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PRAS s2e4 • Made In The USA Today • 15 November 2012

Last week on Project Runway All-Stars the eleven remaining designers were tasked to create graffiti inspired garments.  Emilio won for his bright red, orange & yellow outfit, while Suede was evaporated for his grade school craft project.  The Ivy vs. Laura Kathleen conflict solidified as a main theme of the season.  Just TRY and escape it from here on in.

Carolyn Murphy meets the designers on the runway and says the next challenge is the first interactive challenge EVER.   Hmmmm ... voting on outfits in season 8 by the general public didn't count?  (Ask Michael Costello or Ivy Higa if they remember that episode.)  Season 9 stiltwalkers in Battery Park wasn't interactive and public enough?  Geez, even the first season swimwear challenge qualifies for me, since it took place in a public bar.   So I'm saying ... um ... toro mierda?

The contestants head to the work room where soon to be Cosomopolitan's and not much longer Marie Claire's Joanna Coles introduces USA Today's Senior VP of Marketing, Sandra Micek.  The newspaper had fans from all over the globe submit photos for inspiration.  Ah, the "Inspiration" challenge.  Forget the fan segment or the 'interactive' portion.  This is the "Inspiration" challenge very much like in seasons 2 and 5.   How about THIS:  Never before has a challenge been repeated so much.  I should check to make sure.  If you count s4e12 and s6e12 kinds of challenges, I'd think that it's true.  Well, maybe behind "make a pretty dress" or "show me your POV."  Or, make something for Heidi.  THAT has to be a real contender, ha!

Emilio is the first to peek at the pics.  Thousands were tweeted to USA Today.  How many did the designers actually have to sort through?  I wonder if Anthony Ryan, who ended up taking the first image that Emilio saw, just took that 1st image and called it a day?

Laura Kathleen (holding up fabric she is dying) and Joshua McKinley (face in refrigerator, in quest for inebriation, bum toward camera) discuss the Ivy vs. Laura Kathleen feud.   Oh, please, drop it.  Don't force the Ivy redemption on me.  Or did she genuinely change?  Was Laura Kathleen always like this?

Listen, they can't use anything
that you don't first of all
GIVE them to use.   Right?
If you don't like how you're being
edited, give them something ELSE!

On to the runway!


Laura Kathleen







Anthony Ryan


The highlight of the episode can be argued ... Emilo's output ... or:

I'm trying to make this dress good, appropriate and right.
Perhaps when used by a cheerleader who needs
a place for another cheerleader's feet
when forming a pyramid?   I'm trying.
I mean, that's what those gray pieces look
like to me a place for a foot.  
They are the bottom of slippers, eh?

At any rate, Ms. Murphy calls out the top and bottom, and sends off the safe Ivy, Kayne, Uli and Casanova.

The judges don't like the khaki material, nor the silly drape of Althea's look, but they are complimentary enough to be unclear whether this is top 3 or bottom 3.

The judges can't rave enough about Anthony Ryan's work.  It is a good match to the inspiration photo, though.  Ms. Chapman does call him out for using a similar silhouette and color palette as in other challenges.  How will THAT play out as this season progresses?  (Anthony Ryan is our second PR contestant to be color blind.)

Joshua knows he is in the bottom.  The pics here don't show just how OFF the colors are from the original photo.  Joshua's fabrics are much more saturated and rich, while the photo is more subdued.  The judges rip on both the top (for being crafty) and the bottom, being unable to work in ANY woman's closet.   I purport that the upper frontal presentation is preposterous.  He'll get the auf, elimination, poof for sure, yes?

Andrae was inspired to 'fix' or cheer up his depressed subject.  Georgina calls him out for the construction (using zippers with that fabric.)  Mr. Gonzalo isn't particularly professional with Isaac, but Mr. Mizrahi seems a bit over Andrae as well.  I don't know, the zippers ARE wonky, but if they were perfect, then I'd think the outfit was too simple, yes?

I don't even know what to say to him anymore.

Laura Kathleen is praised for dying the fabric, and for having a clear link to the photo, without being TOO literal.  (What?)  Her colors seem to be spot on.  One complaint is the length of the gown, it should have been truly floor length.

The judges love that Emilio moved beyond ready-to-wear.  No one mentions the maternity look.  Huh?  Otherwise, this is a show-stopper of a moment.  It was bold and loud, yet light.  I don't care if Carolyn thinks she couldn't wear it, he's earned his top 3 placement.

So how does everyone place?

I won again, bitches!
Don't you love my big smile?

So, it was ...

1. Anthony Ryan
2. Laura Kathleen
3. Emilio

4-7 The safe Casanova, Ivy, Kayne and Uli

8. Althea ... and she is not told she has a low score, she is proclaimed safe.  I suspect her score was actually closer to those above her than to the botom two, since they normally scold the bottom THREE, not two.
9. Joshua
10. Poor Andrae!

 Carolyn bids adieu to Mr. Gonzalo.
His garment wasn't necessarily the absolute worst,
but the vultures had been circling, 
which is to say, he was going to be axed
if he didn't deliver anything stellar
in comparison to the others.

He wrote that I was more ... ripe?
I bathe better than ANY of those
youngsters, and the oldsters, too! 

Anthony Ryan gets his face
and his garment in USA Today!

He keeps saying cancer.

I keep seeing Kid 'N' Play's Christopher Reid.

You, bro, U B 2 Hype 4 Dis.


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