Monday, December 31, 2012

RPDRs5 • Meet The Contestants 
Premiers Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you ready for the Eleganza Extravaganza?

Alaska Thunderfuck
Justin Andrew Honard 27 • Pittsburgh, PA


Alyssa Edwards
Justin Johnson • 30 • Mesquite, TX

CoCo Montrese
Martin Cooper • 38 • Las Vegas, NV

Detox iCunt
Matthew Sanderson • 26 • Los Angeles, CA

Honey Mahogany
Alpha Mulugeta • 29 • San Francisco, CA

Ivy Winters
Dustin Winters • 26 • New York, NY

Jade Jolie
Josh Green • 26 • Gainesville, FL

Monica Beverly Hillz
Juan DeJesus Anaya • 21 • Owensboro, KY

Penny Tration
Tony Cody • 40 • Cincinnati, OH

Roxxxy Andrews
Michael Feliciano • 29 • Orlando, FL

Serena ChaCha
Myron Morgan • 21 • Tallahassee, FL

Vivienne Pinay
Michael Donehoo • 26 • New York, NY

Jinkx Monsoon
Jerick Hoffer • 25 • Seattle, WA

Lineysha Sparx
Andy Trinidad • 24 • San Juan, PR

This is rough, folks.  Some of them have SO much of an online presence.  Some of them, I can't find anything on.  I'm captivated by Lineysha Sparx, but mostly that is because she has many youtube videos up.  Of course, we all know Alaska Thunderfuck as someone who has tried out every single year, but only made it after her significant other, Sharon Needles, just tried out once and won her season, season four.  We know Detox iCunt (is that spelling correct, I see it all kinds of different ways online) from the "Chow Down At Chick-fil-A" parody of the Wilson Phillips 1990 #1 smash "Hold On."

Which brings me to my next point.  I want to be able to purchase music by Willam and also by Manila Luzon.  Make that happen, won't you guys, er, girls?  Please?  I see a little bit online, and I get all excited for more. 

If I can find some dish on EVERYONE, and not just a mere few, then I'll revise this post.   It just doesn't seem right to gush over a few and have NOTHING for the others.  In the meantime, I am so thrilled to watch this in a few weeks when it premiers.


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