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PR Australia s4e10 • 10 December 2012

Last week on PRA the four remaining contestants were tasked to create a sophisticated high fashion look to be photographed in a warehouse.  The four were afraid to use color as a means to make the garments pop, each used some sort of neutral that was in the background.  Geez, what were they thinking?  Jamie won the challenge.  Leah rocked her too exposed model to a 2nd place safe.  In a fairly even challenge, beloved Cristina was sent packing.  Top three are Tristan, Jamie and Leah.   Yes, without looking at their finale collections, that's how I want it to shake down.  Well, if you really *must* know, I was hoping for Cristina, Jordan and Jamie, but we know that that ain't gonna happen.  Boo.

Megan joins the 3 designers on the runway and tells them that they will have $10,000 and then my transmission went all bonkers and suddenly it was 3 months later and Alex Perry was visiting Tristan to give a critique.  Oy!  So I don't *really* know how long they had to make their finale collections, but at least it wasn't 5 weeks like the last installment of PR USA.    The Aussies are doing it right, giving them at least 3+ months.

Mr. Perry loves everything that Tristan has done.  His only concern is that while the first nine outfits are cohesive, his last one (the showstopper) doesn't match with the rest of the collection.

Listen to your mentor, mi amigo.

When he visits Leah, he picks out the (many) pieces that don't go, whether it's because they are too simple, or too dissimilar.   Leah interviews that her level of refinement is way above the others, and that her pieces were stronger than theirs.  Oh, honey, you don't even know what they've done.

At least her hair looks good.  No more showing roots as a fashion statement, eh?
Merci, Seigneur.

When Mr. P. visits Jamie he has to tell Jamie to remove anything he isn't fully in love with — and he does pull quite a bit out.  Uh-oh!

Sadly, Alex is alright with the gray & white number for women to wear near slow hetero men.  Everything is pointing to where the penis goes.  Is that really couture?  High fashion?  Or was Jamie making a collection for working girls?  I really don't think so.  Okay, they need clothes, too.   Hmmm, they probably have more money to spend than a typical Walmart shopper.   Maybe hoochie couture is a valid way to go?

Damn straight!

It's at this point that I realize that Alex Perry has been a great mentor this episode, minus not pointing out the vagina identifier.    He must have that anger fully managed at this point.  Now if only we could get him to tuck in his shirt, eliminate the wrongly used glasses, and get clothes that actually fit.   Yeah, I know, baby steps.  At least he wasn't mean to the designers.  Thank you, Mr. P.

The 3 finalists make it back the The Whitehouse, Mr. Perry comes in and says there is more to getting in the finals!    Then we see people walking in the dark:

Oh, the drama!  I trust they filmed in light and just brought down the light in editing.
Already I'm having visions of poor Jordan and Cristina bumping their heads on the walls.

That's right, both Jordan and Cristina are back!   They are fighting for the FOURTH finale position.

Alex takes a look at their collections that they made during the last few months, and tells Cristina she needs something more form fitting.  He then tells Jordan that he needs something tailored *in his manner* for a guy.  (He did mostly menswear, and it all looks really NICE.)   The two of them work head to head while the rest go out for dinner.  Or, model Savva's old designs.

I feel pretty ... oh so pretty!

Then, the strangest thing happens.  Cristina tells us that she is making a seat belt outfit.


Someone's going to copy me and win, while I only was a mere runner up?
I NEVER get to win!

You can totally use my old design, if you need to, girl.
Blayne's got your back.

Ah, those were the days, huh?

I don't know, Cristina, seat belts have been done, and WELL, by Korto.  Is that wise?

What you need to take from their work time is that each put forth a good effort, no one slacked or quit.  They did not finish at 11:30 p.m. when it was time to go back to the apartments.  The next morning something amazing happened.

No, Alex didn't forget to wear his glasses, or to untuck his too small shirt.  Dream on!

The next morning Jamie and Leah chipped in to help each execute their designs, which was sweet of them.  Mr. Perry comes in, declares them both successful, but only allows Cristina to move forward.

We feel your pain, Jordan.  You do good work, we can see it now.

Yes, I suppose a hug from the muscular mentor would cheer up anyone in a fowl mood.

I'm going to win this, the other designers better watch out!

Oh, if only I could count on that entirely.  Bring it, Cristina, I'm rooting for you!

Pardon me while I Google Search to see if Jordan has anything to offer in my size.


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  1. I am actually kind of rooting for Leah. Tristan's stuff did not appeal to me, and he seems really smug. I really liked pieces of Jamie's collection but on the whole I saw the ideas of Leah's collection. Also, her finishing is impeccable, which puts it over some errors I saw in Christina's collection.