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PRAS s2e6 • Green Dress for the Red Carpet • 6 December 2012

Last week on PRAS the designers created androgynous looks.   They each had a male and a female model.   Emilio won the challenge while Kayne was set free.

This was Emilio's 2nd win.

Kayne's look was less fashion and more costume, yes?

The eight remaining contestants meet up with Carolyn Murphy on a repurposed train track, "The High Line."  Before we hear a thing, we are treated to the Winner's Edit and the Loser's Edit.  It's Laura Kathleen and Althea, although I will admit that I am not sure which designer is getting which edit.  Oy.  I hate when they tell me who is going to win and get eliminated right away.

I just want to create feminine women's wear.
Oh, and meet my idol, DVF!

I'm tired of always being safe.

Uh-oh!  Don't wish too hard to be out of the safe middle!

At any rate, "The High Line" is a pet project of guest judge Diane Von Furstenberg.  This is the inspiration for the challenge:  Create an outfit for host Carolyn Murphy to wear to the red carpet, but the dress must be eco-friendly.  The contestants get to pick a swatch that represents their bolt of green fabric.  Althea is the last to pick.   Hmmmm, that could have an effect on the runway!  Oh, they get to pick from leftover trims of prior challenges, too.  Anthony Ryan interviews that extra trim shouldn't be part of a red carpet look in the first place.  I'm with you, chosen one.

While in the work room, Emilio and Cassanova rip on Uli's aesthetic, pero en Español.  Ivy is laughing, and they can't wait to see what they really said when the show airs.

During the Joanna-thru Laura Kathleen states she wants to make a pair of full pants instead of the typical dress.  Joanna thinks she could easily switch dresses with Emilio.  (She happens to be wearing a smilar color outfit.)  He is certain he will win.  Anthony Ryan gets a lot of love from Joanna, she loves his color, too.   Wait, wasn't he using blue (and black & white) when he was told to stop doing the same silhouette and color palette each week?    Joanna is concerned that Althea's fabric is too dreary.  Emilio interviews that the judges have been riding her for her color choices.    Carlos is overly nipple-focused.   He is?  Joanna likes Ivy's fabric.  Emilio smack talks about her inability to design well.   Ah, there's the Emilio we all know and love.  Uli describes her look as a rainy, dreary day in Miami.


Hey, we didn't get any Joanna time with Joshua, did we?  Guess who will be safe, eh?

Let's see how they did:





Anthony Ryan


Laura Kathleen


The judges call out Joshua (what a surprise) and Cassanova as safe.  During the critique, they find good and bad in every garment.  Well, except for Anthony Ryan, bien sur.  No, that's not entirely fair, one of the judges does remark that it sometimes looks like a huge triangle. 

How do they place?

1. Laura Kathleen
2. Uli
3. Anthony Ryan

4 & 5 - Joshua & Cassanova

6. Emilio
7. Ivy
8. Althea

I have to call shenanigans, Ivy's looks WAY worse than Althea's.  Yes, the Kenley-like fabric wasn't the smartest to choose.  She was the last to pick fabric, but Althea did indeed have more than one left to choose from.  Ivy has done better in this season of PRAS than Althea has, but, geez, her golden ripply mess was far worse than Althea's.  Or, maybe I'm the only one who thinks that way.  Do you think her fabric selection was enough to axe her?

Axe her what?

Clearly the judges don't subscribe to my point of view.  I'm sure that that's a good thing.


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