Saturday, December 22, 2012

PR Australia s4e11 • Finale Part 2 • 17 December 2012

Last time on Project Runway Australia the final three contestants were sent home with $10,000 and at least 3 months to create a 10-piece collection.  Mentor Alex Perry visited each at their home/studio, and each had criticisms to address, but, really, Tristan was golden while Leah and Jamie had work to do.  When they came back, #5 Jordan and #4 Christina came in with collections, each vying for a fourth place in the top FOUR.  Nice twist.  Mr. P. picked Christina over Jordan, and she became a viable candidate for the win.

The Final 4: Jamie, Christina, Leah and Tristan

The show starts off with a mini-montage of "I really want this," "I can't believe I'm here," etc., pre-show jitter nonsense.  Alex Perry brings us back to reality, calling in the models, and then they pick their finale models ... in a very game show-like manner.   I know that this is a fashion game show, but, geez, way to drag the show down, eh?

The designers had to run to the model, grab their number, and bring it back to their muse / main model, one by one.  Well, I guess we can be thankful that it went quickly, at least.

Mr. P. does a last Alex-thru, and he fawns over Tristan's.  This is the contestant that didn't really have too much to fix on the home visits, except for making the last look more closely match the rest of the collection.  Tristan gets a "Good boy!  Sit!" from Alex Perry, and he moves on to Christina.

I see a big rack of clothes, but I can't make sense of it.
(Wait, are you thinking that the clothes are tired and need a rest on the floor?)

Oh, please, you can't even tuck in your shirt, Mr. P.

The bespectacled mentor likes the improvements in Jamie's collection.  Over with Leah, he picks on a few looks.  Then he cries out, "What are these?  They're FOWL."

When Mr. Perry critiqued Leah's shoes, did you expect to see ...

this ...

or this?

Non-runway highlights:

1.  Leah thought she could let some imperfections go through.   If YOU can see mistakes, honey, the judges can, too.  It's so rich when the contestants think they are smarter than the judges, or that they won't be able to see things as well as they can.

2. This year's final 4 got to meet last year's final 3.

At least the eyebrows seem a bit more tame.

3. The make up people do what Christina specifically asked them NOT to do, use white make up.  Is that for real?  It always seems false to me, I mean, these people want to show themselves in a good light, yes? 

4.  Leah didn't bother to make or bring accessories.  Wait, WHAT?    Even if you didn't want to design accessories, it's known that PR USA contestants Korto Momolu, Christopher Straub, Gretchen Jones and plenty of others made a big splash with accessories right after the show.   Wouldn't that inspire you to design a COMPLETE look, head to toe?

At any rate, on to the collections:

Tristan Melle

Christina Exie

Jamie Ashkar

Leah Da Gloria

If I'm forced to rank them, I guess I'm more impressed with Tristan's and Christina's collections, and less so by Jamie's and Leah's.  I see uber-cohesiveness in Christina's, but they all could be said to be fairly cohesive.   Tristan's #7 gold coat's shape is bothering me, but at least I see how the jewelry throughout the collection helps make it fit into the set.   I do like how Jamie edited his presentation (compared to what he had when Mr. Perry visited him at home.)  Still I think his and Leah's sets could be tweaked a bit more.  Leah's mermaid inspiration is a bit strong, and I'm wondering, is it too much?

I know what you're thinking.  I am, too.  I only have a background in 2D design, so I am really of no use here.  But, when the judges talk about the looks, they can't find anything to complain about.  What?  They barely rip on Jamie, but they fawn over the other three, so he must place fourth, I guess.  Funny, he had the most weekly wins going into the finale.  Hey, wait a minute!  Johnny last year was the favorite of the judges going into the finale and he placed 3rd.  Is there a pattern here?

According to that bastion of truth, wikipedia, this is how they placed:

4. Jamie
3. Leah
2. Tristan
1. Christina

I'm so happy that Christina won, she was my favorite (along with #5 Jordan Court) but I did think she had the strongest collection, too.  I was all excited to hear the judges critiques, and was sorry to see them just completely fawn over all of them, and not pick at anything, save for a very minor sentence about Jamie's not being perfectly perfect.  It's not that I want to be Alex Perry mean, but I do want an honest evaluation.  Is sheer perfection from all or nearly all of the contestants truly believable?

Finally, I do think I owe Ms. Exie an apology.  For the entire season I've been referring to her as Cristina, because that is how the promo information had her named spelled.   Argh.  I am a bit anal, but it's not unreasonable to expect to have names spelled right, at the very least.  Damn, I failed.  Yes, I was set up, but I still failed.  I guess I'll have to resort to ''female channeling 1972 Karen Carpenter and into avant garde that is actually ready-to-wear friendly'' to be safe and accurate, eh?

Or, how's this?  You know you want to order a coat, right?  Do it!

At least I know how to tuck in my shirt and wear my sunglasses correctly.  =op



  1. To say Tristan's was not to my taste does not go far enough. To be honest the collection I like the best was Cristina's and I thought it was too referential to other designers. But often the most referential designers become front runners in Project Runway, since they have such a strong point of view (best example of this is Christian, who was extremely referential in his finale collection and won it all). Leah's was too old and traditional. While there were new ideas for her in the collection I did not feel there was anything new to the judges. Tristan and Jamie had collections that appealed to a younger crowd, but to me there were color problems in both collections (the pastels in Jamie and the gold in Tristan). Cristina's had the most time spent in it in the runway show, and was filmed beautifully, but the red trash bag dress was a clunker. Also hated the sunglasses, a lot. How did you feel about the runway show. I kind of liked the way they filmed it and kind of didn't. Liked the extra long and closeups to see the details in the garments, hated that I could not always get an idea of the flow of the garment due to cuts up and back.

  2. THANK YOU for this! I just spent a week watching the episodes and then the finale was nowhere to be found. I got some partial videos of Tristian's and Christina's collection, but couldn't even find photos of the other collections. I love the summary and the collage photos of each collection, so thanks.