Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RPDR All-Stars e5 • 19 November 2012

Last week on RuPaul's Drag Race Teams, the three remaining duos formed girl group trios with a daughter of someone famous and fabulous.

Team Shad pulled out the win again.

Team Rujubee was on the bottom with Team Yarlexis.
During the LSFYL, Yara Sofia hit the buzzer
and replaced Alexis Matteo opposite Raven.

Alexis didn't do too badly, but Yara Sofia either had her
back to the camera, or wasn't lip synching on point,
so her strategy to jump in backfired.   Team Rujubee was kept on. 

You'll  be missed, Yarlexis!
You, too, Kel.

This week the mini challenge was for a phone call home to a loved one.

Team Rujubee won the game of F-I-S-H.

What, I'm a game now? — and,
I'm not dead yet, you pin-head!

At this point I was feeling guilty because I didn't think they all looked stellar.  I was actually getting bored.  Bright House is going to take away my Logo now, for admitting that, huh?

The main challenge was fantastic — each team is to create its own comic book characters, arch nemeses, a heroine and a villain.   They need to write the back story, have a day look that they can 'cover' in, and, of course, have a super hero (or villain) look.  The idea is that the winners' look and idea will be put into production!

It's at this point that I am reminded that I would like to see a TV show with Willam, Latrice Royale, Chad Michaels and Sharon Needles.  I thought it during season four, and I'm STILL thinking it.  I don't care what the set up is, and I don't care what they do.  I just want to see them on a regular basis.

At any rate, how did they do?

The group lip synch seemed even, although Team
Shad did look like they were trying to upstage Rujubee. 

Chad Michaels




The judges loved both teams' efforts, they just nit-picked.  Santino Rice complained about Raven's ass-padding.  The judges loved how interesting and complete Team Shad's look was, but since the challenge was for a comic book creation, Team Rujubee's might have been more appropriate?  They liked the more well thought out story of Rujubee's, but they thought Team Shad's ideas would translate to merchandising more readily.    What's funny is that while the challenge was presented to them with the idea that it would actually be in a comic book, not every competitor was thinking with a younger reader in mind (they had adult content.)

Congratulations, Team Shad!
Wait, is the fix in, or have all their wins been earned?
Hmmmm, that's a tough one.  
Their look was more multi-dimensional
but their back story was simpler.
I don't know.

So, Jujubee and Raven compete
against each other in the LSFYL.

It was very interesting to see that they each chose NOT to dance,
but merely lip synch while holding each other.

Was this a wise strategy?
Was it even a strategy at all?

Since you chose to do almost NOTHING,
I'll have to axe you both.


No, Ru kept both because they were both so good.
Chad was GLAD that they both stayed.

So we have a final four instead of a final three this time around.  We got to see two different comic book inspired good/evil arch nemeses.  Pretty good, eh?  I'm FINALLY enjoying RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars, since 1. No one left, and 2. No one NEEDS to leave.

Happy Thanksgiving, to those in the U.S.A. celebrating.  Here's something to be thankful for:  Just 2 months till RPDR s5.  Woo-hoo!


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