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RPDR All-Stars e3 • 5 November 2012
Last time on RPDRASe2 the five teams performed on RuPaul's Gaff-In, a take-off on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.  Most teams were uneven, with one contestant doing well, and the other badly.   Yara Sofia's "Charo" was the reason that Team Yarlexis won the challenge.  Teams Latrila and Brown Flowers were on the bottom against each other, with Latrice Royale and Tammie Brown doing the actual lip-synching.   Yes, I just caught that sorry oxymoron. 

 Tammie did so much better than she did on
her original season, so, good on you, girl!

Team Latrila was kept, and Team Brown Flowers was sent packing.

Man, this is getting hard.  Every week someone uber-talented leaves.

This week, Ru has them take pictures of themselves, but butch.  Or, in theory, not doing any drag work, huh?   Yeah, that's what some of them seemed to think.   Some of them appear to have just rolled out of bed, while some of them put forth genuine effort (like they do when they do drag, eh?)

I have a question.  Was this a mini-challenge that had no bearing on the main challenge (like prior seasons?)  I don't think so.  See what you think.   First, the results of the butch pic mini-challenge:





Team Yarlexis is proclaimed the winner.  Alexis sure looks transformed to me, as much as I might not like to admit it.  It looks like Latrice, Raven, Shannel and especially Manila didn't even TRY, huh?

So, the main challenge is to punk or prank some poor, innocent people out on Hollywood Blvd.  One member of the team had the other in her ear, telling her to do strange things involving passers-by, to earn points.

The teams seem to have been sequestered, so that
they couldn't see what the first team up was doing.

They hardly showed everything, so it was
hard to tell who did well, and who did poorly.

Jujubee was able to get Raven to make a man to strip, though.  NICE.  =o)

 Raven got Jujubee to spray some whipped cream down a guy's pants.

Latrice egged Manila to get some lady to wear diapers in public.

Manila lost Latrila to the garbage can.  
In truth, she was looking for a can of sardines for a long time,
when she should have passed on to another item.
Geez, aren't sardines scary enough to inspire one to pass on them? 

Alexis got Yara to find a stranger to walk her like a dog.
Peeing on the sign post was bonus fun. 

Chad told Shannel to get a foot massage from a person passing by.

Since we didn't see the entire segments, we don't know who really did well, or did poorly.  All we know for sure is that Latrice wasn't earning any points while she was fishing in the garbage can.

Commercial break!
I think they're sending Latrila out to sea. 

I swear, Michelle Visage is gonna step down as a judge
so that she can participate as a contestant
on season five of RuPaul's Drag Race!
She looks like she'd fit in with the promo
shots for season four, don't ya think?

As for the runway, they were to give their best bad girl look.  Let's see how they did!

Team Rujubee

Team Shad

Team Yarlexis

Team Latrila

(Can you tell I struggled with pics this week?)

So, how did they make out in the blue haze?   Ru crowned Team Shad the weekly winner.
Then, Ru asked who they thought should be let go this week.  They wholeheartedly stated Team Yarlexis.

The remaining three duos were critiqued on stage.  Each had high and low points, or, high and low performers.  When asked the same question, Latrila and Rujubee both thought Yarlexis should go home.  Alexis read them, telling them off.  It was edited to be some be shocking event, but it didn't seem so unusual for Alexis to respond to all of the finger pointing.

RuPaul called Yarlexis safe.  The collective gay gasp could be heard around the world.  Jujubee and Manila chose to lip synch for their teams to Janet Jackson's 1986 #3 pop hit "Nasty."

I'm still relevant!

Manila seemed to be channeling the crazy,
but otherwise they did just alright.
Wouldn't a more jerky, animated dance, like Paula Abdul
had Miss Jackson do, be more appropriate?
Where's Milan when you need him, huh? 

Could this have happened when Mimi Imfurst or Shangela had gone?

We made herstory!

I know, it's devastating to have someone so talented like Manila be eliminated.  We had it last week with Nina Flowers, too.  Still, now that we know the mini-challenges are being counted, too, one should always do his level best at all times.  Ru always grades on a curve.  Ru expects full participation.  Season five people, remember that.  Well, it probably was already filmed.  Season 6 people, remember that.  If you are anywhere near Ru, do your best
We love you, Manila, and will miss you, and terribly.


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