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PRAS s2e8 • Flapper Fashion Face-Off • 20 December 2012

Last week on Project Runway All-Stars we saw the seven remaining contestants use unconventional materials from a Christmas-themed store.  Their task was to make it seem like it didn't come from said shop.   Uli won the challenge, and a nifty watch, too.  BFFs Ivy and Casanova were in the bottom.  

Mr. C. was sent home.

I was?
I was NOT, Marion!

Waaaaah.  I miss Casanova.

The latest episode of PRAS finds the last 6 designers eating out on the balcony.  Ivy misses her season 8 buddy and seamster slave Casanova.  We all do, ma'am.  Captain Obvious & Chosen One Anthony Ryan states that all six will get a runway critique this time around.  Then, I swear, Emlio says they all have to "Vamoosh."

Is that an abbreviation of Vamoose and Tush?
Whatever happened to Vamos or Vamonos, huh?

Mme. Carolyn Murphy comes out with invitations (of a sort.)  At the end of the segment we have three teams of two, each facing off against the other for a high scorer and a low scorer.  Think "Bird Challenge" from season nine.

Did you notice that Uli has "Soiree" while KLP has "Soriee?"
Isn't Evening Soiree redundant redundant?

At any rate Emilio and Joshua will be making day / afternoon looks inspired by the 1920s. 

Ivy and Anthony Ryan will be making an ''after hours'' look inspired by the 1920s.

Uli and Laura Kathleen make evening looks inspired by the 1920s.
Not a morning party or reception held in the evening,
but an evening party or reception held in the evening.

I wonder if they'll have roast beef with au jus drippings at said event.
(Sorry, it's a repetitive pet peeve of mine.)

Carolyn decides to channel a little HK quirkiness as she departs the runway.   At first I thought she was Angela Lindvall 2.0, but she is growing on me.  She DOES seem like she is in slow mo / over exaggerated enunciation mode, though, right?

The designers get $250 and one day, and it hits me, haven't ALL of their challenges been one day long?  I'll have to look that up.

Is this how Swatch has always looked?
It looks like he had a stand-in for the shot, no?

The main thing to take away from the Mood outing is that Ivy has purchased 1.5 yards of $150 / yard fabric.   That sounds exactly opposite of what Michael Costello would do.

Oh, so now I'm supposed to say that
I would get 15 yards of $15 / yard fabric?
Oh, wait, I'd totally do that.
I'd have 10 outfits finished before
she had finished her one, too. 

In the work room we see Joshua do gymnastics, and when Joanna comes thru, she dances.  Damn, I wish she was sticking around Marie Claire just for our benefit.

Joanna is concerned that Joshua's look is too marsupial.  S6e2, anyone?   She tells him to channel his inner Joshua.  Are ya sure?   Emilio's pattern reads "grandma sofa."  Ha!   Joanna likes Laura Kathleen's pants.   She thinks Uli's work is too reminiscent of her prior work.  She likes both evening looks, though.   Ms. Coles adores Anthony Ryan's feather caplet.   Joanna raves about Ivy's expensive fabric.   Wait a minute, she liked EVERYTHING?

W T H ?

And, please, let me tell you, I still love Jesus, but ...
I am

so sick



Let's take a look, shall we?

The judges were all over the place, huh?  Joshua's dress itself is alright, if safe, but the accessorizing is too much.  Emilio's use of 1929 is suspect, but the judges like the length.  Ms. Chapman says she doesn't know who Emilio is yet.  Ouch!   Uli's outfit is a hit, even if it is too reminiscent of the '20s.  Laura Kathleen's top is marvy, but the judges don't like the dowdy pants.  Isaac doesn't even know if he likes the fur bit that LKP put together.  The judges (naturally) adore Anthony Ryan's, but find Ivy's look is too Prada referential, and it is too heavy.

How did they make out?

1. Anthony Ryan
2. Uli
3. Emlio
4. Joshua
5. Ivy
and we say goodbye to 
6. Laura Kathleen

Laura Kathleen is eliminated.  How does Ivy do it?

Tune in next time when Ivy's over previewed crying finally takes place.

I think she is merely Skyping Casanova,
maybe we were sold a bill of goods?

Or maybe Michael Costello gives her a call?


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