back story, point of view and scholastic history.  Somehow, though, Mr. Hallmarq is already getting on my nerves as the whiner / bitch of the season.  Oh, and there's too much holding one's head in one's hands, right?  Talk about fear and fragility! 

I.  Will.  Not.  Have.  It.

There, that's better.  Thank you, Tyrone Powers. 


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