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PRAS s2e5 • You've Got Male • 29 November 2012

Last time on Project Runway All-Stars the ten remaining designers were inspired by fan-submitted photos.   Anthony Ryan won, getting press in USA Today, while Andrae was let go.

On the runway, host Carolyn Murphy tells the designers that the next challenge is about androgyny.  Laura Kathleen says, "No, no, no!" immediately.  Ha!  Joshua McKinley interviews that this is totally fun.  Mais, oui.  They are to create an avant garde outfit for their model that incorporates both masculine and feminine characteristics.  They get one day and $150 to spend at Mood. 

At 7:05 (p.m., yes?) Georgina Chapman surprises the contestants with a twist:  They are going back to Mood to shop for an androgynous outfit for a male model as well as their regular female model.  Each outfit is to showcase male and female ideas.   They get another $150 and another day to work on everything.  The models will walk together.

Joshua shares with Anthony Ryan that he wants to make chaps.  Oh, please, that's costume at best, not avant garde!  Cassanova states that he hasn't made menswear in a long time, but he isn't worried.  Emilio wants to make both of his outfits look the same.   Hmmmm ... is that a strategy or a cop-out, since it is inherently only one design?

When Joanna Coles arrives, she reminds them that the judges want them to push themselves, to up their game.  On the Joanna-thru Uli teaches us the second meaning of the word 'ballroom.'  Kayne insults Althea's coats, saying they belong to Chewbacca the Wookie, but I think he means the Jawass instead.   In response to Joshua's trimming of fur, she says, "Woof! That DOES seem avant garde."  Ha!   She tells Emilio that she can't see if the outfit on the female dress form is for a female or a male, which he likes.   Laura Kathleen needs a translation for the word "parallel."  Uh-oh!   Kayne is making leather flowers for the OTT female collar.  Yuck.  What is he, Guadalupe Vidal or Angela Kessler?  Wait, he's making a smiley face on his male outfit?  What the hell?

It should have been a pig face.
That would have been beautiful.

Joshua tells Kayne that his look is too much.  Wow, it must REALLY be bad if Joshua is saying that.

Alrighty, let's see how they made out on the runway:

Joshua McKinley

Uli Herzner

Althea Harper

Laura Kathleen Planck

Emilio Sosa

Kayne Gillaspie

Carlos Cassanova

Ivy Higa

Anthony Ryan Auld

Did you see Anthony Capon in some of the works there? 

Yeah, we all did.

Carolyn calls out Althea, Ivy and Joshua as safe.   In the back room, Joshua tries to pick a fight with Ivy, but she isn't having any of it.  What is strange is that she is calm and professional the entire time.  Joshua comes off as being eager to find a problem where there is none.  Is this his way of dealing with the stress of the show?   Not pretty.

Good on you, Ivy, for your behavior.

Meanwhile, back to the judging.    They love how Uli's pieces all seem interchangable.  They don't like how Laura Kathleen's fabrics look cheap, and that there are too many ideas, it's too busy.   Carolyn fawns over Emilio's male model, but is that just for the outfit?  Kayne's yellow in the female outfit is called out, plus the collar.  Cassanova's 'warrior' look doesn't come off as androgynous or avant garde.   Anthony Ryan says androgyny is quiet.  What?  Isaac leaves his husband to marry Anthony Ryan.  What WAS that gushing over him?   As the judges deliberate, it looks like each has a different choice for the elimination.  Interesting.

The judges rate them as follows:

1. Emilio
2. Uli
3. Anthony Ryan

4-6 safe - Althea, Ivy and Joshua

7. Cassanova
8. Laura Kathleen
9. Kayne

Emilio gets his 2nd win, and Kayne is gone.
Emilio is now statistically tied with Anthony Ryan.
At this point they are in the lead.

It's rough to see someone so talented make such obvious 'costume' mistakes in an avant garde challenge, and not address the androgyny in BOTH outfits.  So, yes, poor Kayne earns his elimination.   Cassanova and Laura Kathleen are lucky, because while they missed on the androgyny, at least their outfits weren't too, too goofy in comparison, and they were well made.

How is this season of All-Stars shaping up for you?   Did you see Kayne leaving this early before any episodes had aired?   Me, neither.    Do you think the vultures are circling around Laura Kathleen and that her elimination next week is inevitable?   When do we get to see Ivy and LK cry like they've showed in promos?   Is the final three going to be Emilio, Uli and Anthony Ryan?


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  1. Hehe...thanks again for a fun review, Gianni--and I love the PRAus2 and Fashion Show2 references as well :-)