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PRAS s2e9 • There's No Business Like Sew Business • 27 December 2012

Last time on Project Runway All-Stars the contestants faced-off with 1920's inspired designs.  

Anthony Ryan Auld won for his after hours night look.
That's his third win so far this All-Stars season.
He only won once on his original season (9,) right?

Laura Kathleen Planck was let go for her evening outfit, while
Ivy Higa was kept in for her heavy after hours night look.

Did you like the teasers for this week's episode?

JOANNA COLES:  (Seemingly directed to golden child Anthony Ryan)  That feels to me like a lazy designer.

IVY HIGA:  (Crying & Skyping to eliminated contestant and real life friend Casanova)  I just feel really discouraged. 

CARLOS CASANOVA:  You have to fight.  You're not a loser.

JOSHUA McKINLEY:  ..... but it looks like she's got a dump in her butt!

GEORGINA CHAPMAN:  (Seemingly directed towards Emilio Sosa)  No one likes to have a droopy breast.

ISAAC MIZRAHI: (Seemingly directed at Ivy Higa)  Is it enough from you?    I say "NO!"

CAROLYN JONES:  (Yawns loudly.)  Ah, again!   (Gianni can't tell if that's directed at Anthony Ryan or Joshua.)

Do you think that any of those will actually happen on this week's episode?  Do you suspect anyone other than Anthony Ryan is going to win the whole shebang?  Will Uli be a strong #2 just like in season 3?  Do you think they can go another episode without the heavy handed Winner/Loser Edit?

What?  They still do that?

This week on PRAS the five remaining designers are tasked to create high end ready to wear, and the tie-in is acclaimed designer Elie Tahari.  They are to construct something that will sell for $500–$700 retail.  The key words are modern, sophisticated and feminine.  The winning designer will have his/her outfit made and sold in Elie Tahari's stores and online.  All monies will be donated to the charity Save The Garment Center.

The fabrics and notions will be supplied by Elie Tahari.  (Think the DVF s5 challenge.)   When the contestants check in with his staff, 4 learn that they are just fine on the price point, but Uli has to let go of her vest, and do just her dress.  Ruh-roh!

However, first, I have a complaint.   In what world is a movie about a catastrophic tsunami "uplifting?"  Did Oliver Stone direct this?  Would it cheer up your family, friends & neighbors if you passed in that horrific "act of God?"  Isn't losing over 200,000 people enough to qualify as sad?

Alright, I have another:  What's with Santa 2 days after Christmas?  And are those two poor souls anamorphically incorrect?

I SO want to say "let go of 1983!," but, the truth is, that's one of my favorite years.  Not even Abby can ruin it for me.  Maybe she looks like a Cabbage Patch doll?  I'm trying.

However, this, I can't.  I just can't.   Wait, I've got it, I can do this.  For the first time today, I feel THIN.  Ah, this I like.   =o)

On the Joanna & Elie-thru Ivy is told to shorten the dress.  Ivy wants to override their critique, stating that the purchaser can hem it themselves however they might want it.  Joanna's "lazy" sound bite shows up here.  Joshua teases Joanna that he will have the front entirely exposed.  Yes, if someone were going to do that and be PROUD of it, it would be you, JM.  Emilio's color combinations are put down, and Emilio decides to chuck the orange, keeping the yellow and burgundy.

We find Uli stressing over using only one color, an off-white.  Mr. Elie doesn't like that silhouette.  He really waxes philosphical while observing Anthony Ryan's work.

Say it with him, "All from love and no fear."

Oh, how DARE he say that right before a severely heavy-handed Winner/Loser Edit?

Anthony is pleased as punch to be calling home.
Doesn't he realize he might be getting the LOSER edit?
Or does he already think that he is the chosen one? 

At least Ivy knew enough to cry.

So, how did they do on the runway?

 Anthony Ryan





Isaac professes his love for Anthony Ryan's work, and for Emilio himself.  Has anyone ever thrown themselves on the runway before?  I remember Heidi CLEANING the runway in season 8, but not throwing herself on it.  Joshua's craftsmanship and design ideas are called into question.  We hear GM's "Droopy breast" quote.

You know what?  That makes me mad.

Elie himself takes issue with the length of Ivy's look, it's much too heavy.   

Here's how they place:

Anthony Ryan wins yet again!
Uli places 2nd.   Emilio comes in 3rd.

Joshua and Ivy are the bottom two.

So, bottom dweller Ivy is set free.  Joshua is kept, but if we can go by how they are doing all season, Joshua will likely place #4 next week.

 Is this seeming even more of a dog and pony show than Mondo's All-Star season?  Do you think ANY surprises are coming our way before Anthony Ryan is crowned king of the designers?  All I can say is I'm ready to move on to season 11.  Someone makes an older contestant cry.   Oh, the drama!

What a difference from the very first All-Star challenge where winner Danny V. DID surprise us with growth and a stronger POV.  Let's hope that I'm wrong and the next few episodes have some life to them.


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