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PR Australia s4e9 • 3 December 2012

Last week on PRA the designers were tasked to create a red carpet look for Natalie Bassingthwaighte for a music event, and then an after-party outfit, too.   Results were mixed, but Jamie ended up winning.

That's two weekly challenge wins for him.

Jordan was eliminated for looks that were too simple, safe, casual and boring.

Megan Gale meets the designers on the runway, congratulates them on making it to the top four, and says they need to make their biggest statement yet.    Don't tell them too much there, Megan.

The designers are sent off to meet up with Alex Perry, who is waiting in some building along with fashion photography Georges Antoni.

The challenge?  With $500 and 18 hours, they are to create a look that will be shot in the very building they are in.   The designs are to appear exclusive, high end, and spectacular both in the building where they will be shot and on the runway as well.  Yes, they will be judged on their photos, too.  Mr. Antoni spells it out even further for them;  it is to stand out from the backdrop of the warehouse as if the model & outfit jump out of the location, or out of the photograph.

I have a question.  Please, take a look at the environment in these 2 pics showing Mr. Antoni working.  What colors do you see?

It sure looks to me like the backdrop is white, gray, tan and black.  If you were to make an outfit that stood out from these colors, what colors would YOU use?  Would you use white, tan and black, like the contestants did?  I get that they mostly chose for fabrics that stood out from the environment, but, geez, was this a missed opportunity or what?

In the work room, Jamie and Tristan tease Leah as she stresses out about her work.  I'm taking it with a grain of salt, it seems like Leah does this every challenge, whether she wins, places in the middle, or is near the bottom.  She gives it back to Tristan, saying his look is like a Savva look.  Ouch!  Cristina, who REALLY stresses out every single episode, is described by Tristan via interview that she has calmed down.   What?
 Leah:  Playing with the other contestants' minds, or truly frazzled by the stress of the show?

During the Alex-thru he tells Tristan that his outfit is too short.  During sketching time he was incredulous that Tristan chose soft white to stand out from the warehouse.  It reminds me of my mothers home during the 1980s:  She had a peculiar tall flower repeating pattern on the walls, on the comforter, on the pillows & sham, and — she made a dress out of the same fabric.  We teased her that when she wore it in her bedroom all we would see is her head bouncing around as she walked through it.  That's EXACTLY what is going to happen to your model, Tristan!     Leah changed her design, going for a graphic orange or red with white, over a mesh dress.  Alex likes the direction, and Leah states it's out of her comfort zone, which is good.  Mr. P. critiques Jamie on his full length dress not being truly fully length, meaning he misses the mark regularly with length.   Alex questions Cristina's use of stretch and non-stretch materials.  He plainly states she won't be able to make it work.

So, how do they do?





Yeah, the pics aren't so good this week, eh?  Once again Jamie uses all black and it's SO hard to see what he did.  Boo.

The judges loved the design and shot of Jamie's, although Megan Gale thought it looked a bit chunky in spots.  Some liked the width of the train, while Claudia hates how thin it is.   Leah's dress is not practical since one can see the model's undies.  Tristan was inspired by the showing of the under garments as well.   Cristina's is the guest judge's favorite photo, but they all think the runway look is wrong as far as the proportion.  They hate the construction, too.  Uh-oh!

Jamie wins for a third time!  Leah is pronounced safe, and then Tristan is moved forward, leaving poor, talented Cristina alone on the runway.

Yeah, that means that Cristina placed fourth and does NOT get to create a finale collection.   Dang, the only two I really wanted to see collections from are out now.  Jamie and Leah had placed all over during the season, while Tristan was always safe are high, until this week.

Who do you think will take the whole thing?   Do you worry that Jamie and Leah are too much of a one-note at this point?  Or do you think that with time to reflect, that that is easily dealt with?


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  1. Of all the pictures Christina was my favorite, but her dress disappointed on the runway. I wished Leah's dress was in the bright Orange, but I reall did not like Jamie or Tristan's looks. Leah's dress was high fashion and not really meant to be worn, but I was okay with that. My top three would have been Christina, Jamie and Leah. Tristan's dress completely ignored the Photograph part of the brief and he had done parts of the dress before. I think Tristan is one of the more talented however and he was chosen for that reason. I wonder what you thought of the twist in episode 10?