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PRAS s2e7 • An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas • 13 December 2012

Last week on PRAS the designers made green (eco-friendly) outfits for the red carpet.  Laura Kathleen won, while Althea Harper was let go.  Somewhere Irina is laughing, don't you think?

I miss Tanisha Harper, don't you?  Alright, I know, it's not quite relevant.  It's no longer 2008 or 2009, let it go, Gianni.  

This week host Carolyn Murphy had them meet Fawaz Gruosi, who will give the winner of this unconventional materials challenge a gorgeous watch.  Please, God, let it go to the one with time management issues, right?  They get to spend $350, and have one day to put their look together.   The contestants are told where to go, so to speak, and that the items should not look like they come from where they came from.  (Huh?)

No one thought to rip off Santa's clothes?
Oh, that's right, he DOES look a LITTLE Christmas-y.

So, they are to make outfits that do NOT look like they came out of the Christmas store.  Wanna bet some of them still are reminiscent of that holiday?   Wanna bet that they are even in the TOP three?

Oh, OH!  How could I forget?  December 21, 2012 has come early, folks.  For once B/M has NOT given us the Winner's Edit & Loser's Edit.  Cue something in D by G. F. Handel, gracias & merci.  Thank you times infinity.  Where do I send the check?  They do mention that this season's "Chosen One," Anthony Ryan, did extremely well in his season's UMC, but didn't win.  They also mention that Emilo did rather poorly in his season's UMC, but he didn't get auffed.  There's no mention of Laura Kathleen having to scrap her hard work late in the game, or of Casanova's plush puppies.   Waaah.

Did you think that there were racist/prejudicial comments on the show?
I swear he was trying to be funny, but it didn't work.   Or, maybe he has non-family members breaking in all the time?  I'm trying, but it seems odd.  Maybe I've lived too long in areas where no one comes to visit and it's safe to leave everything unlocked.

Okay, I don't really think that Joshua was trying to throw shade.  I think he was merely trying to share that he was fooled by the packaging.   I hope that since I'm not getting a W/L Edit shoved in my face that it is not throwing me off of my game.

During the all too short Joanna-thru we learn that Joshua's outfit isn't too well thought out.  Casanova still doesn't like the UMCs.  He is ripping apart one version, even though Joanna likes it, though not enough to actually wear it.  Joanna raves over Emilio's color choice, but doesn't think he can rely on his purple ribbon to make something great.  Anthony is trying to make a stage outfit.  Do you mean like Nicholas Putvinski for Christina Aiguilera?  (Short, tight, sparkly, light color.)  Joanna thinks that the girls are ahead of the guys in this challenge.   Wait, you haven't spoken with Ivy yet.  =op

The only thing you need to know is that Casanova started over with a THIRD outfit with only 3 hours to go.   He's not phased in the least, even though he is going through the garbage for discards.  Okay, he DOES have great construction skills, but, shouldn't he have an idea of a design by now?  

I don't think I want Scott Patric to have to
wear jackets that hide his biceps.
If he doesn't have them anymore,
I guess he could wear Joshua's tank top.

Alright, let's see how they all did:

Anthony Ryan Auld

Ivy Higa

Joshua McKinley

Uli Herzner

Emilio Sosa

Carlos Casanova

Laura Kathleen Planck

Emilio is pronounced safe, and they bring the remaining six contestant's models out.

The critiques are mixed, which is nice.  Isaac didn't throw his underwear at Anthony Ryan, so there is ANOTHER gift for which to be grateful.  Oh wait, it looks like it came from a Paris runway IS kind of like throwing undies, eh?  Kylie Minogue loved the hem, but Lala Anthony still saw Christmas snowflakes.  Isaac hated how the proportions were on Laura Kathleen's work, but others LOVED it.  Casanova's repeated trashing of his work and starting over makes a strong impact with the judges, but not all of them took that information the same way.    The judges LOVE the top of Joshua's look, and hate the shorts.    They don't like how cheap and poorly made Ivy's work is.  It looks too simple.  They adore Uli's work, but it might be too heavy in the back.

So, how do they place?

1. Uli
2. Laura Kathleen
3. Anthony Ryan
4. Emilio
5. Joshua
6. Ivy
7. Casanova

I won a watch!

Maybe I need to learn something here.
UMCs hate me, or something.

I swear, payback is gonna be awful for me.  Over on PR Australia my favorite contestant of the season was reinstated, and here on the USA version they eliminated the W/L Edit.  I must be going to hell tomorrow.

Is the next episode the one where we see the girls crying?  Teams are going head to head, so maybe it will finally hit the airwaves.  It looks like it will be Uli vs. Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan vs. Ivy, and Joshua vs. Emilio.  So far in the season, Anthony Ryan and Uli are way out in front of everyone else.  Neither has been in the bottom yet.  Do you think the vultures are circling around Ivy?  She has the most bottom three entries.

All my love and prayers to the survivors of the Dec. 14th Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Sandy Hook, CT is my hometown.   Never mind that I haven't lived there in centuries.   I moved away a couple of years after graduating from the one room school house, back before the Revolutionary War.   SH, CT is still near & dear to my heart, even if I've moved to greener pastures, or, at least, wetter ones.


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