Saturday, January 5, 2013

PRAS s2e10 • All Stars & Stripes • 3 January 2013

Oh, dear, where to begin.

Last week on I Love Anthony Ryan, Joshua was kept over Ivy.  Yes, I get it, Ivy was producing work worthy of getting her sent home for weeks, the vultures were circling her, she was ready to be vaporized.

It didn't matter if Joshua made a worse outfit.  

Well, now Ivy can go hug Casanova in real life.

Uli placed second yet again.

Didn't they even SEE her dress ... or even Uli?

Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're the best.

What?!?!?  Oh, puh-leeze.  And, don't you mean the richest?

Oh, it always matters if you're the richest.

At any rate, Anthony Ryan won the Elie Tahari real world challenge.  Then they redesigned it for the real world.

I don't care what happens, as long as I can
still bask in Anthony Ryan's glory every week.

Are you sure?  Isn't that frock
behind you inspired by Ven?

I wish Anthony Ryan was walking through the front door now.

This week Anthony Ryan and his three remaining attendants meet up with host Carolyn Murphy on the deck of The Intrepid.  New, royally grand music plays, and we learn of the impending challenge — clients that have served our country.   We don't see how they were paired up, randomly, or by choice.

Each client has served in a different part of the military.   Joshua gets not only a bionic client, but a dog, too!  For the first time in my life, I'm jealous of him.   Yeah, it had to happen some time, huh?  To clarify, I want to be part computer, and I want a dog.  I don't want to actually be ON our beloved PR.   I mean, it's no good unless you're the chosen one.

I know, right?

It's probably best if you actually do great work, though.

That's right, season ten's #4, because, let me tell ya,
I have no problem getting rid of The Chosen One
if he doesn't perform up to par.

Oh, just because I'm The Chosen One,
that doesn't mean I won't treat my client with
respect, and pull out a kick-ass garment.

Uh-huh.  Respect.

For a client.  One who isn't a size zero.

Oh, and, why are you channeling poor Christie Clayton, Mr. Auld?

Gouda Gouda Gouda Cheese.

Um, yeah.  So, they have $150 at Mood, and the rest of the day to complete the outfit.  On the Joanna-thru, TCO is told to reconsider going completely strapless.  Uli is politely chided for just repeating her 2006 signature look, although Ms. Cosmo does like the way the pattern will slim the client (who doesn't need said slimming.)  (Just to be clear, ALL of the models are fine, Ven.)

All of them, Ven.

Continuing,  Joanna tells Emilio that he does not have the background in dealing with regular, real people (as opposed to red carpet celebrities) that the other three do.  She questions the color yellow, too, which, to be fair, seems tricky for the client, but ends up looking nice.  Talking with Joshua, she affirms his being calm as compared to other challenges.  Joshua then gets a Winner's Edit (why not our beloved Anthony Ryan?) and, lest you not believe it, a promo shot with Joshua front and center.

Did Mondo give you permission to pose there, Joshua?

Wait, did we just see the mantle of being TCO removed from Anthony Ryan and put onto Joshua?  Don't worry, no blasphemy is occurring, dear reader.

As for the runway ...



Anthony Ryan


A very strange thing happened with the judging.  Okay, I'm lying through my teeth.  A very predictable thing happened with the judging.  Isaac LOVED Anthony Ryan's work, but the rest of the judges saw it for what it was: UNFLATTERING.  If she had worn Uli's or Emilio's dress, she would have looked MUCH better, incredible, even.

How did they place?

4. Anthony Ryan
3. Emilio
2. Uli
1. Joshua

The real story is that Joshua hit a home run with his effort this week.  Nothing serious to complain about, something that flattered his client, and was appropriate for the event she was going to.

I tell ya, you gotta be careful about the fit, or they'll send you home.

Ah, yes, they send you home when you have poorly fit clients.
Because you now live in Paris, eh?
Vous ne parlez pas la vérité, mon ami.

Okay, I'm grateful that Anthony Ryan treated his client with respect, and I can't hate on someone who made that incredible bird seed dress in his original season.  However, wasn't the task at hand to make them look stellar, not just to not mistreat them as some contestants have done in the past?"

So, if Anthony Ryan made the worst outfit (perhaps up for debate, Emilio) then why couldn't they find a way to eliminate him?  You can NOT tell me that if Joshua had made the worst outfit that would have kept him, too.

So, while I support the contestants, I do not support the challenge outcomes.  I find it hard to believe Carolyn's "we don't have a reason to eliminate any of you." 

Oh, wait, NOW I understand.



  1. This is brilliant! Love the corporate logos plastered all over AR.

  2. Thank you for noting that The Chosen Ones always have fauxhawks. This will make it easy to identify the next one. OXOXO