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RPDR All-Stars e4 • 12 November 2012

Last week on RPDRAS the remaining contestants were asked for their best butch look.  Team Yarlexis won.  Then they were to prank passers-by on Hollywood Blvd.  We couldn't really make out what was what from the short edits, but Team Shad won, while Teams Rujubee and Latrilla were on the bottom.  Manila Luzon and Jujubee were together on the LSFYL, and at the end of the day, we lost Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon.  Waaaaa.

Waaaaa indeed.

Let's take a breather for a minute, eh?  What were you expecting out of this abbreviated all-stars season?  What was I thinking?  In addition to Pandora, Nina and Manila being in the top 4 (of course, none of them are) I also did expect to be a little more ... I don't know ... entertained?   Yes, I know, it's only a television show, and a game show, no, a PARODY of a game show at that.  But I've come to adore some of these drag queens.   Even on something that truly does NOT measure their worth, to see the best leave so early, or, more importantly, to not be able to actually see things transpiring as they happen, and see the at least formerly best leave so early, well, it's been heart-wrenching.

It's also a bit weird to see two or three challenges from other seasons married into one challenge on all-stars.  I get it, there are at least 12 episodes on other seasons, and only 6 here, but it's starting to feel arbitrary and random.

Worse, at the beginning of this episode, I was all, "Okay, let's see Chad get eliminated.  That's the best one left."   How's THAT for attitude?   Okay, let me shake my head like Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, and get back to work.

This week, RuPaul has them read each other in cheerleader style.  But first, I should mention that there are two areas where the show has NOT failed us at all:

Ru always looks marvelous and fantastic.  Always.
I've practically forgotten the look on PRs5e6.

The Pit Crew always puts a smile on my face.
Yeah, I'm two-faced.  I made fun of poor Shawn for
getting kicked out of his gym.   Never mind why.
I ought to take it back.  At least HE isn't failing me this
All-Stars season.  Not one bit, so, thank you, Pit Crew.

Alrighty, RuPaul has them read each other in cheerleader style.  How did they make out?  Let's see:

We didn't really see them go behind four phrases, so we don't really know who did the best.  What we could see is that Chad Michaels and Shannel were not in synch.  Oh, and, forgive me, I do have a question.

What the hell was Shannel doing with her look?
Why?  Je ne comprends pas.  Not even a little bit.
She's usually the prettiest.  By far.
All I can say is, she wasn't going for pretty, right?
A drag queen should always be going for pretty, n'est-ce pas?

So, Team Yarlexis wins.

Por supuesto.  

Alexis Matteo is going to take this whole thing, isn't she? I have nothing against her.  I was rooting for her (while rooting for Manila and Raja and Delta) in her original season.  I just don't think she is the best of them all.  Let's see how the main challenge goes.

Ru tasks them to lip synch to one of his tunes, and brings in a famous daughter, or perhaps a daughter of someone famous?, for the Teams to be trios.  Think Expose, think The Supremes, hell, think Seduction, for that matter.   It takes 3 to make a thing go rah-eet?  Each guest daughter has memorized a song, and the drag teams pick the song, and they get whomever was attached to that song.

Team Yarlexis + Kelly Osbourne
(of Ozzy and Sharon)

Team Shad + Jillian Hervey
(Vanessa Williams' offspring) 

Team Rujubee + Kady Z
(Pia Zadora's kid)

All the guest members seem fine at first.  However, I have a question.  Are the contestants supposed to put them in charge if they have a particular skill, say, like choreography?  Or, are the drag queens supposed to call the shots at all points?  Or should it be a true collaboration?  What do you think?

Kady Z ends up not letting Raven give her the full drag treatment, meaning she only looks like a woman made up.  She doesn't look OTT, which, in drag terms means she now looks underwhelming and inappropriate.  She isn't playing along, or does she have a strategy?  Let's see how they all make out:

Team Shad
Savage Sisters

Team Yarlexis
Fanny Shosha

Team Rujubee

Hmmmm, with Jujubee way out in front,
all I can think of is Faith Plus One. 

Each trio seems to do wonderfully, in different ways.  Jujubee had the best lead lip synch, by far.  Team Yarlexis interacted with the live audience the best.  Team Shad may have had the best 'show'.  Ru calls Team Rujubee out for copying the choreography that the two drag contestants used back in season 2 for the same song.    Hmmmm .... don't use the same material, then, Ru, promote a NEW song, eh?

Damn, what the hell is wrong with me, I'm picking on Ru now?  Lord, help me.

The guests watch on the monitor in the back.
Kady feels bad for not going full tilt drag.

Team Shad wins!  Ru got it right!
Condragulations, winners!

Alexis Matteo and Raven battle it out on the LSFYL.

Yara Sofia hits the buzzer and replaces Alexis,
thinking that Raven can't compete against both. 

Raven interprets the song correctly.  It's all about sex.
She lip synchs correctly. 

Alexis seemed to be doing alright,
but when Yarlexis replaces her, she looks AWAY
from the judges, and heads for the back of the stage.
Um, one should lip synch TO the judges, and be CLOSE, m'kay?

Rujubee is SAFE.  Woo-hoo!!! 

At the start of the show I was so certain
Chad would be sent home and Alexis would win.
I'm so glad Ru proved me wrong.  Thank you, Ru.

Over on Untucked:
 Come home and marry me, Jujubee!

He loves me!

Can't beat that.  Well, unless they were to televise the wedding at the beginning of RPDRs5.  Could Sharon Needles officiate?


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