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Face Off s4e1 • Make It Reign • 15 January 2013

Last season on Face Off adorable Nicole was eliminated, brought back, and won the entire season.  Geez, wasn't that just in October?  Are we going to have TWO a year, like with Project Yawnur, er, Runway?

Hey, that's my line, and I want it back.
By the way, this year they have THREE, so get it right.

Who do we have this time around?

Alam Park
25 • Seattle, WA
Fresh out of school, she gives off the plucky heroine vibe
we got from Alanna last season.  Adorable.

Alexandra “Alex” McCoy
31 • Orlando, FL
Sometimes she looks just like Laura Kathleen (PRs9&PRASs2.)
Although, she hasn't proclaimed her wealth or status yet.

Well, then, she isn't rich.

Um, no, maybe she's modest?

Anthony Kosar
26 • Lisle, IL

Autumn Cook
35 • Pittsburgh, PA
First off ...
Autumn is clearly a Winter.
Second: It's (Lew)Kymia from Work Of Art s2!
We Kymia!

David “House” Greathouse
41 • Cleveland, OH
I was SO hoping he was as big as a house.  Nope.
We're all shouting "House" as Walter Orange did on
The Commodores 1977 hit "Brick House"
whenever he's on screen.

Eric Fox
37 • Riverside, CA
It's Sharon Needles' scary brother, right?
Or maybe it's The Cure's Robert Smith?

Eric Zapata
22 • Victoria, TX
The youngest this season.  Also adorable, n'est-ce pas?

Jenna Green
40 • Austin, TX
Early on we learn she is a cancer survivor 
 (and her husband LEFT her over it?!)
and all I can think of is Uniballer
Anthony Ryan from PRs9&PRASs2.
Then it hits me - Novarian!
I hope she doesn't get edited to look like
she is a cancer survivor first, and a person second.

Katherine “Katie” Machaiek
26 • Owls Head, ME
What is it that all the Face Off females have to have the overly dyed red hair?

Kristian Kobzina
41 • El Segundo, CA
I'm getting nothing.

Meagan Hester
29 • Ossining, NY
Please stay away from anyone named Prynne, or Chillingworth.
I don't know if I could stop laughing.

Michael Garcia
31 • Austin, TX
No relation to Erik or Derek, but, hmmm ...
maybe changing one's last name to Garcia
can't hurt in getting onto the show.
Sometimes he comes off like Wolverine's ugly, out of shape brother,
instead of s2's Matt Valentine, his real life brother.

Troy Rivers
34 • Indianapolis, IN
Why couldn't he have been from Three Rivers, or Trois-Rivières?
He thinks his work isn't respected by his peers.
Sorry, I mean he ain't be gangsta 'nuff.  Fo' sho & fereelz.

Wayne Anderson
27 • Fort Myers, FL
Rayce, (FOs2,) it's been great, but I'm leaving you.
Never mind that Wayne is probably terminally straight.
I can fix that.  For Wayne, I'll make the effort.  =op

The fresh gaggle of contestants meets up with host McKenzie Westmore over on "The Beautiful Queen Mary" for the Foundation Challenge.  Alex interviews that everyone is so different, and all I can think of is Laura Kathleen asking if Oliver Green spoke "foreign."  Ugh.  Now the Laura Kathleen nickname has stuck.  Really, people are not all the same?  Oy.

Oh, that's right, the show.  For the Foundation Challenge, using a crown of their choice, they must create an original Queen character in 2 hours, showcasing their point of view.  New mentor, McKenzie's father, Michael Westmore, judges the mini-challenge.  Many explain what they are doing in mini-interviews, which is nice background we haven't always seen in the past.  Results are mixed, sadly.  Mr. Westmore thinks Troy missed an opportunity to go wild, to match his ornate crown.  Kris's work is rather weak.  His glitter scars look so immature and pedestrian.  Eric Fox has a very strong look.  Wayne fails by not incorporating the idea of the crown into her face.  Jenna's is admired and respected.  Go Novarian!  Michael Westmore loves Anthony's look the best and he wins immunity for the Spotlight Challenge..

Top 3 Eric Fox.

 Top 3 Novarian.

Anthony Kosar wins the Foundation Challenge and immunity in the Spotlight Challenge.

Troy's work is too plain,

as is (deep sigh) Wayne's (call me,)
but the worst offender is:

There's nothing here! 

For the Spotlight Challenge, the contestants are randomly placed into seven teams of two, tasked to create a Goblin King physically influenced by the area they ruled..  Team by team they choose their regions.  The main thing to take from the work room is that Anthony accidentally (???) breaks his teammate Meagan's model's face cast.  It's just the nose, so he fills & fixes it.  Team Florida (Alex & Wayne) don't leave enough time for their paint job.  Isn't that silly?  Don't we always hear Ve and Glenn stating that bad design and prosthetics can always be saved with a good paint job.  Autumn is a Winter has a meltdown because she can't find any latex bald caps.

Points for looking cleaner than you have in the past,
but, seriously, you still look like you need a bath!

Let's see how they all did.

Autumn & Eric Z.

Jenna & Eric F.

Alex & Wayne

Troy & Michael

Katie & House

Anthony & Meagan

Alam & Kris

Katie Holmes, er, Katie & House, and Alam & Kris are called out as safe.  What?  I thought the arctic look of Katie & House was marvelous!  At any rate, that leaves five teams for the top and bottom, but which way will it go?  Team Florida, Wayne & Alex, is called out for doing great design & construction, but horrible paint.  What is clear to the viewer, if not the judges, is that Wayne (deep sigh & ) did most of the work.  The judges rave over Eric F. & Jenna's work, and like Eric Z. & Autumn's as well.  They rip on the volcano inspired King of Troy & Michael, especially the face make up.   The paint work of Anthony & Meagan is praised.

At the end of it all Anthony wins again and Troy is let go for his poor make up work.  They make a point of telling him that they look forward to the great things he will do, to not let this one moment define him.  Well, I guess that's good, we want Troy to do well in life and not get a complex from this.

No, what we really want is to see Alex do her fair share of work, or, if it's the editing, to not be fooled by the editing next time.

No, what we want Wayne to be knocking at our door.  Priorities.  First things first.  =o)  

So, what did you think?  I'm starting to believe the hype, maybe there IS more talent this time around.  Or maybe Wayne lust is clouding my thoughts.


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