Saturday, January 12, 2013

PRAS s2e11 • Couture de France • 10 January 2013

Last week on Project Runway All Stars the four remaining designers created outfits for female veterans from various branches of the military. The outfits were for a special event that each would attend, meaning each had her own specific event in mind.  Joshua respected the needs of his client, and produced the winning garment.  Emilio had construction trouble, but Anthony Ryan failed to serve his client's needs, making her look worse than before.  However, it didn't matter at the end of the day, since all four were kept on.  When you're The Chosen One, you can't even get kicked off of PRAS for being the worst.

Oh, and Uli was probably there.

Now, before we get into the most recent episode, don't you think it's time for some fun with statistics?

I'm afraid we need to use ... math!

No, not meth.

Let's take a gander at the contestants who won the most weekly challenges on their season, before the finale had taken place.  Be not afraid, it's more graphic than math.

I know, Brian who?

The mantle of The Chosen One, or, the lesser Pet Contestant clearly does not lead to an automatic season win.  Yes, Mondo had stated that he felt like said mantle was placed on him long before his PRAS finale.  Still, he had to perform well enough to keep it.   Just because the judges (or the producers) are rooting for a contestant, that doesn't mean that said contestant's win is inevitable.

Doesn't that make you feel better?  Now we can think that the contestants can EARN their wins, instead of having it given to them.  Never you mind that Anya had money thrown at her, or that the 2009 All Star Challenge and Project Runway All-Stars season one seem to have been created to 'right a wrong,' to give a win to a fan favorite that didn't win in their original season.  Okay, I just stumbled upon something here.  Anthony Ryan did NOT win the fan favorite title of his season.  He had it up until, what, one day before?, maybe it was 2 days before, and then suddenly Anya pulled ahead.   Hmmm ... maybe Anthony Ryan is going to win after all, no matter what, to right the fan favorite fix of his season?

Alright, I have to fess up, I do believe ARA was robbed of the fan favorite title, in 2011.    I do think he is talented, and I enjoy seeing what he makes.  He's extremely likeable, too.  Would I prefer to see Emilio or Uli win it all?  Well, to be honest, I still want The Fashion Olympics, where the person who puts out the best work wins.  Yes, I know, that's not how it works these days.  Yes, I also know, not even the Olympics are deemed to be fair 100 percent of the time.  So, I'll just have to count my blessings.  The top three contestants are all talented, and I do hope good things for them.  At least there's no talk of them being under the influence of drugs while they were on the show.

Hey!  What are you looking at me for?

Or getting conjugal ''visits'' on the show!

At any rate, there's another episode to write about!   Carolyn Murphy walks out onto the runway and informs the final four that they are to create couture:  Expensive fabrics, attention to detail and custom tailoring.  They will shop at Janssens & Janssens at 3 rue d’Anjou*** Paris, France!

(*** I'm not buying your pronunciation there, Ms. Murphy.)

Been there, done that.

But, wait, there's more!

They get to tour the House of Valentino,
which inspires Emilo and Joshua to make out.  

Oh, and Anthony interviews a bit of a joke.
(He wants to jump on a couch,
foreshadowing the reveal of the guest judge,
the most recent former wife of a famous couch jumper.)

Mr. Rubino, I don't want anything to do with your blog, eh?

I don't wanna wait for this blog to be over!

Stop channeling Logan, Anthony Ryan!

Please take a look at the outfits worn by Joshua and Anthony Ryan.   I'm sure that the French will now completely LOVE the Americans.  Way to dress for the occasion.  Or, did they not know where they were going?  When you heard Janssens & Janssens and Valentino, did you immediately think of Walmart?  Look at the shoes!  Or did the producers do some manipulating there?

They were able to spend $3,000 Euros, perhaps $4,000 USD.  They visited the House of Valentino and even saw a Valentino runway show of sorts.  Then they were rushed back to the states, where they had one day to make their garments.

During the Joanna-thru, Emilo is praised for his fabric selection, but warned not to go overboard on his black appliques.   Uli's fabric inspires Joanna to quip "a gladiator aligator meets Sicilian widow."


Joanna tells Joshua that his fabric choice doesn't instantly read couture to her.  Double ruh-roh, indeed.   Then Anthony Ryan explains to Ms. Cosmo that he scrapped his original idea (they have less than half the time left at this point!) and he is going to do something else.  Triple ruh-roh!

No worries, we then see Emilio give us stank face for Joshua's fabric.  He's right, though.

Even the season 11 designers can't stand to look at it.
On to the runway!  However will it play out?


Anthony Ryan



The judges rightly observe that Emilio did an outstanding job.   Ms. Chapman thought it was brilliant that Anthony Ryan's model didn't appear to be going commando.  Then, they pick on Uli for having her model wear undies.  Well, she earned it, but, still, Anthony Ryan shouldn't have been praised for not letting his model use underwear.   Or, is that a thing now, like open backs galoreThe judges didn't think that Joshua's two fabrics went together, for various reasons.

Well, you know how it goes, Emilio did the best work, so Anthony Ryan won, and Emilio came in second.  Then, they made Uli and Joshua go head to head, a la The Fashion Show 2: Ultimate Collection when Jeffery and Cesar went against each other.   Damn, I miss Calvin, and Iman, too.

Uli and Joshua were tasked to create a different look from the same fabric (using the outfit they made AND the left over scraps) honoring the same challenge.   They had one hour to do so, right on the runway.   Joshua, seemingly wisely, changes the skirt portion of the outfit, shortening it greatly, to a length that they will actually like.   Oh, and he switched the top front to back.  Uli, on the other hand, used the lining that she hadn't used enough of on the first look, to create an entire dress.  Then she made a jacket from the original skirt material.  This looked like a completely different outfit, whereas Joshuas' merely looked like a tweaked and fixed version of his original.   Their challenge was to make a dramatic new look, and Joshua did the simplest of changes.  Thankfully, Uli was kept, and poor Joshua was sent packing.

Time to make some neon tanks, yes?
Ready to see Anthony Ryan win it all next week?

I guess it's better than Gretchen coming back and winning.   There!  I found something to be grateful for.   No, I'm truly glad we have PR in all of its incarnations.   Maybe I'll get industrious and post some thoughts on the upcoming Face Off s4 and Project Runway s11 contestants.  In the meantime, I'll pray for Iman to come over to PRAS for next year.  Oh, and maybe even Calvin Tran to apply for PR12, right?  Hell, let's just get Manila Luzon on PR12.   Pourquoi pas?  



  1. Jan Sibelius was a great Finnish composer; Jeffrey Sebelia won PR season 3.

  2. Excellent pull on the Logan snood!

  3. Best record for me was Jay McCarroll's. He didn't win a single challenge in season 1 and then wound up taking the whole shebang.