Tuesday, December 31, 2013

May 2014 bring you hope, joy, success and peace.

I was planning on posting about the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race season six, but I am leaning towards not doing so at this point.  Why?  I only have them narrowed into two categories.   There are some that are so impressive that I could see them winning it.  The remainder, while not winning material, all have something special that makes me want them to place high.  In other words, I'm not 'rooting' for anyone to leave early.  Most seasons I could pick out a few to leave quickly.  Some years I was even right on the money.  Not this year.   If I learn something new, I may change my mind and post a pre-show observation.

In the meantime, I have been having the recurring nightmare of fighting with Nina on the runway again.  Yes, worse than Santino.  I still maintain that she is wrong regarding being unable to teach 'taste.'  I say that refusing to teach is not the same as being unable to.    Invariably, each time I dream of being on the runway, it comes down to a cat fight as I stand my ground and NG becomes offended.  HK has bug eyes, and Tim starts to sweat.  

Hope your PR dreams aren't as volatile.

God Bless & Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

PRAS s3e8  Nina's Trending  19 December 2013

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the six remaining designers visited host Lisa Robertson at QVC.  The challenge was to create a red carpet look for her. Seth Aaron only made a couple of garments, instead of six like the prior challenge.  Korto won over Christopher with her taupe and orange dress.   Viktor's dark puke green mermaid gown beat out Irina's not bridal but really still bridal ripped white mermaid gown.  I don't know, at least it didn't make me think of puke.  

As the show starts and they recap what happened last time, it occurs to me:  I missed something plain as day last week.  I knew that the winning dress would go into production, but I was all focused on creating a red carpet look for *Lisa* to wear, not for Lisa to *SELL.*   Now that that little tidbit is lodged in my brain, I am fully on board for Korto winning last week.  Her look was flattering for many different body shapes, and it wasn't overly expected, like the mermaid gown is.  Alrighty, I'm caught up.  Allons-y.

Alyssa meets the five designers on the runway and asks how PRAS compares with their original PR seasons.

Korto says that they know what to expect now.  Viktor blurts out how the PRAS judges are nice and the PR ones aren't so much.   Gee, was that our winner/loser edit right there?

Alyssa brings out PR judge Nina Garcia, 

Open mouth, insert foot.

Nina is shy, hiding behind whatever she can find.  No, Nina explains that five fashion bloggers will serve as their models this week.    The task is to create an outfit for them that is fashion forward, sorry, on trend for 2014, and to incorporate the next cool color:  Radiant Orchid.  Wait, if it's a Pantone color, why not refer to it by number?  It's 18-3224!  So much for Reflex Blue, eh?

Is that what Leela was referring to in Futurama s6e23?

No, that was 18-2120.  Try to keep up.

Seth Aaron interviews that he already made a dress (#6 from two challenges ago) with a very similar color, so he knows what to do.   Um, make a dress with the color "Radiant Orchid."  I don't think you really are ahead of the rest on this one, dearie.  All designers know ALL of their colors.   

Well, maybe not absolutely all of them.

The winner will receive a 3-night stay in Brussels, Belgium Pantone hotel, film a video with Nina, and win $10,000.  Or, was it prizes *worth* $10,000 from Pantone?  That would be two swatch books, right?

Ils *sont* très chers!   ~or~   Ze *zijn* erg duur!

Damn, I wish I was at Grand Place again.

The contestants go back to Parsons and pick their clients.  

Korto chooses Jersey's Carli.

Christopher picks UK's Fleur.

Seth Aaron grabs TO's Gigi.

Elena selects L.A.'s Dulce 

Viktor ends up with L.A.'s Jarmaine.

Every one of them is gorgeous and adorable.  None of the designers has an advantage or a handicap.  Nobody will pull a Ven now, right?

Why does Christopher keep calling Fleur "Floor?"

The contestants meet up with their muses and discuss what they will create.    Everyone involved seems decent and sane.  The consultations go well.   

Are you sure you were watching Project Runway?

Did you see Christopher creating his look entirely around Army Olive Green?  Is he ignoring the challenge?

Thanks, Korto.  Every time I see that t-shirt, all I can think of is Michael Jackson, and his ninth single off of the Bad album.

Christopher whines about Elena using power tools on her garments.  Hell, I'm just glad she isn't wearing them.

"Radiant Orchid isn't really a color that I would use regularly.
But, I could just bang out accessories,
which is one of the advantages that I have.
Therefore, I don't have to pay any attention to
the parameters of the challenge at all."

Second, what, no one else there knows how to make accessories?  Not buying it.

But, more importantly, first: No kidding, honey, you didn't honor the challenge, you used a very different color.  Disrespectful.

I also question why military and lace,
which was on trend for s8 in 2010,
would be the next trend in 2014.
Did they run out of trends *that* quickly?

Elena talks about Nina thinking during season 10 that Elena didn't belong in the competition.   Dang, she's one of my favorites, as far as the actual aesthetic goes.

Look!  Zanna is actually happy to show up for the mentoring.

Korto explains to Zanna that she wants a white suit to be the next trend.  Zrr explains that Nina will be on board for that.

Mila Seth Aaron says that color blocking while mimicking the UK flag will be the next thing.  Um, uh-huh.  Zanna admires the use of color.

Christopher tells Zanna about his trench dress.

Yes, that's very fashion forward.

Viktor's trend is Parisian?  No, it's more 'Good Girl Gone Bad' (or GGGB) by putting a jacket onto anything else.

Elena's trend is texture and color.   We haven't had either before?  I don't know, I get that design aspects are cyclical, but all I can hear is Michael Kors ripping on Peach Carr for using a peplum on her outfit, when I see Elena's monster peplum.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina Chapman Christian Siriano and Isaac Mizrahi are Nina Garcia and Fransisco Costa.

Did you catch that?  She said WILD Orchid, not RADIANT Orchid.

I guess I should just be glad she didn't say Wild Cherry.

Seth Aaron

He mentioned during the Mood blitz that he purchased gray, in addition to black and Radiant Orchid.   I would have liked to have seen less black and more gray.  It honors the challenge, but I don't think of it as 2014, or current. 


The peplum is way too big for my tastes.  There is a crafty look to the jacket that I wish I could unsee.  Sometimes it looks like it is flattening her chest, which isn't necessarily what every woman wants.  So I hear.


I want to see that jacket with tight jeans.  I like the dress enough as is, but not so much with the jacket.


This comes off as too busy, messy, drab and, well, overpowering.  Only the clutch features the color.  Not buyin' it.


Good on you, Korto.   The color is only seen from one side, but it is there, incorporated into the white suit, peeking out from the underside of the folds.

Nina likes Viktor's dress, but the jacket is too current, not 'next.'    Francisco likes the jacket with the dress, but the others not so much.

Alyssa picks on Elena's peplum.  Thank you.  Nina likes the use of texture, but it is wearing the poor model and not the other way around.

Nina likes Seth Aaron's showcasing of the color, but she says "it's been done."  Francisco likes it, but says what's the trend?

Korto's is a hit with the judges, save for the shoes and the clutch color.  Nina loves the vest.  Francisco calls it fresh, and is glad she chose to make pants not a dress.

Christopher's trend is new/vintage/Paris/soft/military.  Isaac likes it as soon as Christopher explains it?  Wha?  We get the overly promoted "seaweed" bit from Nina.

As they all wait in the back, Christopher is incredulous that Ms. G. said what she said.  He doesn't see it?  Oy, another "the judges don't understand what I presented."   Really?

The clear winner is Korto!  Again, earned, good job.

Seth Aaron is safe.  Wow, I thought he would be more towards the end.  Elena is safe.

It's down to Christopher and Viktor.  

Christopher's vision is deemed more palatable, and Viktor is sent home.

At least he got a hug.

Did you see it coming?

Who are you gonna pass the fan to?  Wait, he only used the fan for the show, he doesn't use it in real life?  I think what's more important to consider is why Korto thinks there are two more challenges till the finale, not ONE more.  There are now four people in the running, but there will be three in the finale, si?

Next time it's a ready-to-wear challenge.


Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day to everyone!  I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  I am toying with the idea of presenting the contestants for RPDR6 over the holidays.  I can hardly wait for Face Off and Under The Gunn which start in mid-January and RPDR, which starts some time in February.