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PR Australia s4e8 • 26 November 2012

Last week on Project Runway Australia the designers made prom / formal dresses for young ladies.

Leah won her second weekly challenge, even though she only had $100 to spend.

William was let go for this $300 puckered mess.

What did you call me?

The designers meet Megan Gale on the runway.  She tells them not to rest on their laurels and to go meet Alex Perry.   Geez, that was a quick pass of the buck.  Remember the old days when the host would explain the challenge?  Yeah, those days are gone.

The remaining five contestants meet up with Alex Perry and Natalie Bassingthwaighte's stylist, Nicole Bonython-Hines.  The challenge is to create a red carpet look for Nat Bass to wear to a music awards ceremony.  Not to fear, they provide a few pics of successful looks for her for this venue in the past.  They are told it is to be sexy, chic and cool.  It is not to be full length, strapless or flouncy — it isn't to be Hollywood glamour.

Does this remind you of anyone's aesthetic?

 Nope, no one, not one bit.

Oh, alright, I do see how HK is fearful to wear fabric on her sleeves.
Still, the "STS" look seems to be the call of the day for Nat Bass.
The only difference seems to be 'strapless.'

Alex explains that they will have 12 hours and $150.
ALEX:  Because you won last time around, Leah,
you can come sit here on the table
and touch my glorious pecs.

Um, no, but because she won the last weekly challenge, Leah gets to sketch right there alongside stylist Nicole, getting extra advice as she forms her design.

NICOLE: "No yellow, no lace, don't make it look too old or too feminine."
LEAH: "Never mind, I'll just do what I want.  I mean,
I know better than you what the client needs."

The designers get their fabrics at Rathdowne, and head to the work room.  The other designers compliment Leah on her red lace, but they are all thinking said lace will get her eliminated.  Jordan changes his design overnight, to more match the brief (he had a long skirt at first) but that means he spent half the time allotted on a skirt he won't be using.  Ouch!  Cristina seems to be stressing over time, quelle surprise.

On the 2nd day, near the end of their time, Alex Perry has an annoucement.
Nat Bass would like an after-party dress as well.  They are to pick two bolts of fabric, not share with anyone, meaning no one can use someone else's color.  They get 2 additional hours to make it.   Okay, that's silly, eh?   Can anyone do a good job in 2 hours?

That's it, Leah, go right for the yellow,
just like Nicole told you NOT to do.

So, how did it go?





The judging was interesting, because most of the contestants seemed to have one good outfit and one with problems.  Leah had poor color choices, and her clothes, while well constructed and sell-able, were not really designed with the client in mind.  Jordan changed his design mid-stream, so the outfits seemed way too simple, and a bit of a mess.  Tristan and Cristina had fit / design issues on the party dresses.  Jamie's red carpet look didn't seem to meet the brief of "rock" (music awards.)

If I could, I would have awarded Cristina the win for her red carpet music awards look, and Jamie for his after party dress.

In the end, Jamie came out on top.  He was the only one to have a good after party dress.  Cristina and Tristan were safe, which put Leah and Jordan in the bottom.

They gave them both a hard time, but kept Leah on board.  She is SO lucky.  Often, on PRA, the one who misses the brief the most goes home.  I think her solid construction overrode her inability to design outside of her comfort zone of bridal.

I'm bummed because I really wanted to see a final collection from Jordan.  He earned his elimination, though.  Now, with the last four standing, I am ASSUMING we have 2 episodes before the finale, if we go by the number of episodes of other seasons.  Will they bring another contestant back?

Should they?

And, didn't Mr. Perry seem NICE all episode long?  Maybe he comes off like a brat early in the season because the 'lesser' designers haven't been eliminated yet?    Hmmmm .... must do more research.


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