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Face Off s4e2 • Heroic Proportions • 22 January 2013

Last week on the premier of Face Off s4, 14 contestants were introduced on the Queen Mary.   Anthony won the Foundation Challenge: Create a Queen look inspired by a provided crown of their choice. The Spotlight Challenge was then to create a King Goblin look inspired by the region's terrain.  They worked in pairs, being randomly assigned them.  

Anthony won both the Foundation & Spotlight Challenges.. 

Wayne, Alex, Michael and Troy were in the bottom.

Troy was chosen to leave for his poor face work.

This week the 13 remaining make up artists go to San Diego's Comic Con.  They meet up with McKenzie Westmore, and DC co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, and learn that their Spotlight Challenge is to create their own superhero.  Artists come out to help them with their sketches.  Huh?  That never happens on Project Runway.  Oh, I get it, the winner will have his character featured in a DC comic book, so they get help, to make sure that it looks good enough.  

Now all I can think of is this.

Well, and the obvious … don't you want to live in a comic book, too?

McKenzie's guests advise that their original superheroes should reflect the era that they come from.  They should use primary colors (red, blue & yellow) and be mindful of their character's silhouette.  Lastly they are asked to think about how superhero's powers are incorporated into their look.

Autumn is inspired because her daughter loves superheros.  Eric Z's father is his superhero, so he wants to reflect families.  Anthony wants to stay away from a costume and focus on how the skin or outer layer of his character would reflect his circumstance.  Smart, eh?  We've had judges complain that contestants used clothing as a cop out for not doing actual make up (I'm specifically thinking of the swim tank in season 2.)  Wayne starts explaining his concept, but once he spews "muscle bound" I can't hear anything else.  It's almost as bad as drooling over Rayce in season two.  (Yeah, and where did that get me?  Good point.)

Katie shares that her guy is more just a regular punk rock dude, but with the ability to shoot electricity out of his fingers.  Wait, is that the way to sell this?  'My superhero is just a regular dude?'  Uh-oh!   Kris tells us that his superhero is from another world.  We get 10 seconds of him and that's it for this episode.  I guess that means that he is in the middle this week, and safe, eh?  Alex is busy working, maybe she is safe, too.  She's barely on this episode, that's for sure.  Jenna tells us her girl is Wonder Woman with wings.  Wait, isn't that too simple and derivative?   Isn't that an elimination waiting to happen?

Now we come to the obvious question: 

 No, not why are PR and Glee on at the same time this Thursday.

Who will take upon themselves the mantel of Alana (from s3) … you know, having a crisis, some trauma, stress in the workroom, only to be in the middle and safe once judging happens?  Meagan is in the running with her sculpt.  Her superhero guy keeps looking like a cat, no matter how she does.  She believes her work is the worst in the room, and no one is correcting her on that. 

Next, on commercial break, we all fight over John Edwards.  No, not like I'll fight over Wayne or s2's Rayce.  We're debating whether Edwards knows he is a fake, or if he truly believes he is gifted to hear from the dearly departed.  Would you be willing to do his job?  Ah, "for entertainment purposes only" … I think I have my answer.

Meanwhile back at the point, who is this season's Alana?  Anthony seems to be stressing over his chest and back pieces, but my money is on Alam, who can't make her back piece with glass shards stay on her model.  She's got the expressive fright look going on, so I say it's her.  Oh, she says, "If they don't work I will kill myself."  That's a qualifier for the Alana mantle, don't you think?

Wayne gives us the molding PSA Edit, so we will assume he is safe.  Michael doesn't like how his mask is working out, but he course-corrects with a cowl.  Anthony is still freaking out over his back and front chest pieces.  He smashes a finger trying to open the mold for his pieces, and he decides to chuck them.  Wow, all that work for nothing.

How do they make out?

Michael Garcia


Kris Kobzina


Wayne Anderson


Anthony Kosar


Meagan Hester


David "House" Greathouse

Autumn Cook


Alam Park

Alex McCoy


Jenna Green

Katie Machalek



Eric Fox

Wait, doesn't Autumn's model look like one from last season?  Oh, and, I'm sorry, Kris, but when I see yours, all I can think of ...

is this!

When the judges take a closer look, Michael is concerned that his paint under the mask is running.  They see all the duct tape on Meagan's guy.  Alam can't bear with the judges looking the back where the glass shard piece should have been.  She trashed it at the last minute, because it wasn't staying on.  They LOVE the working lungs on Eric F's guy, rightly so.

McKenzie calls out Katie, House, Eric F, Meagan, Anthony and Michael as the best and worst.  Everyone else is safe and waits in the make up room.

House explains his concept.  Glenn declares it unconventional and anime inspired.  Ve calls Meagan's forearm pieces "TV controls with gaffers tape around them."  She also thinks the face sculpting was rough.  Glenn likes the collar work she did, if nothing else. It's nothing but praise for Eric F's 1940's guy.  They notice that the character is complete, fully dimensional.  Glenn's distaste for Michael's work is palpable.  Ve doesn't see any labor involved, it was a bad mask and nothing else.  Anthony wins over the judges.  Glenn adores the work on his head, and loves it.  Again we see that a great paint job saves a sculpting error.  Katie explains that she wanted to create a vigilante homemade hero punk rock Superman, and Glenn declares it is just not good enough.

Anthony wins! 

Why are you looking at me?

House & Eric F are safe  Of the bottom three, they felt Michael was the worst.  Glenn scolds, "You made so many bad decisions, and, ultimately, you didn't give us any make up to look at."

Then he says, "You're obviously full of creativity.  I for one would love to see what else you come up with.  Good luck."

Then why are you getting rid of him, huh?

No, it's nice that they are giving nice parting words to the eliminated.  They've done it before, and it's always interesting to see just how much praise is lavished upon someone they just tore apart and kicked off.

I just hope he gets to stay in the sci-fi make up industry, and doesn't have to go work with John Edwards.


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